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Instruction on the Beach

Masturbation Instruction on the Beach

I was jerking off on the nude beach. Don’t worry, this is a beach where one can do such things. It was the north end of Marshall’s Beach, just under the Golden Gate Bridge, where guys wank and can engage in all sorts of sexual activities. It’s not like an orgy or anything. Generally, it’s just a few people doing anything explicit, and they tend to be discrete. Most are men, but there is the occasional woman. Sure, astute motorists coming into San Francisco from Marin County on the bridge could look over the edge and possibly see blowjobs, anal intercourse and so on, but it’s at a distance, and no one seems to complain.

So there I was, wanting it to last. I was practicing something I’ve written about elsewhere, the idea of extended, continuous orgasms. It’s something any man with patience and time to practice can learn. You can get to the point where you have urethral contractions and are truly in orgasm with chills throughout your body and all that, but nothing comes out of your peehole. You go in and out of dry orgasm, and can theoretically do it all afternoon without losing the mood. As I continue to practice, I hope to get to where I stay absolutely in orgasm for minutes at a time, rather than going in and out.

As I was doing this, people, mostly nude, were walking by. Some were clothed, and just wanting to get to the bottom of the bridge itself, which one can do during low tide. There’s a three-story brick fortress directly under the San Francisco side of the bridge that dates to before the Civil War. Tourists like that. They knew they were walking on a nude beach, so I’m sure I wasn’t too shocking for them. Besides, another guy near me was wanking, a couple of men near me were exchanging blowjobs, and there was a man and woman on a towel engaged in ordinary missionary-style intercourse.

Most of the people were nude. No doubt some of the nudists were strolling by to see the sexual activity. Some were truly sun worshippers, in which the sexual situation isn’t important to them. I’m sure others were carrying their secrets with them. Who knows what they were thinking, right?

A naked man and woman, holding hands, walked by quite close to me. They stopped. The man, seemingly almost too shy to ask, did ask, “Dude, are you orgasming? Am I seeing contractions in your perineal area?”

I said that yes, in fact I was orgasming.

“How do you do that?”

Because the two of them had stopped to watch me, others stopped too. It seems it takes the boldness of a couple of people to just stop and stare at whatever is happening on the beach, before others will approach.

Now, there was the couple, plus four men all looking at me. At my penis and testicles, to be specific. As if I wasn’t already hard, this certainly would have done the job.

I’m not usually an exhibitionist, but sometimes I am! But more than anything, I’m a natural-born teacher.

I started to explain the technique to the little crowd. By the time I had told everyone how it’s done – this whole business of learning to edge first, then be as calm as possible, try not to tighten your kegel muscles, then let yourself get really close to orgasm, over and over again, finally, you can learn to go actually into orgasm, yet it can be dry, and you won’t lose the arousal, so you can do it over and over again.

I went on to explain the most important part: When you’re getting close, as you would in edging, you stop for a moment. But the difference is you resume almost right away. In edging, you let the pre-orgasmic feeling fully subside. Then you build all the way back up again. With this, you only stop for a second, so much of the pre-orgasmic feeling continues, and only break the pace long enough to prevent ejaculation. You might not even stop stroking altogether, but just do it slowly and lightly for a second, or maybe two.

It does take practice. You’ll accidentally ejaculate or you’ll fall entirely out of the pre-orgasmic feeling several times, until you find the balance point.

To my surprise after I learned this technique, I discovered one’s body understands what’s wanted and tends to cooperate. Once you learn it, it becomes very easy to maintain it as long as you like.

As I finished my explanation, still lightly stroking my very hard penis in front of everyone, the crowd had built to over 20 people. Some of the men were now sporting semi-erections, or in a couple of cases, full erections.

I leaned back, and went back into dry orgasm, instructing everyone to come close and look at the perineal area between my balls and anus, so they could see the pulsations. I then had a couple of volunteers squat in the sand right next to me and place their fingertips on that area, so they could feel the contractions. They reported to the crowd that they could indeed feel the strong pulsations.

I could have cum at that point, with the guys pressing against the bottom of my body like that. I really wanted to cum in front of everyone. But more than that, I wanted it to last, so I continued to control myself. That is until the one female in the crowd, the woman who approached with her man originally, didn’t press in quite the right place. Her finger was too low, and pressed directly against my asshole. Whether she did that intentionally or not, I don’t know, but it was too much for me, and sure enough, I did ejaculate in front of all those people, getting some streams of cum on the back of her hand. She laughed. I laughed. The crowd laughed.

What does one do for an encore in such a situation? I had an idea, and hoped the people would follow along. I instructed the crowd to lay down and try it for themselves. I had them pair up, so one guy would do the technique, and the other could place fingertips on the guy’s perineum to feel the contractions. This wasn’t strictly necessary, but I thought it would be a nice touch. (Pardon the pun.) Most of them laid on towels, some were directly on the sand, and after a bit of awkwardness, paired up. Not a single one walked away. They all wanted to try it, even the woman, who of course, paired with her guy. I walked, or really more like crab-crawled among them, offering a bit of advice here and there.

Now I know that many woman can have multiple orgasms anyway. But I figured this might be a variation that could extend their pleasure. It turns out, the woman in the group told me later, that I was right about that. Both she, and her boyfriend have something new to practice.

At least two of the men managed to succeed in continuous dry orgasms. The rest have something fun to work on.

The sun was getting low in the sky. The temperature was starting to fall off. We all went happily home.

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  1. I have never masturbated in front of a group. I have done it in front of, couples, girl friends and once with a guy. Never a dry orgasm, full on shooting cum. Once done I have continued stroking and cum again, but that was when I was young. Now I like to do it nude, but usually at home. Still dream of my ‘group’ fun, which gets me off now.

  2. I used to arrange group circle jerks back when Craig’s List was available for that kind of activity. The most guys I ever had was six including myself. I even had one with four guys and a girl. The girl ended up jacking all four of us off to orgasm. Prior to that she went around the room several times jacking each guy individually while the others watched and slowly stroked their own cocks. The all male groups were great but having a woman participate was incredibly erotic. I felt bad at the time that she wasn’t being satisfied but she told me later that she probably orgasmed four or five times just from jacking off a bunch of strange cocks.

  3. How to discretely meet older women for mutual pleasure. I am mid-70s, male in SF


  5. I would love to visit that beach and be a nude participant masturbating and exchanging blowjobs with another guy or 2!

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