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Maid – Caught Jerking Off by Hotel Maid

Male Patient, Female Doctor – Exam erection story

Man’s Man – Story

Marie and the Guys Mixed-gender circle jerk

Mark Twain

Marshall’s Beach – World’s most interesting nude beach

sex and masturbation at Marshall

Marshall’s Beach – On the Way to the Fortress

Marshall’s Beach, Another Version – Male POV Story

Marshall’s Beach, Wrong Beach – ‘Secret’ nude beach memoir

Masochism – Info

Massage, After – Male point of view, very short story

Massage: Body Electric

Massage: Basketball Coach’s Experiment

Massage, Emulating Mom’s Massage

Massage Guy – Male-male account

Massage with Happy Ending – brief story, male point of view

Massage Practitioner Story, bisexual, male point of view

Massage Practitioner, Sadistic – Story

Massage – Tantric Massage Stories

Masseur – Male – male massage with an unexpected twist

Masseur – The Taoist Masseur

Masturbation Class – Male perspective

Mature Erotica – Stories for People of Retirement Age

The Masturbate-A-Thon – World’s Greatest Naked Party

The Masturbate-A-Thon, Another Perspective

Masturbation Coach’s Advanced Exam

The Masturbationist – Story

Mature Erotica – Stories for People of Retirement Age

Maui: Strange M-M Massage on Maui

Meatotomy – widening the meatus

Meatus – the technical term for ‘peehole’

Medibation – meditation + meditation = medibation

Medibation – A specific technique

Medical Emergency – Accidental Vampire, male point of view

Medical Exam, Erotic, 18-Year-Old – Story, male point of view

Medical: I Work For A Doctor – Ebook, Heterosexual

Medical Standardized Patient – Info

Memoir, Anal Intercourse

Memory Game: Anus – Tile Game

Memory Game: Breasts – Tile Game

Memory Game: Ejaculation – Tile Game

Memory Game: Lesbian – Tile Game

Memory Game: Penis – Tile Game

Memory Game: Vagina – Tile Game

Memory Games List

Mental Health – and medibation

Middle School – One boy’s school integration experience

Middle School Madness

Middle School Sexuality Test

MILF – I am a MILF (Mother I’d Like To Fuck)

Military, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Story, male point of view, bisexual

Miller Test

Million Dollar Spot – Young male memoir

Naked Miners in the Shower

Mini-Ejaculations – Video

Mistress Choice – Ben Franklin

Mixed Gender Circle Jerk – Memoir

Modification – also known as ‘mod’

Mom and Two Guys on the Nude Beach

Money: Paying For College The Crazy Way – Female point of view

Mother is Crazy – Male POV momoir

Mother Fixed a Problem with My Penis – Memoir

Mother Gives Daughter Her First Orgasm

Mother, Jason’s Mother – Coming of age story

Mother Waxing Son – Family Erotica

Mother Went Crazy on My Birthday

Motorcycle Guy, Loser

Motorhome – Short memoir about being caught in a motorhome

Muscle, Pubococcygeus (PC) Muscle – Info

The Musician and I – Female point of view

Musician: Street Performer – Female point of view story

My Sister and Her Friends had a Most Incredible Request – Brother, Sister, Friends

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If you haven't seen Chaturbate, you're in for a treat, and it's free, no sign-up required!