Male Tales

Male Point Of View Stories

Many of the memoirs and stories you’ll find here are pretty far removed from solo sex. There’s no harm in fantasizing about any sort of sex. A good wank while daydreaming about even the most ‘wicked’ scenarios will help keep you from actually acting them out. The better the fantasy, the better your meditation-like results will be, because it breaks looped thinking. So, here you go, free stories to fuel your masturbation fantasies!

18-Year-Old’s Erotic Medical Exam

36-Inch Flexible Dildo

Accidental Vampire – Medical fetish, male point of view

Acrobatic Slip – Strange account, male point of view

Actor’s Junto

After Massage – Male point of view

Attempted Androgyny

Balcony Handjob

Balls On Fire – Female-administered BDSM

Bangkok Body Massage

Basketball Spray – Gay POV sports memoir

Bianca’s Smut Shack

Billionaire and the Butler – Male POV

Black Lives Matter – Poignant Heterosexual Story

Blow Games – Male-Female
Born Gay, Honest, and a Bit Aspergery

Bowling Nude

Boy’s Embarrassing Tape Incident

Boy’s Mother is a Dermatologist

Boy With Erection Problem

Buckets After Glans Rubbing – Male POV

Business Lunch Plus – Heterosexual momoir

Butt-Fucking Cindy

Cam Show Guy

Camping With Co-Workers

Catch and Release – Technique

Caught By Dad

Amazing, a True Nymphomaniac

Anal Intercourse Memoir – Heterosexual

Another Visit to Marshall’s Beach – Male POV Story

Aw, Sis – Heterosexual

Ballbusting Sister – Heterosexual short story

Beach Threesome

Beach Town – Nudity, pickleball

Beyond Orgasm – Sister takes brother way beyond orgasm

Bianca’s Smut Shack

Bisexual Jackoff Threesome – Male point of view

Blocked Ejaculation – Young male memoir

Bold One

Boner Boy – Male POV

Bossy – Bossy, A Pickleball Romance of Sorts, Male Point of View Story

Brother and Sister Freak Out

Brother-In-Law Torment – Male POV

Brother’s Handjob – male point of view

Brother-Sister Tantra

Buddies – Male-male camming fun

Bullet Wound Gets Them Every Time – A how-to story

Can’t Cum – Male point of view

Caught By My Father At 13

Caught In Balboa Park

Caught With a Sex Toy

CFNM With Wife

Circumcised Over and Over

College Roommmate Wanking

Coming Out In the Locker Room

Comparing Injuries – MMF threesome

Computer Specailist – Male POV

Coronavirus Show in San Francisco – An Older Couple put on a show

Cousins In Tent – Homoerotic Youth Story

Cousin Katie

Covid Roommates – Short homoerotic story

Coworker Shows Up – Surprise at a circle jerk

Cucumbers – Heterosexual

Cum Blocking Friend – A friend blocks his ejaculation

Cum Forced Backward

Cumming Twice

Curve To The Left

Darkroom Timer and Two Boys

Discovered by Co-Worker

Distance Contest

Doggy At The Creek – Memoir of being caught

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Military Erotica, bisexual

The Donut Shop Girl – Group orgy

The Drip Society – Male point of view

The Early Days – Male point of view

Eastern European Jacking Chair – Male point of view.

