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Masturbation Class

Bringing a new friend to masturbation class

I decided to put into practice what Jim, our teacher recommended. He said masturbation needs to be brought more into the open in order to promote a more healthy society. I couldn’t agree more, but actually putting that into practice is difficult. I feel shy about it. Still, I believe in the principle so strongly, that I decided to give it a go. And, just because I seem to like challenges, I picked Richard, my very conservative friend. He’s a super-groomed, regular church goer who so far as I can tell has never uttered a swear word in his life. He’s also a professor in our university. He teaches some sort of upper level history. I don’t recall if it’s European history, or just what. I teach mechanical engineering.

So, in masturbation class last week, Jim tasked us with some optional homework: Invite someone to the class. That was his idea of bringing it more out into the open.

So, gathering up all my courage at lunch one day, in which Richard and I were in the cafeteria, and there was hustle and bustle all around, but no one right near us, so I couldn’t be overheard, I asked whether he’d like to know about the class I had been attending. He probably thought I was taking a foreign language class or something.

He said, “Sure.”

OK, the moment of truth: Hesitating for only a moment, I just came out and told him, “It’s a male advanced masturbation course.”

I immediately regretted telling him that. This was a bad idea.

“No way, really?” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

I didn’t quite know how to take that. Was he teasing me? Was he favorable to the notion? Maybe he was shocked.

Then, “I wish I could do something like that. Keith, I’ve always admired your adventurous spirit.”

I didn’t really think I had an adventurous spirit, but I went with the flow and decided to maybe even push my luck.

“Why can’t you do something like that, Richard?”

“My wife… well, no, I mean…”

He fell silent as I could see his gears turning.

“What’s involved? I mean, does one have to start at the beginning, maybe next semester or something? Is it expensive? Is it open to anyone?”

Oh, my god, he was hooked!

I gave him the details, letting him know that it’s only $40/month, meets weekly, and anyone can join at any time. “We’ve even had some female observers, but they didn’t participate in any real way. They were wives of a couple of the guys.”

“That would be especially nice, to have women watching.”

He asked what it was like. What went on in the classes, and I filled him in on some of the details, but leaving some out, so as to not totally satisfy his curiosity.

Sure enough, Jim welcomed Richard to the class the following week. He was the only new guy. I was proud that I brought someone new in. In minutes, Richard had his clothes off like the rest of us. He was uncircumcised, whereas, every single one of the rest of us were cut. His penis was puffing up right away, which is always a good sign. As usual, many but not all of us were already erect. Oddly, when there are women observing, there are fewer erections at first. I think the guys are intimidated or embarrassed. On this occasion, there were no women.

“Today’s lesson is frenulum tugging,” Jim announced. He had George lay one on the massage tables, and proceeded to pull lightly upward on George’s frenulum, pinching it between his thumb and forefinger. He lifted George’s penis up off his stomach by the frenulum, then just held it that way, while lecturing on the frenulum pulling process. He kept simply holding it, which kept it stretched, and within a couple of minutes, we could see George’s penis start to pulse. Jim let go in the nick of time, so that George had a non-ejaculatory dry orgasm, so he could stay erect and interested – as we had been practicing in our classes.

After the demonstration, we broke into groups of two, and practiced frenulum pulling on each other. I got to pull on Richard’s dick, and just like Jim did with George, I just held it stretched and up. It stretched quite a bit more than mine, since he was uncircumcised. Finally, I felt the pulsing building up, and Richard, not yet knowing anything about extended and dry orgasms, came big time with a huge smile on his face.

Once he calmed down, his first words were, “I’ve waited forty years for that!”

Then it was my turn. Richard pulled on my frenulum the same way, commenting on how tight my skin was compared to his. I was in heaven, and thought I’d have a dry orgasm right away. Instead, I came all over myself. Oh well, with the best of intentions, and the greatest amount of practice, sometimes things happen beyond your control.

Richard and I are regular attendees of our weekly lessons. Jim never ceases to amaze us with new techniques.

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  1. Too bad such classes don’t exist. Or maybe they do and I just don’t know about it. I’m always curious what is taught in sex ed in today’s high schools. Such classes did not exist when I was in high school. I’m assuming that nothing very erotic happens in today’s high schools.

  2. This story is too short. Lots of additional information about this class should be included, especially more description of a class when women attended.

  3. Is there a Ladies Tank Leotard that I could wear if I want to Cum?

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