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Marlene and My Messed-Up Penis

Messed up penis
Adult male with phimosis and shaved pubic area

This is based on a true story. I hope you are not offended by very frank discussion of sexual activities. Enjoy! – Jeremy

Perhaps because I’m so shy, the first girlfriend I had came along shortly after I turned eighteen. She was a beautiful girl, and I even had youthful visions of marrying her.

Regarding sex, Marlene and I proceeded slowly, and finally we decided, on my 19th birthday, the time had come.

My parents had flown to Philadelphia for the weekend, so the perfect opportunity opened up. I borrowed my dad’s car (without bothering to tell him), spent too much on a dinner with Marlene, and then we went to my house. She was as excited as I was.

We were both nervous, too. I had read that the first time with a virgin can be painful, so I was prepared to go very slowly and carefully. Up until now, we hadn’t even done some of the things that I knew people did, like blowjobs, or mutual masturbation. So this was going to be a spectacular evening indeed.

We kissed, and fell back on my bed. We took off our clothes with the light still on. We had decided to be honest with each other, and not hide our bodies in a cloak of darkness. The minute my pants were off, I had an erection. I was a bit embarrassed about that, but what could I do? I was a little concerned that she’d see it and be freaked out or something. But no, she was more like a scientist. She reached out with interest, and very gently handled and studied my dick. Oh my gosh, it felt great! No one, ever, had touched me like that, except Dr. Jane, a friend of the family, during ordinary medical exams, but that was way different.

At one point, she pulled a bit hard on the foreskin. I flinched, and went “Owww.” She immediately let go. She checked out my balls, too, with light touching and a close visual examination. Whereas at first I felt shy about the whole thing, I was starting to very much enjoy being seen so closely by Marlene.

She wanted me to roll over on my stomach, and so I did. That’s because she was also interested in seeing my asshole. She couldn’t see it very well, so using her fingertips, she spread my ass cheeks. She still couldn’t see it very well, so I got on my hands and knees, and then she saw it in all it’s glory, and she seemed smitten with me all over again. Or perhaps I should say she was smitten with my anus!

She took quite a bit of time looking. At one point I had some gas, which escaped kind of loudly. I said “Sorry.” and we both laughed.

Marlene then reached with her forefinger and touched my anus so lightly it tickled. But something else too. It felt very nice, as if I was being cared for by the greatest girl in the world.

Next it was her turn. I noticed that her vagina was shaved. She told me she had done it just that day, especially for me. I didn’t really know what it would have been like unshaved, but I appreciated the effort.

I also had prepared a little, just trimming my crotch hair a bit.

I admired her breasts, which to me, seemed like the perfect size. They were big and round, but not droopy. I was surprised to notice how big the area of coloration around her nipples was. Much bigger than mine. I squeezed her breasts just a bit, and that gave me sexual shivers. I then started running my forefinger over one nipple a bit. She moaned in bliss, and so I kept doing it. Both of her nipples grew larger and hard, like pencil erasers. I figured that might be like girl erections.

Then, I focused on her slit. I had her spread her legs, which she was happy to do, and I started just kind of spreading the opening a bit. What a beautiful sight. It was a deep pink inside. She pointed out her clitoris, and admitted than when she masturbates, that’s the part that responds best.

As I was investigating her pussy, it became wet. I didn’t expect that. She explained that sexual excitement does that to most women. I was glad she was feeling sexually excited.

I spread some of her juice on her clitoris, and rubbed it a bit. She started squirming, and said she was going to have an orgasm. I thought that would be a great idea, but she told me to stop. She wanted to save that for when we were actually fucking. She was all ready to have intercourse right then and there, but I wanted to do just one more thing first.

In the same way she had looked at my asshole, I wanted to see hers. She got on her hands and knees, and I saw the most beautiful thing I had seen in my whole life. I didn’t realize an anus could affect me that way, but it was wonderful. Now I know what she experienced when looking at mine. I noticed the darkish-pink area around her anus, and the radial lines, kind of like little wrinkles, leading to the opening itself. I was surprised the smell. I was expecting it might be foul, but it was a sweetly attractive odor.

Remembering what it felt like when she touched me there, I did the same for her, and she loved it, but again reminded me she wanted to save her orgasm for when we actually fucked, which she was fully ready for. So was I.

I opened a rubber packet for the first time in my life, and while she watched intently, I rolled it down over my rock-hard cock. Oddly, it kind of hurt as it was going over the tip, because it was pulling the foreskin back. No big deal.