Eighty-Eight – Memoir of a Still-Active 88-Year-Old

Ejaculation Distance Contest – Heterosexual

Eleven Times – Male point of view

Email With a Penpal – Bisexual, includes anal play

Emulating Mom’s Massage

Exaggeration – Male point of view

Exploits of a Grower, Not a Shower

Extreme Intensity
Fake ED and Vaginal Tune-Ups

Fall Asleep with Wife

Falling in a Cold Lake with an Old Dude

Family Ball Slapping

The Family That Cums Together – Male point of view story

Famous Basketball Coach’s Experiment

Feeling Like a Kid Among Adults – Male-male, embarrassing

Fellow – Male-male

Fix-It Man – Male homoerotica

Flabby Testicle – Strange testicular experiment

Floating on a Pond with Cindy

Foam – Male-male, unusual mutual wank session

Former Chef – Group, Male POV

Foxhole, a Strange Story – Bisexual

Friend Needed Help With Her Vagina – Male POV

From An Early Age – Male POV

Frustrates Me So Much – Male Massage, Female Practitioner

Gary’s Penis Problem

Gay Lewis in His Wheelchair

Getting the Cum Out to Get to the Good Stuff

Girlfriend Blocked Ejaculation

Girlfriend Fingering Peehole – Male POV

Girl Of A Thousand Fingers – Male POV

Girl’s School – Male POV

Good Afternoon -a short memoir

Great Urological Exam

Hard Testicle Squeezing

Hooters Style Sex

Hotel Maid – Caught Jerking Off

Group – Weekly get-together

He Came To Me – Medical story
Helen and Howard

He-Man, He-Woman Club – Youth memoir

Helpful Sister

High Pressure Test – Male POV coming-of-age story

High School Hero

High School Masturbation Class – fiction

High School Years – Male POV memoir

Hypospadias At Marshall’s Beach

Horrible Handjob

How I Attained Peegasm

How Ugly Lawrence Gets The Girls

Ickiest Thing

Important Video – Male POV

Impulsive Sister – Family, Male POV

Injaculation Play with Nancy – Memoir

Instruction on the Beach

Integration – One boy’s middle school experience

Intense Glans Rubbing – Male-male

Interview With an Extraordinary 87-year-old Man

Involuntary Urination

Janet’s Shocking Surprise

Jason’s Mother – Coming of age story

Jewish Masturbation – Career Path Thoughts from a Young Man

Juggling Club – Male solo play

Just Smile – Male, High School


Kylee – Male Point of view

Kyle’s Massage

Lemme See – Adolescent Brothers

Like Shaolins

Like Temple Grandin

Loser Motorcycle Guy

Male Patient, Female Doctor – Exam erection story

Man’s Man – Male, gay, bisexual

Martina and Me

Massage Guy – Male-male account

Masseur – Male – male massage with an unexpected twist

The Masturbate-A-Thon – True memoir

The Masturbate-A-Thon, Another Perspective

Masturbation Class – Male perspective

The Masturbationist – Gay, bisexual

In Front of 621 People

Have Cock, Will Travel

Lady Mayor’s Gay Butler

Laurie The Scientist

Literally Attacked By Four Girls

Luke’s Pond

Marie and the Guys Mixed-gender circle jerk

The Masturbatorium – Mature

Melanie, Massage Therapist

Middle School Madness

Middle School Sexuality Test

M-M Massage on Maui

Mixed Gender Circle Jerk – Memoir

Mom – Heterosexual memoir

Mom and Daughter Give Step-Dad a Treat

Mom and Two Guys on the Nude Beach

Mom’s Massage with Mattie

Mother Fixed a Problem with My Penis – Memoir

Mother Waxing Son – Family Erotica

Mrs. Sanderson’s Prostate Massages

Mr. Slocum – Male POV

My Adventures with Sex Toys

My Bisexual Playmates – Memoir

My Crazy Mother – Memoir

My First Time – Male POV

My Girlfriend’s Gay Brother

My Girlfriend is Cruel

My Girlfriend the Drummer

My Horny Sister

My Male-Male Massage

My Mother Went Crazy on My Birthday

My Problem – Male Solo, but also with friends

My Sister and Her Friends had a Most Incredible Request – Brother, Sister, Friends

My Sister’s Friend’s Anus – Male POV

My Sister Wants to Become a Urologist

My Wife Sara is a Real Piece of Work

Naked Dorm Living – Bisexual

Naked Miners in the Shower

Naked Posing for Artists – Mature erotica

New Girlfriend Is Highly Unusual

Nina Hartley Picked Me – Male POV

Non-Sexual Male-Male Testicle Massage

No Safeword – BDSM

No Safeword II – Even Crazier

Not Sure – Male POV, tantric, mutual and solo masturbation

Not Your Typical Gay

Nude Beach Weirdness – Gay

Nurse – When Your Mom is a Nurse
Enema, when your mom is a nurse

Nursing Home – Mature, male POV

Odd Sports Physical

Old Man’s Last Wank

The Old Master(Bater)

