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Intense Glans Rubbing

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I have a regular wank buddy. We get together every couple of weeks or so. We haven’t been particularly crazy, mostly exchanging handjobs, but we have also experimented with blowjobs.

We’re both married. Our wives both know, and it’s more-or-less OK. Like when I tell Flo that I’m going over to Jim’s for the afternoon, she may say something like, “Why don’t you go out with me instead,” but then I go to Jim’s anyway, and she’s fine. Now, if she still enjoyed sex, that would be a different matter. So Jim is my relief. I still get to be sexual with someone other than myself.

So on this one occasion last week Jim suggested something that was a natural evolution of something we’ve been playing with: “I have a theory. I believe I can give you a handjob so intense that you won’t be able to ejaculate. I will rub the palm of my hand over your glans so you squirm and yell, but can’t do anything about it. Oh, I’ll use plenty of oil so there’s no danger of getting hurt. Do you want a safeword?”

I decided to be brave, and say, “No.”

“Do you want me to tie you to the massage table?”

Brave again, I said, “Yes.”

He got out some bandanas and tied my wrists and ankles to the table.

He started out lightly and it was great. My penis rapidly became fully erect. Then he went to work, rubbing the tip of my penis with his fingertips which made me really squirm and test the tensile strength of the bandanas.

The massage, if you want to call it that, became much more intense. He shifted to rubbing his palm over my glans, while supporting the shaft of my penis with his other hand. In addition to the horrible tickle, almost like a pain, I felt like I had to pee, but at the same time like I was gonna cum.

He kept going. It was simultaneously intolerable and in an inexplicable way, totally enjoyable. The feeling that I had to pee intensified. Suddenly, I couldn’t hold it, and felt urine squirting out. That didn’t phase Jim. He just kept going, as the pee squirted out around his hand, over my belly, and occasionally high into the air.

Finally, it was too much. He knew it, I knew it, and the session was over.

I stayed hard as I used his shower. It didn’t go down like it usually does after cumming, because, I hadn’t cum. Meanwhile, he had been cleaning the urine off his massage table and floor.

Fresh out of the shower, I asked whether he wanted the same treatment. He was super-excited and so I tied him down and did the same thing to him. He squirmed and yelled. At one point I felt wetness. It wasn’t pee. He had ejaculated as I was palming him. I kept going, and his squirming had intensified. He was twisting and pulling so hard I thought he might tip the massage table over with him on it. Still, I continued rubbing him until his erection subsided with his cum mixing into the oil. He stayed hard quite a while. I figured when he finally went fully soft, we were done.

I realized that he was too done to want to bring me to orgasm, so I dressed, as my penis finally went soft, and drove happily home.

Feeling very intense and unfinished, I jerked off while sitting on a kitchen stool and conversing with Flo as she washed dishes. She seemed to enjoy the company. As I was sitting there wanking, I explained to Flo what Jim and I had done. I believe I saw a twinkle in her eye as she asked me, “Is that something you’d like more of?”

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