We kissed deeply, with our tongues dancing. I then kissed my way down her chin, her neck, her upper chest, her right breast, her stomach, and then her pussy, as I had seen on the Internet one time. Marlene loved it.

I got in position, and pressed my penis against her vagina. It kind of hurt. I pressed some more, and it hurt more. Something wasn’t right. I thought it was the rubber. She said that since neither of us had any prior sexual experience, disease wasn’t a problem. She felt her monthly timing was safe, so she suggested I remove the rubber and try again. I thought that was a grand idea.

Damn if it didn’t hurt me worse! I couldn’t fuck Marlene. We were so disappointed. We ended up masturbating each other to rapid orgasms. It was nice, but something was terribly wrong.

I felt I had to confide in someone about the situation. I turned to my good friend, also a shy guy, but seemingly more worldy-wise, however, he too has not yet had sex with a girl. Alan. He’s a tall, good-looking guy with neatly trimmed dark hair and beard.

It was not easy to bring it up, and when I did, it was even harder to give him the details. I mean, who wants to tell their best friend that something is wrong in the cock department? Talk about embarrassing!

But what else could I do? I certainly wasn’t going to tell my parents. My dad is a kind of rough and tough guy who doesn’t talk much. I just couldn’t imagine him helping with a situation like this. My mom has problems of her own. She tends toward histrionics with the slightest health concerns.

My sister, Annabelle, was maybe a possibility. She was twenty years old, and seemed worldly-wise to me. But she’s my sister!

So, hesitantly at first, I ended up telling Alan the whole thing.

Then he hit me with something I really didn’t expect. He wanted to see it.

“Really, Alan!”

“Well, I can’t really tell you anything if I don’t know what the problem is. Come on Brad, get those fucking pants off.”

One doesn’t argue with my Alan. He is kind of an alpha male. I took off my pants, and then, hesitantly lowered my underwear. He demanded that I remove the underpants altogether, so I did.

Talk about awkward! He had never seen me without clothes, not even in a gym shower.

He had me lay back on his bed and just lifted my cock up and started examining it, all clinical-like. It felt, well, many things at once. I felt a kind of good tickle run through my body the moment he touched it. I felt my balls pull up a bit. I also felt extreme embarrassment, almost as if I had done something wrong. And finally, I also felt something like relief. I had been really worried about this problem, and had been hiding it. From my mother, my father, even myself. Now it was out in the open and Alan was taking charge. I felt cared for.

My cock stayed soft, of course, and he pulled the foreskin this way and that. It hurt only a very little bit. He let go, and leaned back a few inches, saying something that I didn’t see coming. Not at all.

“I can’t tell anything like this. I’m going to have to see it erect.”

I was like, “No way!” In fact, that’s exactly what I said. “No way!”

He asked why.

I didn’t have a good answer, but I just knew there was something very non-standard about having an erection in front of one’s best friend.

He convinced me that there was nothing sexual about it. He just needed to see my erection, so he could assess the problem.

Right there in front of im, I started stroking my totally floppy penis. Nothing happened. I was too freaked out to get an erection. He waited patiently for two or three minutes, then announced, “Maybe this will help.”

I had no idea what he was planning as he walked to the bathroom. Alan then returned with a single sheet of toilet paper. I couldn’t imagine what that would be for. Did he have to clean something?

“Lay back down.”

I did. He then held the sheet of toilet paper above my cock by one corner, slowly lowering it down until it just barely touched the underside, the frenulum area. The moment it touched, I felt a most incredible sensation, that I can only liken to an electric shock, but a very nice one. He then touched the corner of the toilet paper to my dick again, and the same thing happened. He did it several more times, now dragging the corner in upward strokes from the middle of my penis to the tip.

If you’re a guy, then you know what happened. With that technique, it was impossible to stay soft. I developed a grand erection, right there in front of Alan.

At first I was horrified. But within a minute or two, I calmed down, and oddly, the feeling changed from total embarrassment, to a kind of pride.

Alan, probably without thinking it through, said “Nice cock, Brad. It’s bigger than mine.”

Nice, I figured, but certainly untrue. I mean, I’m 5’10” and he’s 6’2.” I’m also skinny, and while he’s not fat, he is thick-built. While I’m fairly hairless, he’s like a gorilla.

