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My Girlfriend is Cruel

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My girlfriend is cruel, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

She has a massage table at her house and these soft bandana-like things with which she can tie my ankles and wrists to the table.

She gets me hard, then she starts ever so gently fondling my balls. Slowly, she builds up the pressure until she’s squeezing them so hard that her fingertips turn white. It fucking hurts, but oddly, its pleasurable, too. For those who don’t know, testicles are in a think and firm rubbery covering that makes them very tough. It may be painful, but it’s harmless. At least I think so.

After doing that for a several minutes, while laughing sardonically, she then jerks me off. I try not to cum right away, but knowing what’s coming next, I can’t hold off very long.

Within a minute or two, cum is shooting all over the place as she continues to stroke me.

She’ll typically say something like, “Good, now that’s out of the way.”

We both laugh, although my laughter is rather nervous.

She continues to stroke me, but now it doesn’t feel so good. I want her to stop. I’m done sexually. I’ve ejaculated, and now I need to be alone. I really, really need her to let go of my cock.

But, no, that’s not going to happen. Now, after adding more oil to the palm of her hand, she starts rubbing that palm over the tip of my penis, as she holds the shaft upright with her other hand.

It’s fucking excruciating. For those who don’t know, it’s an excruciating tickle. Maybe a guy can imagine underwear being rubbed against the tip of the dick. Or a girl might imagine cloth being rubbed over her exposed clitoris.

She laughs like a maniac and continues the torment. I’m twisting and pulling at the ankle and wrist restraints. But, I can’t get away, and she continues. It’s amazingly horrible. And yet, it’s also kind of nice in a very strange way.

Eventually, the sensation dies down a little bit as my sanity starts to return. It starts to feel like I’m going to pee. And sure enough, completely out of control, I feel a single squirt escape my body. She laughs some more. So do I.

But she continues. The horrible sensation builds again. I’ve really got to get away. I’m twisting, I’m yelling, and laughing at the same time. Now it starts feeling like I’m going to release more pee. Instead, I believe I have ejaculated a second time. Or maybe it was more pee. I’m not quite sure.

It must have been five minutes since my second ejaculation, if that’s what it was, and finally, my penis softens. We both know it’s over. I swear I’ll never let her do that again.

A week later, we do it again.

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