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In the YMCA Shower with Kyle and Another Guy

I was at the YMCA. It’s an older building with the old-fashioned open showers. Not one of these new places with individual stalls. That’s part of the reason I joined the Y, and not a modern gym. I secretly like seeing the other guys naked. I really look forward to the showers after working out.

Nothing has ever happened in the showers. I always hope maybe some guy will spring a boner in there. I’d love to see that.

However, there was this one time recently, that has me wanking to the memory of the experience all the time:

I was in there, conversing with Kyle, another tall guy. We just got done with volleyball pickup games. We know each other slightly, just from being at the Y together a few times. Right there in the shower room, he introduced me to another guy we had been playing volleyball with that I hadn’t seen before. Just like the two of us, Sam was tall and skinny. (I’ve always been too skinny, so when I see someone else built like me, it makes me somehow more comfortable.)

When we were introduced, he smiled and said “Hi.” But then he did one more thing that was so off-the-wall, I still have trouble believing it. It was only for the briefest moment. He reached out and lightly tugged on the end of my dick, saying, “I’ll bet this fills out nicely.” He then winked at Kyle. Then he let go immediately, returning to get back under his own showerhead across the room.

I just stood there and kind of smiled weakly. I was flabbergasted. In retrospect, I could have done anything, said anything, to indicate I was interested – interested in wherever this conversation could go, or what it could lead to. But I foolishly said nothing. I looked at Kyle. What did he know that I didn’t?

I wish Kyle attended more regularly. I’ve been back two Sundays in a row now, and while the volleyball is fun, Kyle hasn’t been there, and neither was Sam. I’m dying to find out what that was all about. The only thing is, how in the world will I bring up the subject?

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