The situation took a turn when he started checking out the problem at hand. He started pulling on the foreskin again, and fuck, it hurt! I squirmed and said “Woah, stop” a couple of times. He tried to be gentle, but I know he also needed to understand what’s what. And what was what was really quite simple: My foreskin would not retract over the glans, the head of my cock. Any sort of effort along those lines resulted in stinging pain.

I was hoping he’d have a good answer for me, like ‘take some pills,’ or ‘you’ll grow out of’ it, but to my disappointment, he didn’t. What Alan did say is that I needed to see a doctor. I did not like that idea one bit. I mean, I had just survived being examined ‘down there’ by my good friend. That was bad enough, but to be examined down there by a doctor? Not my idea of a good time. By the time we finished this conversation, my dick was fully soft again. Thanking him for not being freaked out, and for doing what he could for me, I went home.

I wasn’t expecting to, but as soon as I got in my room and locked the door, I whipped my pants off and masturbated to a crashing orgasm. Back in those days, my way of masturbating was to ever so gently move the foreskin back and forth a bit with the thumb and forefinger of each hand until I ejaculated. That was the only way that worked and didn’t hurt.

Making up something about a runny nose, I asked my mom to make an appointment with the family doctor. Her name was Jane Freeman, and she was my mother’s friend, which only made matters worse. Mom, Dad, Dr. Freeman and her husband spent Wednesday evenings playing cards, and did other things together. Dr. Jane wasn’t sleek like my mother. Mom is short, has long, straight brunette hair, is thin, and a likable personality. Dr. Jane is likable too, but differs in every other way. she’s somewhat tall, heavyset, and older with short-cut graying hair, kind of a bowl cut, really. My sister was good friends with their daughter, and I hung out occasionally with their twin sons. She was the last person on earth I wanted to bring this problem to. But she was the doctor, and Mom had made an appointment.

I got there on Wednesday afternoon. The night before, I hadn’t slept well. I tossed and turned imagining all sorts of possible scenarios. Like, Dr. Jane telling her kids who would then make fun of my condition. Or, maybe Dr. Jane would be somehow disgusted with me for even presenting such a condition. I tried to reassure myself that it wasn’t my fault. I hadn’t done anything wrong. Even still, I felt guilty. I know it doesn’t make sense, but that’s the way it was.

Her nurse had me strip to my underpants, then took the usual things – heart rate, blood pressure, weight, asked me about diet, and so on. I was becoming more nervous by the minute. I really started worrying about my condition. What if it was something bad, something that required surgery, or just couldn’t be fixed? It didn’t help that the doctor was running late. By the time she came into the exam room, I was a wreck.

She glanced me in the eye briefly, saying “Hi, Brad,” and then studied her clipboard.

“Oh, I see,” she said quietly, almost to herself, as she must have read something about my dick.

“Brad, would you mind lowering your underwear for me?”

I did mind, of course, but she’s the doctor, and it had to be done. So I did.

After a brief hernia check, in which she pressed next to my balls and had me turn my head and cough, she had me hop up on the exam table and spread my legs which were hanging off the edge. She grabbed a rolling stool, pulled it up close, adjusted a gooseneck lamp to shine light exactly where I’d rather not have bright light shown, and then reached forward. She gently squished my balls back and forth, routinely looking for any possible problems. That attention felt kind of nice in a weird sort of way.

Then she gently lifted my totally soft cock, turning it this way and that. I remember thinking that it was too soft. Oh, I wouldn’t have wanted an erection. That would be totally wrong! But, if it had maybe been a little bit bigger…

Then she started pulling back the foreskin. “Ouch!”

“Ah, sorry, I didn’t realize it would be that sensitive. I see you keep it clean under there. How do you do that?”

A weird question, but it deserved an answer. “I use Q-tips.”

“Good idea. Some people with extensive foreskins don’t keep the area clean, which can lead to infection.”

There was some information that I didn’t want to know.

“Brad, I’m sorry to have to ask you this, but would you mind getting an erection for me?”

After a momentary deer-in-the-headlights pause, I did my best to answer. The question was kind of annoying, but I didn’t want to seem annoyed. “I don’t know how much you know about guys, but I can’t just do that, you know.”

“Sorry Brad, I know all about guys. I’m married to one, and have twin boys, remember? What I meant is would you masturbate a bit so you can develop an erection?”

Wow! I don’t think I could be more chagrined if I had to walk into a shopping mall stark naked. This old doctor lady wanted me to masturbate in front of her!

I tried. I honestly tried. A few minutes of stroking my soft noodle and we both knew it wasn’t going to happen.

