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Low and High Orgasm

This is one of my favorite topics!


To understand what I’m about to reveal, you have to understand that ‘orgasm’ and ‘ejaculation’ are not the same thing. Orgasm is the feelings you get, what I sometimes refer to as ‘springs and chills.’ Ejaculation is the expulsion of semen. They can be separated. A very practiced master bater can have orgasms without ejaculations and ejaculations without orgasms.

I have learned to do something you can learn also. As others have mentioned, you can do ‘edging.’ That’s where you bring yourself close to orgasm, then stop until the ‘gonna cum’ feeling subsides, then start up again, over and over.

That in itself is very cool, but what if you could go further? What if you could actually hover on that edge, where you’re feeling orgasm but nothing comes out?

You can do exactly that, and it is very interesting. You can do it over and over again, all day if you want, without losing the enthusiasm as you would after ejaculating. You have actual orgasms, but they are dry. Nothing comes out. You can even have the urethral contractions that come with ejaculation.

When you finally do ejaculate, it can be super powerful. On occasion, I have ejaculated twice in a row after this technique.

So, here’s the trick: Bring yourself close to ejaculation, then stop or slow way down, just like you would with edging. But only for a second. Then start up again. With edging, you let the feeling subside, then you bring it back up again. With this, you just stop long enough to break the inevitable ejaculation, then resume the stimulation right away.

It helps to stay very aware of everything you’re feeling. Soon, you’ll manage to stay in a stage I call ‘low orgasm.’ You’re actually in orgasm and with practice can stay that way minutes at a time. Then, with more practice, you can get to a point where you’ll have a few ejaculatory contractions but nothing comes out. I call this ‘high orgasm.’ Sometimes, as you’re still learning, a single drip or two of semen will escape. However, you won’t loose the mood and can continue for as long as you want.

The point I haven’t yet reached, but believe I will, is where I’ll have prostatic and urethral contractions, high orgasm, continuously ongoing for minutes, and stay dry.

With this new technique, you’ll have all the advantages that masturbation gives such as more balanced emotions, lowered blood pressure, the ability to stay home without being bored, and some even say better ability to focus and improved overall health. With this, you’ll also the ability to make intercourse last as long as you want, even allowing yourself to cum at the exact moment your partner orgasms, and have the ability to have a great time without making a mess.

I have been in and out of low orgasm, and sometimes high orgasm next to my wife while she sleeps without need to bring tissues to bed. I eventually fall asleep satisfied, never having ejaculated. I have also done it in a dining room chair while conversing with her. She’s happy with the situation, because it takes the pressure off her to ‘perform’ as often as I’d like.

What we need now is a name for this technique. Do you have any ideas?

Update, December 18, 2022: It turns out staying in orgasm for minutes at a time is indeed possible. I ran a stopwatch a couple of times and so far my record is 4 minutes and 20-some seconds.

Update, May 20, 2023: 5 minutes and 23 seconds.

My wife and I have tried this while having sex several times, and by gosh, she loves it. In fact, it seems to have renewed her interest in sex, which was waning. She can now orgasm before me while I stay hard in her for as long as she wants. She has had second orgasms a time or two while I’ve been in continuous orgasm in her. It is difficult however. As practiced as I am when masturbating, I do tend to lose it and ejaculate in her too soon most of the time.

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  1. I haven’t had any that last that long, but I have had multiple shorter ones in rapid succession. Since I learned this technique, my dry orgasms do last a lot longer than when I ejaculate. When I first wake up, but before I get out of bed, I combine kegels and flexing all of the muscles below my belly button. Having decent core muscles helps, as does doing kegels regularly, since kegels build the PC muscles. I also do external prostate massage while doing the methods above.

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