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Kazuko, sexy gardener

Thanks for asking about the Japanese girl, Kazuko. At the time, I had to stop working as a gardener. I was making great money working for Emily and Jim, an extremely wealthy elderly couple in Waikiki, but I developed tendinitis in my shoulder to the point where I couldn’t do that any more.

They invited me to keep working, but as a groundskeeper, in other words a manager, rather than a hands-on guy. To cover what I had been doing, they hired this little Japanese girl. My first thought was that she’d be too little to weild a spade or rake, and surely not strong enough to carry trays of seedlings and so on. Worse, she didn’t know a lick of English, and I knew even less Japanese. Why they took her on, I have no idea. But that’s what I had to work with.

She was exceptionally pretty. No more than 5′ 4″ and thin, she had really long black hair, and a ready smile. Her skin tone was surprisingly dark compared to most Japanese people, which I thought was a delightful color. Her tits were kind of small, but of course that didn’t make any difference. Frankly, I would have rather worked with a strong guy than this little slip of a young woman.

I wasn’t dating anyone at the time, so later at home, I’d jerk off big time thinking about this little girl. I suppose if I had been dating someone at the time, I still would have wanked to my memories of seeing her pretty little face, and oddly boy-like good looks. If they had hired a big, burly man, I doubt I would have wanked to memories of him!

She came to work. Although excruciating, I was able to point and draw pictures, and generally managed to show her how to do things. For her little size, she was quite strong, fully able to do the work. After a week or two, she started learning a bit of English, and I picked up a few words of Japanese.

I maintained a professional distance. I mean, my job was precious to me. How often does a gardener get to work in Waikiki, and be well-paid besides? Emily and Jim just loved me. Maybe it was because of my topiary skills, or maybe that I really studied Hawaiian flora when I started the job, so I really knew what I was doing. So, I wasn’t going to jeopordize the job. Then too, she was really a sexy chick, and I didn’t want to offend her or do anything inappropriate. That’s just not my style.

My mindset changed one day when she was up on a ladder doing the trimming I used to do, and I was holding the base of the ladder so it wouldn’t tip. At the same time I was trying to tell her exactly how to do the trimming, which wasn’t working out too well. She was terribly slow, because she didn’t want to make any mistakes and couldn’t understand what I was saying. So far, it was just another typical day on the job.

At one point she had one leg on the ladder, and the other on a branch. As I looked up, I saw something I shouldn’t have seen. I saw up one leg of her shorts, and had a clear view of her little Asian pussy. She had no hair down there, so it was a very delightful view. I could see her dark inner labia very clearly, and a corner of her actual anus. Oh my! I looked away immediately, and secretly chastized myself for even noticing.

That night, I jerked off like crazy!

A few days went by with me wanking nightly remembering what I saw. I never mentioned the incident to her. How could I? We didn’t speak the same language.

As time went on, she started standing too close, or sitting on the edge of my desk, or doing some silly little things that I initially assumed were totally innocent. She smiled more, and teased me in little ways. For instance grabbing my pen, laughing and running around the office, not giving it back.

Oh, if only we could talk, the things I’d tell her! I mean, I could fall for this girl.

I finally learned her age after she taught me to count in Japanese. She was 24 years old, only three years younger than me. I was surprised, because I kept thinking she was maybe sixteen what with those little breasts and all.

She kept getting surprisingly close. I still didn’t catch on. She’d walk two feet in front of me to get to a tool shed, rather than walking six feet away. Her tiny body bumped into mine a half-dozen times during the next week or so. I kept thinking it was accidental.

Still, I kept thinking about acting right, not getting all horny or anything, and about doing nothing to adversely affect my status with Elaine and Jim.

One day, I was talking to Elaine, and she said, “You know, Kazuko likes you.”

I was like, “Um, OK.”

“No, I mean she really likes you. Why don’t you do anything about it? You’re not gay or anything?”

I momentarily bristled. “No, not gay, just not interested.”


“It wouldn’t be right.”

By then, Jim walked over, and said, “Bro, I can’t imagine what would be wrong with it. You really ought to get next to that girl.”

I shrugged, which sent a momentary pain to my left shoulder. Suddenly, I had a lot to think about. Not only were the couple who owned the place OK with me getting together with Kazuko, they were encouraging it!

A day later, I figured out that Kazuko was trying to invite me to eat at a restaurant. Through some drawings and a lot of miscommunication and laughter, we figured out that we were going to meet at a certain place near Kings Village in Waikiki at 7pm. I was so excited!

7pm came and went. By eight, I gave up. I was so disappointed! The next day, she and I approched each other at the same time with expressions of like, “What happened?”

It turned out she was thinking of one restaurant, and I thought she meant another place.

We arranged another date, and it actually worked out. We had a nice dinner. We still couldn’t really speak very well although we were each learning a few words of each others’ language. We did, however, laugh a lot.

After dinner, we kissed. I believe she approached me more than I approached her. I was still thinking about being careful not to misinterpret or act wrong in some way. The kiss was lightning. I mean it was a long full hug and amazing kiss that sent shock waves throughout my body.

I was imagining that in the coming weeks she and I might start getting really close.

After the kiss, I was getting ready to get in my little pickup truck and head home, but she grabbed my hand and pointed at her moped, indicating I should put it in my truck. It took me a little while to tie it upright in the back of my truck. All the while I was wondering if this evening was going to go the way I thought it might go.