She left the room for five minutes to give me privacy. Still nothing.

“Sometimes it helps if someone else does it. May I?”

At this point, I was like ‘What the fuck ever,’ although I didn’t phrase it quite like that. I said, “Sure, go ahead.”

She reached forward and started jerking me off. It hurt because she was pulling the foreskin a bit too much. I told her, and she did it more gently. It felt surprisingly nice, although also weird. Still, an erection simply wasn’t going to happen.

After a minute or two, she said, OK, I’ll be right back. I heard her rummaging around in the next room, then she returned with a small plastic package. As she tore it open, I didn’t like what I saw.

Holding it up, she informed me, “This is Caverject, it will give you an artificial erection. It won’t hurt a bit.”

She had a syringe with a strange needle at the end. Instead of being straight, it angled off at about a 45-degree angle. It was a very short needle, about 1/2-inch at most. I gathered she was planning to stick it my penis.

“Woah, Dr. What if I don’t want that?”

“Brad, it’s always your choice. You can decline anything I or any medical professional offers. However, if you want a diagnosis, I have to see the details.”

I assented. What choice did I really have?

She advised my to avert my eyes explaining that seeing the needle going in might make me feel a prick, but by not seeing it, I might not even notice a sensation. She snapped on some blue rubber gloves.

I looked away. Then as she lifted my penis with her left hand and swabbed the side near my balls with some alcohol in her other hand, I couldn’t help looking. She set the swab down, and picked up the needle. “Ouch!” It did sting. I shouldn’t have looked. It seemed to take forever as she slowly depressed the plunger, and it stung the whole time. She pulled the needle out, and it continued to sting for another minute or two.

Meanwhile, within seconds, my cock started to rise up. It was weird seeing myself getting erect without being horny. I was again embarrassed, like ‘should she see me this way?’ I had to remind myself that I was doing nothing wrong.

My cock became as hard as it has ever been. Usually, when I’m erect, it feels nice. But it was so hard this time that it was pulling the foreskin. It didn’t really hurt, but was on the verge of hurting. Dr. Jane then examined my foreskin in detail. As she pulled, pushed and prodded this way and that, even though I could see she was trying to be gentle, it hurt quite a lot. I was hoping it would soon be over, because I didn’t know how much more I could take.

Fortunately, it was over quickly. It was probably less than a minute total, but it seemed like forever at the time. She asked me to put my clothes back on, which I did gladly and rapidly. My cock was staying hard, and so I had to slow down a bit as I pulled up and zipped my pants around the bulge. I was assuming the erection would subside, but when? Would it last a few minutes? An hour? A day? Suddenly, I realized if it didn’t go down soon, I’d have an awkward day ahead of me.

Back in her office, my heart was beating really fast from plain old fear. At the same time, I tried to sit hunched forward so she couldn’t see the bulge in my pants, as if she hadn’t been touching it a couple of minutes earlier. What was Dr. Jane going to say?

After an intermidable time of small talk about me, my mother and family, she looked me right in the eye and said that what I had is called “phimosis.” I had never heard the term, and had her repeat it. She spelled it for me. Dr. Jane went on to explain that many men have this condition. It is very common in pre-adolescent boys. Most, but not all, grow out of it. When babies are circumcised, there is no problem.

“But my mother didn’t have me circumcised.”

“Right, that’s been the conventional wisdom for the past twenty years or so. In your case, the phimosis is unusually severe. I believe your mother did right in not having you circumcised. For most boys, that’s an unnecessary procedure and has been proven to do nothing that improves health. Do you know that doctors used to assume, for some reason, that babies don’t have sensitivity to pain? They used to perform circumcisions without anesthesia. I’ve often wondered if men who are grouchy may have learned that the world is a cruel place when they were circumcised, and never quite got over it.”

The lecture was nice, but I was frightened to death at this point. I wanted to know about my problem.

She finally got to the point.

“There are three choices:

1. Leave it as it is. I don’t think that’s a viable option because you are suffering from this phimosis.

2. Circumcision.

3. Exercises.”

I heard ‘circumcision’ loud and clear, and although I didn’t know the details, I knew it was surgery, it would hurt, it would require hospitalization, it would take time to heal, and it would be embarrassing. Imagine telling your friends after you’ve been away for a while that you had surgery on your dick! And there goes the fucking summer!

At first, I didn’t quite hear ‘exercises,’ then it dawned on me that she did say that.

