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In Front Of 621 People

I needed money for textbooks. My partial scholarship doesn’t cover that. Furthermore, I’m not in a dorm. To save money, I’m living at my parents house while I get my masters in psychology. 

So for making money, my uncle had the weirdest suggestion. He suggested I go on one of those webcam websites where people will pay tokens, which can be exchanged for real money, to watch amateur sex and masturbation.

I was a bit shocked, but then that’s my uncle George. He’ll just come right out and say whatever he wants. Kind of a cool guy, really. His wife is a knockout, and I can see why she was attracted to him. She nodded her head, and agreed, I should try it.

My aunt pointed out that people might like the way I look, so I’d have a competitive advantage. I used to hate my body. I look like a 12-year-old child. Well, not really, but I’m short, skinny, and not very hairy. It all changed in my late teens when I discovered there are a number of girls who find my look attractive. Who knew?

Now, I revel in the way I look, and even enhance it by having my pits, chest and genital area waxed every few weeks. Yes, I get erect when my aunt, a profesisional beautician, waxes me, but neither of us do anything about it. She just says it’s part of the routine.

What I’ve come to figure out, is everyone shoud be satisfied with whatever they have. Like, I can’t be a successful football player, but I’m smart and will make a hell of a pshychologist. And, women seem to like me just fine. I’ve had a number of opportunities to play with women, and men too, for that matter. I’m not interested in relationships, letting everyone know up front it’s just about the sex with me, and they seem to appreciate that. 

A couple of days later, in the privacy of my own bedroom, with my parents out of the house, I decided to give it a try. I was really quite nervous, but the thought of making money drove me forward. Without the financial need, I’m sure I would have been too chicken to jerk off in public, let alone even be naked in public.

So, I figured out how to hook up my iPhone to my computer to use it as a webcam. I set it up so people could get a clear view of me, logged on,… and chickened out. But at least I saw the site, and figured out how it all works. I saw a hot, dark-skinned girl, and paid way too much attention to her, eventually jerking off to a nice orgasm, off camera, of course.

The next day, I tried again, and lo and behold, I chickened out again.

On the third day, I realized I was suffereing from some sort of fear and knew I had to overcome it.

So finally, with my camera on, I took off my clothes, exposing my soft penis. Yes, soft. I couldn’t get it up. I fiddled around with my penis a good fifteen minutes, but I was just too freaked out to get it up. I did notice that seven people were watching me.

As soon as the iPhone (camera) was turned off, thinking about seven people watching, I jerked off, and came with another big orgasm. Weird, eh?

On the fourth day, nothing. I didn’t even want to look at that website.

The thoughts of that dark-skinned girl from the other day, plus a classmate who is similarly dark-skinned got me all horny.

Suddenly, like a switch in me, my attitude changed, and I WANTED to jerk off in front of a few people.

I set up the phone and the computer, logged in, and without any hesitation – well almost no hesitation, I turned on the camera, and started stroking my dick. Five watchers. I was actually hoping for more. As my thoughts drifted for a moment back to the dark-skinned classmate, it suddenly came to my realization that my penis was becoming erect. Now, 24 people were watching. 

You’d think I’d be nervous. Maybe stage fright. Maybe body dysmorphia. But no, I was happy for these people to see me. Proud, even.

I continued to wank, and felt an orgasm building. I had to hold off, and managed fairly well. Now, I had 142 watchers. How cool is that? These people, all of them, were watching me naked and jerking off, with a nice hard cock. I didn’t realize I was an exhibitionist!

A few minutes later, I could hold back no longer, and shot streams of cum clear up to my chin. As I turned off the camera, I noticed I had 621 watchers. Not only that, I had made $30! I know that’s not much, but it’s great proof of concept. I can get paid to jerk off. I think I found a new profession.

I’m now learning all the ins and outs of this business. How to get the most engagement from the watchers, the merits of what’s called ‘private viewing,’ and interacting with my audience. I’m still not making any real money, but who cares? 

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  1. I think some of the people on those sites do rake in some serious money. I have one girl on one of the sites that I am very attracted to. She has nearly a million followers. When she is on live there is a little window that shows how many viewers are watching her. One time she had over 17,000 viewers at once watching her rub her pussy. Her site lists her biggest tippers and combined with the videos she sells, used panties she markets, and fan club memberships, I’ve calculated she’s raking in over $100,000 a year. She works solo compared to many couples who suck and fuck and jerk to make their money. She just shows her pussy, tits and ass.

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