This page is devoted to anyone who prefers mature erotica – stories for or about people of retirement age.

Caught With a Sex Toy

Coronavirus Show in San Francisco – An Older Couple put on a show

Bossy – Bossy, A Pickleball Romance of Sorts, Male Point of View Story

Eighty-Eight – Memoir of a Still-Active 88-Year-Old

Falling in a Cold Lake with an Old Dude

Handy Squad – Three young women and older men

Home Health Exam – Female POV

Interview With an Extraordinary 87-year-old Man

The Masturbatorium – Male point of view story

Naked Posing For Artists – Male point of view story

My Adventures with Sex Toys

Nursing Home – Mature, male POV

Mrs. Sanderson’s Prostate Massages

Old Man’s Last Wank

Old People on the Beach

Rock Hard on the Pickleball Court – Male POV

Rope Broke – Male-male, mature

Sauna – Male-male experience in YMCA Sauna

Suzette – Story

Wealthy Girl – Female point of view story

Widow Lady – Male point of view story

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