I asked with my voice shaking a bit, “Exercises?”

“Yes, Brad. There are reports of people overcoming this condition by simply doing exercises.”

I asked, “Can you give me details?”

“Unfortunately, I don’t know much about it. You are the first patient I’ve had with phimosis to this degree. I think the general idea is that the foreskin has to be stretched back as far as it will comfortably go, then just a bit more. This probably should be performed at least once a day. Twice a day would be better. From what I’ve read, the problem can be entirely eliminated within a few months.

Whew! Definitely exercises. There’s no way I’d get surgery, thank you very much!

Back at home, I laid on my bed for a while, with a still erect cock, half-crying. At the same time, I was relieved that there was something that could be done. On the other hand, the day had been terribly demeaning with Dr. Jane seeing me erect and all that, and it had become certain that I had a condition. I wasn’t physically perfect, which I had thought I was all my life until that day.

The erection did go down later that day. A day later, I pretty much recovered emotionally. I played some soccer, read some, and hung out with Marlene, Life was OK.

Two days later, Alan asked whether I had been to a doctor. I told him I had, explained that it was called phimosis, and mentioned the exercises. He asked whether I had actually started on the exercises. I hadn’t. Somehow, it had slipped my mind. I guess I’m like a lot of teenagers, I tend to put things off. He gave me a look, like, ‘Well, you really ought to.’

Marlene also asked whether I had been to a doctor about the pain problem. She had a very concerned look on her face. I should have been able to tell her all about it. I mean, you should be able to confide in your girlfriend, the one you – almost – had sex with, right? But, I couldn’t bring myself to tell her the disturbing details. I just said, “Yeah, I’ll be fine in a while.”

I think she could see I didn’t want to talk about it, at least not yet, so she let the matter drop.

A week later, Alan asked about the exercises again. Damned if I had forgotten all about it! I sheepishly admitted that I hadn’t even started yet.

“Geez Brad, you’ve got to start, or you’ll never finish. Do you want to have phimosis when you’re forty years old?”

I cringed at the word ‘phimosis.’ I didn’t like the sound of it, and I didn’t like the reminder.

Another few days passed. He asked again, and again I had not done anything.

He answered laughingly, “Do I have to do everything myself around here?”

“Since you’re not taking proper care of yourself, I’m going to do something that only a good friend would do. I want you to understand that this because you’re not doing it, and it needs to be done. Consider it clinical, nothing more.”

I kind of knew where he was going with this, and was of a very mixed-up mind about it. It seemed gay, yet it didn’t. It also excited me in an unexpected way. I felt a twinge between my legs like I sometimes get when I see a nice pair of boobs on the Internet.

“Meet me in my bedroom in five minutes. I want you naked like the day you were born.”

“Oh Alan, you’ve got to be kidding!”


What could I do? So, I stripped down in his bedroom, He hen instructed me to lay face up on his bed, near the edge. He pulled up his little rolling office chair. I noticed he was already holding a sheet of toilet paper.

He did that thing again where he dangled the corner of the sheet over my cock, and sure enough, although it took a couple of minutes this time, I got hard. Hard and totally embarrassed. Freaked out. I can’t explain why, but having him see me with an erection was way worse this time than last time. Still, there I was, laying on his bed, with my erection sticking straight up and pulsing.

Alan set down the toilet paper, and leaning forward, started manipulating my foreskin. It took him a while to work out the best approach, among a few ouches and oohs from me. Finally, he figured out to grip the foreskin with the thumb and first two fingers of each hand, much like the way I masturbated, and pull down until I felt a bit of pain. Not too much pain. We had to communicate about that, which I mostly did by wincing. Then, he held it for a count of ten. He let go for a few seconds, then did it again. Over and over, for a total of ten times. You might not have thought so, but I stayed hard the whole time. Even though it kind of hurt, there was something very caring about the procedure. And something more. It was kind of sexual. Kind of freeing, to be there, with an erection, under my friend’s ministrations.

He actually thanked me for letting him do it. But Alan is like that. He is a very polite person, thanking people for when he’s helping them. I thanked him back, sort of perfunctorily, then went home.

In my bedroom, I locked the door, threw off my clothes, jerked off, and had a crashing orgasm. Then I put my clothes on, before messing around on my computer.

The next day Alan, knowing my tendencies better than I do, said, “I know you won’t do the exercise yourself, so meet me at my house at five this evening.

