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Marshall’s Beach

World’s Most Interesting Nude Beach

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having no connection to the beach, San Francisco, or the State of California

Marshall’s Beach is the world’s most interesting nude beach for several reasons.

The beach is directly visible from the Golden Gate Bridge. Bicyclists and truck drivers coming into San Francisco can easily look over the railing and see sexual activity on the beach.

That’s right, unlike many beaches for nude sunbathers where sexual activity is discouraged or not allowed, on the north end of Marshall’s Beach, anything goes.

However, the weather at Marshall’s is disappointing much of the year. Most winter days are too cold to take your clothes off. In the summer, the beach is often fogged in and cold. It can be sunny and 90 degrees in nearby Oakland or Marin County, yet at the same time only 60 degrees and foggy on the beach. Sometimes, the temperature is right, there’s no fog, but you still have to check a tide chart. At high tide, much of the beach is inaccessible. So, if you’re planning to visit, click the three icons below to check the weather status.

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” – Mark Twain

Tide Chart

Current Marshall’s Beach Tides

When the weather is just right, literally hundreds of people will be on Marshall’s Beach.

Marshall’s Beach is roughly divided into three sections. The entrance, at the bottom of a half-mile hike with 336 stairs, is on the south end, where most people are clothed. In the middle section you’ll find most people are nude. At the north end, you’ll discover anything from open masturbation to anal intercourse.

Due to the large gay and bisexual population in San Francisco, the majority of visitors are male.

However, on a busy day, there’s no shortage of women. Due to the city’s large Asian population, you’ll also see a number of pretty and young Asian women who enjoy showing off their bodies.

For many visitors, body dysmorphia is not an issue. You’ll see people of all ages, weights, colors and shapes.

It is easy to confuse Marshall’s Beach with Baker Beach. Baker is a world-famous nude beach. Being more conservative than Marshall’s, you’ll seldom see sexual activity on Baker Beach. Unlike Marshall’s, Baker Beach is an easy, mostly flat walk from a nearby parking lot.

Even though the two beaches are right next to each other, you can’t walk north to Marshall’s from Baker because of rock outcroppings. Many or most of the visitors to Baker Beach don’t even know Marshall’s exists. There is no sign for Marshall’s Beach, and the parking lot is unmarked.

Those who do discover Marshall’s will often mistakenly call it “Marshall Beach,” or “Baker Beach.”

Around Marshall’s are many large military historical artifacts. Some date back before the Civil War.

Surprising History

The Building Under the Bridge

Wrong Beach

Sexually Explicit Memoir

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  1. That sounds like such a neat place. Unfortunately, I live in Alaska; far away from such wonders. I don’t think I have heard of Marshall’s Beach before. I would certainly enjoy seeing the nude men, and of course any women who visit there, especially Asian women. Good to hear about this place.

  2. Sounds like a lovely place to visit.
    Would love to watch and perhaps join in some play

  3. I think it’s awesome I love voyeurism I would love to beat off for hours out there Soaking wet in my cum for all the women to watch

  4. Is there any other beaches or locales like this in other places? Such as rest of America, Britain or Europe?

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