Jacking Chair, Eastern European – Male point of view.

Jan, High School Hero

Janet’s Shocking Surprise

Japanese Translation

Jason’s Mother – Coming of age story

Jenelle Watson – co-author

Jenelle’s Best Orgasm

Jelqing – exercises to increase penis size

Jeremy Watson – co-author

Jerking with Friends – Coworker shows up

Jewish, Why My Brother Is Not Circumcised – Strange Erotic Tale

Jewish Masturbation – Career Path Thoughts from a Young Man

Jilling: A colloquial term for female masturbation

Jizz: A colloquialism for the noun ‘ejaculate,’ better known as ‘cum,’ composed primarily of semen and sperm.

Jock Itch: A fungal skin infection which is the same fungus that causes athlete’s foot, is more common in the summer when the interior of one’s underwear is generally warmer and sweatier. It is a reasonably harmless infection as long as it is treated early. Long term exposure could leave the skin discolored. Jock itch is more frequent among men, but women can suffer from it also. Chemicals at your local pharmacy can knock it out. Another approach that has worked well for your author is to start by going naked as much as possible, and keep the area cool and dry. To prevent the return of jock itch, one can remove the hair from that area, and again go naked as often as possible and keep the area cool and dry.

Johnson: An obscure old euphemism for ‘penis’

Josephine Baker – A woman beyond her time

Judeo-Christian Religion

Juliet, Jude and Jason – classic erotic romance short story, female POV

Juggling Club – Male solo play

Juggling Club – Sitting on things

Junior High, Lesbian at Thirteen

Middle School Sexuality Test

Junior High School Wrestling Club – Male POV

Junto – Actor’s Junto, Male point of view story

Just Smile – Male, High School

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