I met him at five, and it was a repeat of the day before. He had replaced the toilet paper with a large white feather he found somewhere. He said it was more elegant than toilet paper. A bit of stroking with the feather, and I was again hard as a rock. It was hard enough this time, that I felt a bit of pain from my tight foreskin. He did the exercise. Again, I stayed hard all the way through. Again, in my room, I jerked off.

This went on for a few days. The only difference is that he no longer needed the feather. For some reason, I was erect the moment I entered his room.

Then one day, arriving at Alan’s place, I was shocked to see Marlene there.

“Dude, you’ve got to tell her.”

“Yeah Brad, I know something’s up, you’re not telling me, and it scaring the bejeepers out of me.”

So, being at first rather mad at Alan, I told her the whole story. I felt surprisingly better, once she knew. She turned out to be very supportive.

I had arrived thinking it was time for my exercises, and was quite looking forward to it. But surely Alan wasn’t going to do the exercise right there in front of Marlene. It turns out that was exactly his plan. He instructed me to remove my shorts right then and there.

I objected, “But Marlene’s right here.”

“So?” – from both of them simultaneously.

“No fucking way!”

“Brad, get over yourself.”

I couldn’t believe it. Didn’t Alan have any sensitivity for my modesty at all?

“She has to learn the technique.”

“You’ve got to be kidding? Why would she need to know anything about it?”

“Because she’s going to take over for me.”

“Why can’t he just do it himself?” Marlene asked.

“The problem is he can, but he won’t. It kind of hurts him a bit, and so if he’s typical, he won’t do it hard enough, or won’t do it at all.”

I was a bit disappointed that Marlene objected. On the other hand, I think she was just playing devil’s advocate. Chances are, she was hoping, looking forward to helping me with my cock.

I wasn’t about to tell them that I might enjoy doing it myself, because it dawned on me that my beautiful Marlene, might be in a position where she’s regularly touching my dick, and that would be very interesting!

So Alan got me to strip and lay on the sofa. He knelt on the floor, and had my girlfriend kneel next to him. Dan had the feather again, and started tickling my dick. Oddly, it took some doing before I was able to get erect in front of Marlene. In time, it happened, and I then received my exercise from Alan. Stretch, hold for ten, let go. Stretch, hold, let go. Ten times. I was having trouble reading Marlene’s expression. She, who often acts disinterested in things, seemed to come to life, and was fascinated.

The next day, Marlene ‘did’ me in her bedroom. It took a full three minutes to get me erect with Alan’s feather. She didn’t have quite the right technique, running it a little too firmly over the head of my dick, rather than extremely lightly over the frenulum.

Once erect, she started in on the exercises, but didn’t really understand that it hurt. She pulled way too hard, and I almost screamed. She let go immediately, and tried again, still too hard. By the tenth time, she was still pulling too hard, but in addition to some pain, I felt a tingle of some sort, which was interesting. It almost a pre-orgasmic tingle.

That was the last time Alan ‘did’ me. Marlene and I settled into a routine. After almost every session, I went home, locked myself in my room and masturbated. She never used the feather anymore. I was always erect right from the start. I was also OK with walking around her house naked and erect before the exercises, when her roommates weren’t home,

One Saturday, I forgot and appeared in the living room naked and rock hard. Her sister Michelle saw me walking in at the same time I saw her look up from her Android. Oops! Busted!

I was about to stammer some sort of excuse when she said, “Nice rod there, Brad!” And then she went back to her reading.

That’s not at all what I was expecting. I figured I was going to get yelled at or something.

Marlene did the exercise on me while Michelle continued to read, as if it was just a normal day in the household. Weird, eh? When I think back on having an erection, right there in plain sight in front of Marlene and her sister, and my girlfriend essentially masturbating me, well it makes me hard even to this day.

Things got better than that, however. One evening, when Marlene was ‘doing’ me, I got that pre-orgasmic feeling around the seventh pull. I started willing it to go away, as I had several times previously, but this time, I lost control and ejaculated all over her hand.

She backed off so quickly you’d think she’d been bit by a snake. But then she apologized to me as if it had been her fault. I assured her it was my fault. We laughed.

Marlene continued with the exercises, and I did ejaculate on a few more occasions, even though I tried really hard to hold it back, figuring she’d quit helping, because it was just too weird. We had decided these exercises would be non-sexual, waiting until some later date for the ‘real’ thing. Then, when I did accidentally ejaculate, she laughed and kind of cheered me. She seemed to really enjoy doing the exercises with me.