On the Way to the Fortress – Nude Beach Story

Ordinary Guys with Extraordinary Talent

Orgasm Without Ejaculating

Oversexed Daughter

Peehole Play With Katie – Male point of view

Peehole Stretcher

Peehole Temperature – Brother-sister urethral play

Professional Cuckold

Prudish in America – Male point of view, medical

Q-Tips – Husband-wife fun

Rewarded for Erection

Ride My Bike – Gay, male, young

Rock Hard on the Pickleball Court

Rock Juggling With Hot Asian Chick – Male POV

Rope Broke – Mature tale

RV Hot Tub Oops – Male, Caught

Sadistic Massage Practitioner

Sadistic Sharla – Male POV, BDSM

Sandy and Amber – Mother, daughter and a man

Sara Finds a New Way for Both of Us to Cum

Sauna – Male-male experience in YMCA Sauna

Scaffolding – Hit in the balls

Scooter Boy – Male, coming-of-age homosexual

Security Guard – Male POV, caught

Sex Play with Encyclopedia – Male-Female

Sexual Submarine Duty

Sex With A Really Hot Teen – male POV

Sherelle – Male POV

Shifting Gears – Male POV, coming of age

Show and Tell – Coming-of-age, male POV

Shower Exhibitionist – Male POV

Showing Everyone – Male POV Story

Slave Michael – Memoir

Sliding Around on the Bisexual Scale – Male POV

Small Cock

Small Penis Bao

Smokey – Male/Female, memoir about being caught

So Busted! – Male POV

Sore Back – Male POV

Sore Back Massage – Male POV

Sperm Glue – Young brother and sister experiment.

Starving Actor – Bisexual male point of view story

Stripe – Male-male mutual masturbation

Stupid – The Stupid One Turned Out to be the Smart One

Summer Camp

Surprising Kid – Adult-Youth, Male POV

Surrogate – Male POV

Suzette – Mature Erotica

Swinger Memoir – Male POV

Sword Swallower

Taking Care of My Sister – Male POV, poignant

Tantric Tease – Male Female

The Sexuality Class – heterosexual

Tickle Intense – heterosexual short technique memoir

Tied – Male-male fun

Tony and Anne By The Pool

Too Playful at the Nude Beach

Touching My Cousin’s Penis

Tough Guys (And Girls) Club

The Way I Thought I Had to Orgasm – A coming of age memoir

Trapped Cum Play

Tubing for Urethral Play

Twelve Students

Two-Person Office – Male/Female

Two Rowdy Young Women

Two Women Watch Me Jerk Off

Uncle Don Broke My Penis

Uncle Sam – Nude beach, male POV

Under the Table

Unexpected Bisexual Exposure

Unmet Naked Neighbor – Male-Female

Unusual Beach Party – Group

Wife’s Experiment – Male point of view

US Presidential Erection – Bisexual

Waitress – Male POV

Wanking for Mom and Dad

Watching Sarah Service Another Man’s Cock

Waxing: Don’t Cum While Being Waxed

Waxing, Erect or Not?

Weird Description – Something quite unusual

Weird Double Massage

What’s That? – Two guys play with a testicle vise

Who Has Seen You With Erection? – Query and memoir

Why My Jewish Brother Is Not Circumcised – Strange Erotic Tale

Widow Lady

Wife Edging – A short, unusual handjob situation

Wild Stewardess – This happened quite a while ago

Willie – Naked Erection in Church

With Dad – Male Point of View

Wrestling Club – Youth

Wrong Beach – Baker Beach Fun, San Francisco

Tantric Massage Stories – by Spurtz

YMCA Shower

Your Heart And Lungs Are Fine – Young man’s medical fetish account

Young Brother-Sister Ass Crack

Young Male Massage Practitioner – Heterosexual, Bisexual

Zack and Miri Put on a Show

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