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Multiple Piercings

I had a conversation with a person who has multiple piercings. Those are his actual piercings shown above.

Me: Thanks for commenting, and for sending the pic, although that’s not my dick in the picture. I’m more of a play piercing guy. In fact, I haven’t even done much of that lately. I do have a fantasy that’s kind of the opposite of a common body mod: I think it would be fun to rough up the sides of my peehole, then stitch it partially together so it would heal quite small. How fun it would be to have long, thin streams of cum when I ejaculate, and to have long, thin, but powerful piss streams. What part of the world are you located in? BTW the attached picture is me, a regular 6-incher although it looks bigger in the pic.

My penis

Me: [Referring to his picture] That’s a spectacular collection of piercings.

Him: Thank you very much!

Me: Wow, well decorated!

Him: Thank you very much!

Me: Is that you in the picture? My dick, by comparison is very plain indeed!

Him: Yes!!! It’s is my pierced dick!!!

Me: It is indeed a work of art. Do you own the rights to the picture? Could I include that pic somewhere on my website, Do you have any others like that?

Him: Yes, I do!

Him: Yes!! You can used the photo in your website!

Me: Way cool. Going a step further, if you are so inclined, I think people would really enjoy hearing your story. Would you care to write anything about your multiple excellent piercings? BTW, my direct email address is

Him: I really don’t know what to say about my piercings.

Me: I’m curious about many things, as I’m sure my readers are also. How much did they hurt? Much blood? Were you erect during some of the piercings? Did you do them yourself, friend or professional practitioner? What do your friends think about them. What’s sex and jerking off like now?

Me: BTW, how have your piercings affected your sex life? Do you get to say something like, “Hey, want to see my piercings” as a conversation starter?

Him: I went to a professional body piercer! I got my first PA [Prince Albert] piercing in 1998. And now I have 117 genital piercings.

Him: Getting a genital piercings is a rush 4 me!!! All my genital piercings hurt like hell!!

Him: I really dont say anything about my piercings to my friends, because some people look down on genital piercings.

Him: Sometimes is hard 4 me to jerk off, Because my PA is 0 gauge. I don’t have sex because the condom won’t fit over my ampallang piercing. And there’s no way that I’m going to take out my ampallang piercing!! The ampallang piercing was the most painful piercing I got.

Me: [Not realizing I had said this a couple of days earlier] BTW, my own interest in mods goes the other way than anyone I’ve talked with or read about. I want to get my peehole partially sealed, so the opening is very small. That way, I believe cum would shot out, and ejaculations would last longer. Peeing would be interesting also.

Him: That’s be really great for you! My hole is to big. My pee come out both holes, so I have to be very careful peeing.

Him: Please tell your readers getting a genital piercings for me is awesome!! The name of my piercings I have is Prince Albert piercing, dydoe piercing, ampallang, piercing, pubic piercing, Jacobs ladder piercings, and scrotal piercings. I would like to Thank You!!!

On November 10, 2022, he sent an update, which he speaks about in the comment below. Here is the picture he sent along with it:

double ampallang penis percing

3 thoughts on “Multiple Piercings

  1. I have wanted to be ringed like that for ages.

  2. On September 10, 2020 I went to my piercer and changed my Ampallang Piercing to a smaller size!! And also on May 3, 2022 I went and got a smaller second Ampallang Piercing!! Now I got a double ampallang piercings now!! I still got over 100 genital piercings!! When I get a genital piercings I still get a rush from it!! When I walked I still jingle from my genital piercings!! Ha!! Ha!!

  3. Kiss your sex life goodbye.

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