Perhaps I should have reciprocated. Maybe give Marlene some sort of attention. Maybe rub her clit, or lick her. But when I made any offer of that sort, she put it off, saying she wanted to wait.

Since Alan had quit doing it, I was doing the exercises on my own so I could benefit from the activity twice a day, Due to our schedules, Marlene could only do me in the evenings. I didn’t really tell her that I had been doing the exercises of my own accord, and so Marlene must have assumed I wasn’t. So, she conscripted her sister to help out. Really!

So one evening after work, she called me over to the sofa, and showed Michelle how it’s done. She knelt by the sofa, and beautiful, dark-haired, Marlene knelt beside her. Marlene did the thing, and as usual, I was hard right away. You’d think I’d have trouble getting erect in front of my girlfriend’s sister, but quite the opposite, Somehow, having her watch, had the opposite effect on me.

Marlene did the exercise all the way through, and I just barely escaped without ejaculating.

Michelle offered to do it for me in the mornings, when Marlene was at work. She seemed eager, but that may just be my imagination running wild. I checked with Marlene, and not only was she fine with it, she encouraged it, saying I really needed the exercises twice a day, not just once.

The next morning, Michelle did the exercises for the first time, She pulled a little too hard, the way a big macho man might do, but I liked it anyway. Yes, she hurt me a bit, but sure enough, I came right on her hands. Her eyes got big, then she laughed, breaking the tension. While she had been sexual a time or two with guys, it had always been in the dark, and had never seen anyone actually ejaculate.

Time passed, and to my surprise and delight, the exercises were starting to work. When we started, if my foreskin was pulled back to where it hurt, only about a quarter inch of the glans of my cock around the peehole was visible. Now, almost a half-inch was showing. And I could swear, if people pulled too hard, it didn’t really hurt that much anymore.

More time passed, and I finally got Marlene more into the act. Whereas I was at first so shy that I couldn’t even tell her about it, now, she was doing the exercise regularly. Sometimes, she tried pressing on my foreskin with her vagina. It still hurt, but it was fun. Sometimes, I’d orgasm from that, squirting my cum partially into her pussy. She liked that, especially if I’d finish by licking it back out of her, and continuing to lick until she orgasmed. I fully enjoyed that activity.

I was still doing the exercises with Michelle in the mornings, but with her, we did them the regular way. A couple of times, I was tempted to play more explicitly with her, but fortunately, she knew where to draw the line.

Yet more time passed, and Michelle kind of fell off doing the exercises. It was mostly me and Marlene now. Frankly, she could hardly keep her hands off my dick. If it were up to her, and if we had the time, she’d do it twenty times a day. Sometimes, she’d do it with her hands, but now that I could push my dick painless all the way into her pussy, we mostly did it that way.

One day, Alan asked how it was coming. Proudly, I whipped down my shorts, stroked myself to a quick erection, and showed him how I could now pull the foreskin back entirely behind my glans. It still took a little bit of fiddling to get it to come back and cover up the glans again, but we were still working on it. I was surprisingly happy to have the opportunity to show Alan the progress.

“You’ve almost got to the point where I am.” he said.

Weighing the circumstances, I thought it would be OK if I asked, so I did, “And what point is that, exactly?”

I was kind of hoping he’d take the bait. He said, “Look here, Brad.” at which point he unbuckled his belt, let down his pants and underwear, and showed me his soft cock in a nest of long black hair. “This is what a man circumcised from birth looks like.”

I should have thought it through, but I didn’t. Impulsively, I reached forward and lifted his dick, my friend’s cock, in my fingertips. Then I dropped it, realizing what I had done.

I was expecting any response besides what I got: “That felt nice, Brad.”

After a moment to assess the situation, I took that as an invitation, and reached out again, hefting his cock in my fingers. It was a bit heavier this time, as it was starting to swell. I stroked it just a bit, and he became fully hard. It was interesting seeing a circumcised cock. It wasn’t all that different than what mine had become. His glans seemed a bit rougher, and a bit purpler than mine.

I didn’t bring him to orgasm. In retrospect, I think we both would have enjoyed that. But I think we were also concerned that it wasn’t quite ‘right’ somehow. That was a time when I was still confused about what was ‘gay’ and what wasn’t, as if it really mattered at all.

Alan had lied to me about one thing. Once he got hard, his was bigger than mine.

