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My Girlfriend the Drummer

My girlfriend the drummer, sex play with drumsticks

I sing and play guitar. My girlfriend is in the band. She’s the drummer. We’re reasonably successful, but we do have to supplement our gig income by teaching music. That’s where the real money is, at least for now. Like all musicians, we hope for greater success, although I have to say, what we have now is rather satisfying.

Anyway, one night we were fooling around in bed. We don’t fuck all that often. We’d rather do what we call ‘manual’ things to each other. Handjobs and such. Sometimes I lick her to great orgasms. And on this one night, that’s what we were doing. Specifically, I was licking her anus, and the area between her anus and vagina. Suddenly, she got up, distracted. She grabbed her drumsticks and started tapping out a new rhythm on her nightstand.

She stopped and looked at me, evidently with a new idea. Yet another rhythm maybe? No, she asked whether I might like to have her tap out the rhythm on my belly.

I said, “Sure, why not?”

She started tapping her sticks lightly on my belly. It kind of tickled, and didn’t really feel all that great. Plus it was just a bit cold in the room. I noticed that the tips of her sticks where hitting close together, like all within one square inch.

The thought came to me, that since my scrotum was currently drawn up tight due to the coldness, it might feel nice to have her tap on my balls.

She did. It was surprisingly nice. She tried some other rhythms. After a minute I came and she hadn’t even been touching my cock.

We have done it many time since. If you and your partner want to try something like this, I have only one suggestion: Make sure your scrotum is firm and tight. We tried it with loose balls once, and it kind of hurt when the tip of a stick hit right on top of a testicle. Even that was fun, however.

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