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Male Shaved Look

I started when I got jock itch for the fourth time. I had just assumed maybe shaving would help.

Besides, I really like the smooth skin, shaved look, so the jock itch was the perfect excuse.

It’s been 20 years since I started shaving down there, and I’ve never had jock itch again.

Other reasons:

One doesn’t like the look of crotch hairs sticking out of swim suits or underwear.

It makes it easier for dermatologists to do a full-body check.

The process of hair removal, especially if done by someone else, can be quite enjoyable. It’s a real joy if one becomes erect during the process.

Other people seem to like the hairless look.

It seems cleaner.

It makes one look younger.

Hair won’t get pulled if stuck in a zipper, or caught up in a waistband.

Hair won’t get pulled during sexual play.

Since so many other people are doing it now, one doesn’t want to stick out as the prude or the one who won’t comply with modern standards.

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