My glans still felt kind of crazy if it rubbed the wrong way in my underwear sometimes. I had asked Dr. Jane about that on my last visit, as she routinely examined my now retractable foreskin with a degree of interest and then a congratulation. She hadn’t thought that I’d go through with the exercises, or that they would actually work. She explained that the glans, having been protected by my foreskin all my life, was understandably sensitive to the touch. The glans of a man who has been circumcised when young naturally toughens up. She said in time, it would not bother me to have it rubbed.

Marlene decided to add another exercise. She figured if she would rub my glans with the palm of her hand, that would help reduce the sensitivity. She tried that a few times, and I went through the roof. It was way too ticklish. She then decided to try running her tongue over it.

Even with her tongue, it was still sensitive, but I wasn’t objecting to free blow jobs. She seemed particularly delighted when I came in her mouth.

When I happened to explain to Michelle about how I couldn’t take glans rubbing, she got really interested. She wanted to help me with that. So, right there in the living room, in front of Marlene, she got me hard, and using a lot of coconut oil on her palm, she started rubbing my glans. I was squirming like crazy. It’s hard to take. To make it more interesting, Marlene decided to sit on my arms, so I couldn’t stop Michelle or get away. They did allow me a safeword, in case I really couldn’t take it.

Oh, it was hard to take, but so delightful at the same time. It gives one a strange feeling that is sort of like a super-intense tickle, coupled with a gonna-cum feeling and a gotta-pee feeling, all at the same time. The first time we tried that with Marlene sitting on me, I accidentally squirted out some pee. We quickly mopped it up off the sofa as best we could, then they wanted to continue. I could only take it for a few seconds.

We did it a few more times, and an unexpected twist started happening, sometimes with Marlene doing the rubbing, sometimes Michelle, and the other one sitting on my hands. If I let them go at it long enough, the feeling transmutes into something no longer ticklish, but quite pleasurable. You still feel like you’re going to pee or cum, but neither happens.

A couple of times, Marlene got totally naked and while sitting on my hands with Michelle rubbing me, I was able to lick Marlene’s cunt. She absolutely loved that, and had giant, wet, delicious orgasms.

Surprisingly, Michelle was fine with her limited participation. In retrospect, I think Marlene would have been fine with me doing more involvement with Michelle, but Michelle and I both held back out of respect for the relationship that was growing so strong between Marlene and I.

Michelle was starting to date a guy of her own, so I suppose she was sexually satisfied. Of course, she still seemed to very much enjoy being with me and Marlene.

One Saturday morning, hanging out with Alan, I did my best to explain what the glans rubbing felt like, but he would have to try it himself to understand. He was not only willing, but wanted it big-time with a sparkle in his eye.

Marlene, Michelle and I invited him to their place when their other roommates were out. We had him strip naked. I sat on his legs. Marlene sat on his arms, while I sat on his ankles, and here was my girlfriend, reducing my best friend to a squirming, shivering mess by simply rubbing the tip of his penis. He absolutely loved it!

Evidently, guys with phimosis aren’t the only ones with sensitive glans.

A couple of years passed. Marlene and I were still together, and seriously considering marriage. I had been going to a local University, as had she. I might have gone to a more distant place, but I was very happy to stay near home while working on my masters in photography, especially since I could be near Marlene.

When my birthday rolled around, Marlene announced that she had a ‘graduation’ present for me. According to her, I was graduating from phimosis school. When the day came, we started to have sex as usual. For us, ‘as usual’ meant she started by doing my two favorite exercises in the whole world, foreskin stretching, and glans rubbing. Following that, I expected to push my cock into her pussy in the usual, very pleasurable way. Instead, she got on her hands and knees, sticking her open ass up into the air as an invitation.

I knelt behind her and stuck my dick in her pussy.

“That’s not it,” she said.

I was like, “Whaa?”

She explained excitedly that it was time to try putting my cock in her ass. She said she had been waiting for that for a very long time.

I joyously grabbed some lube and put it on her pretty pink asshole. She said, “Mmm.”

I had seldom touched her there, and in that moment I realized I need to give that part of her more attention in the future.

Then slowly, ever so slowly, I penetrated my rock-hard cock into her asshole. I had to go slowly so as not to inflict any pain. Not on me, but on her. In a moment, with Marlene feeling nothing but horny joy, I was all the way in, and thrusting big-time, without the slightest twinge of foreskin pain resulting in her having one of her strongest-ever orgasms. I had graduated.

My messed-up penis, phimosis
A milder case of phimosis with foreskin retracted

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