She pointed the way, and I found her apartment. I unloaded the moped and helped her lock it up. Kazuko invited me in and immediately set about in her kitchen making us some tea.

After we had nearly finished the tea, not really saying much of anything, because we couldn’t, she grabbed a quarter, and flipped it onto the table. She was trying to indicate something.

She jestured a lot, I kept looking confused, and she kept tossing the coin on the table and laughing. After one toss the quarter landed heads-up, she took off a little barrette she was wearing in her hair. Call me thick, but I still didn’t get it. She flipped it again, and it landed tails up. She then did something really weird. She indicated I should stand up. She reached right out to my belt, unbuckled it and, giggling, she slid it off me. Ah, now I understood!

She flipped the coin again and it came up tails again. I removed my shirt.

The next toss was heads, so she removed her blouse. She was wearing a bra underneath, so it was no big deal. Still, my heart was beating fast, and I was in a sort of heaven with anticipation.

Tails again, and I lost my shorts. There I was in front of Kazuko in nothing but my briefs.

This time I flipped the coin, convinced that it would come up heads, and she’d take off her bra. But no, tails again. After quite a bit of laughter, shyness, and useless gesturing, since I wasn’t taking any action, she gently grabbed the edges of my underpants at my hips, and pulled them down. It’s a good thing she did, because I’m so shy I don’t know whether I could have done that. As they were coming down, she had to stop and pull the band away from my erection which was otherwise preventing the removal of the underwear. She laughed. It’s not that I’m small down there. I’m not large either. She was just laughing good naturedly at our current situation.

You’d think I would have been embarrassed to have her seeing me erect like that, and I was a little, but more than anything, I was inordinately proud. I don’t know why, I just was.

We tossed the coin a few more times, and the damn thing kept coming up tails. Finally, in mock frustration, she just took off the rest of her stuff.

My oh my what a girl! Her tits were truly small, but that didn’t affect me in the slightest. Her nipples were rather large in comparison. Her crotch area was totally bald. I believe she must have been lasered, because as I was soon to find out, her vagina was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I was surprised to see that her inner labia were really quite dark, more than I remembered when I saw her on the ladder that time.

Again grabbing me by my hand, she led me, stumbling over the pile of our clothing, into her bedroom where she rather roughly pushed me down onto her futon, and squatted down beside me. She didn’t sit. She squatted in that wonderful style that Asian people have. She reached right out and put her warm little hand around my erection. I almost ejaculated right there on the spot.

Fortunately, she let go after only a few seconds. We then started hugging and kissing, and basically rolling all over her little futon.

After a good ten minutes of that, she got up, rummaged around in a dresser drawer for a moment, and came back with a little packet. I wasn’t particularly sexually experienced at that time, so it took me a moment to realize that was a condom. She tore it open, and proved that she wasn’t sexually experienced either as she tried to unroll it upside down on my penis, before figuring out she had to flip it over.

I wish I could tell you that the rest of the evening went perfectly, but the fact is before she got the condom fully on me, I started ejaculating and quickly went all soft. However, I was sexually wise enough to give her lots of attention.

It turns out that Kazuko just loves having fingers very lightly rubbed over her little nipples. She also loves having them kissed. They stick up like little almost-black pencil erasers when aroused. After that, I spent a good half-hour licking her beautiful little pussy to orgasm after orgasm. The reason I know she had multiple orgasms is I had put one index finger against her anus, which brought a moan of joy from her. I pressed in a little and she was obviously enjoying that. I pulled my finger away, coated it with her copious pussy juice, and then slowly, ever so slowly slipped it fully into her tiny little anus as I continued to lick her clit. I could feel her orgasmic contractions that went on non-stop for a good five minutes. Until then, I didn’t even know women could do that. In fact, later I learned that most women don’t have multiple ongoing orgasms like Kazuko.

Another thing about Kazuko that may surprise you is she is surprisingly wet. When we were done that evening, there was a spot six inches in diameter of wetness on the sheet over her futon. She’s wet like that every time. In fact sometimes, she’ll leave a wet spot a foot in diameter. I love that!

That was our first time. I didn’t take long for her and I to figure out we are the ones. Of course, I learned not to cum the moment she tries putting on a condom. These many years later, we don’t bother with condoms any more. We’ve already had two children, and wouldn’t mind a third.

We find ourselves hugging close and connected in bed almost every night. Sometimes we don’t even orgasm. We just lay together with my hard penis deep in her pussy, until I fall asleep, my penis goes soft and falls out.

It’s now been eight years. We were married seven years ago. Kazuko has since learned more English than I ever knew. I have to confess, I can still barely count to ten in Japanese. By marrying me, she became a US citizen. I found out she had been a nurse in Japan, but didn’t really like that profession. That’s what brought her to Hawaii. At first, she was on vacation just to contemplate what she might do other than nursing. Somehow she met Emily who owned the property and got the temporary job as a gardener. Years later she told me she knew she found her calling on that very first day on the job with me. She’s still a gardener, as am I, but we only work on our own property. My shoulder tendinitis healed many years ago.

Emily and Jim both passed within months of each other several years ago. Kazuko and I were not surprised when their lawyer called us into his office. We thought he was going to us we were fired. It seems Jim and Emily, who never had any children, willed their property and all their assets to us. We set up a charitable foundation, but kept the property and a few million dollars for our children and ourselves.

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