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Important Video

Important video to normalize masturbation

Like you [Jeremy], I’ve always been a proponent of masturbation. As I’m sure you’ll agree, it clears the mind, balances one physically and socially, and does all sorts of other things like potentially replacing harmful habits, mitigates pain, reduces the likelihood of unwanted children, and lowers blood pressure.

I’ve also believed, and I’m not sure you’re on board with this [I am], that it should be more open in our society. It isn’t supposed to be a secret activity that one can never talk about, and can’t do in front of other people. If we were in a well-balanced society, nothing could be further from the truth. I think it would be better to shun smoking in public. That’s what should embarrass people. After all, that kills people.

So, taking it a step further, because someone has to be a leader, I decided to make a little video of myself enjoying a good wank. I didn’t quite know where I’d post it, or what exactly I’d do with it, but I thought it might be a small contribution to normalizing masturbation throughout the world.

So, I asked my wife to film me. She went kind of crazy, in the way she does when she doesn’t like one of my ideas. First, she’ll absolutely refuse to participate. Then for the next week, she’ll turn every conversation between us into what’s wrong with my idea. This drives me crazy. Normally, I’ll slink away, letting her win. This time, it was too important, or maybe the exhibitionist in me was winning out, but I stood up to her. I told her if she wouldn’t hold the camera I’d find someone who would. She could see I was serious!

So, she held the camera. Or actually my Android phone. I stretched out, naked of course, in our recliner, and went to work. The problem was, she made me feel foolish. I was irritated that I felt this way. I mean after all, this was supposed to be a glorious wank session, and she had me feeling like a clown. As a result, it took me a good five minutes to even get erect. I had planned to shoot it all in one take and just publish it on YouTube or somewhere. Now, I’d have to edit out the beginning.

Time always wins out. I continued to stroke my soft little willie while she walked around with the camera to get various angles, and I think she was zooming in and out, too. Fortunately my attitude started to change, and I was getting into it. Shortly after that, I was really into it. My mind filled with excitement that someone, maybe even thousands of people, would see me wanking, and I’d be doing my part in the world to let everyone understand that wanking, even in social settings, really is OK.

Finally, I was cumming on my belly. By the end of the filming, Gloria was smiling, and oddly, suddenly she wanted to go to bed. To have sex with me. I had to explain to her for the millionth time that after I cum, I’m in no shape to have more sex for at least several hours.

Well, the video got back burnered. I felt it was kind of a chicken-shit video. I had instructed Gloria to make sure my face was never seen. I wouldn’t have wanted any of my friends, co-workers, church members or any one else to actually identify my naked self on the Internet jerking off. Yet, isn’t that the crux of the problem? If masturbation embarrasses people due to the social stigma, and if I really meant to do something about it, wouldn’t I have to just go ahead and face the music?

A month went by, and the more I thought about it, the more I had to do it. I needed another movie of me jerking off, but this time, showing my face, plain as day. Again Gloria objected. She was sure one of her church ladies or yoga friends would see me, and she could never live that down. I kind of understand. So that’s where we are today. At a stalemate. I haven’t made the important video, and no one has seen the first one. I have to admit, I don’t think it’s all on Gloria. The fact is, I’d be mortified if my boss, coworkers, my brother, my parents, or someone else that I know came across the video. Where’s my resolve? I don’t know…

What are your thoughts about this? [He then asked me to tell people to leave commets below, and relay them to him. So, folks, go ahead and comment.]

– Jeremy

2 thoughts on “Important Video

  1. I agree that masturbation should not be something to be ashamed of and although I’m not sure the world is ready for public displays of spurting cocks or dripping vaginas, there should be a way for it to be more accepted. Maybe mainstream masturbation clubs or gyms that had a section for public self love. Just imagine some mutual masturbation with fellow gym members. But I think for you to publish a video showing your face while jacking off might be too risky.

  2. Embarrassment is a worthless social construct, what does it accomplish? … Has embarrassment developed over time as a collective means of restraining individual behavior, suppressing people’s freedom, “grooming” individuals toward an arbitrary standard of behavior or living that is… “cooperatively manageable” by the least costly means? I feel this is what embarrassment as a “tool” represents or does for us. I did not vote for it, I do not endorse it, yet I see where some need for it may have existed in past generations.

    Collectively, did society passively agree to allow embarrassment to BECOME the standard because it (we in some form) thought, ‘Well, having people stroll around nude is undesirable’ so, we need a form of peer pressure to prevent people from doing that.

    The same with sexually oriented behaviors, such as masturbation, in an age where people knew less about the transmission of disease and how to clean up after ourselves, or whether an orgasm and ejaculation onto the grass at a local public park was “safe” or “dirty” and would or would not spread disease. We know this now, I think, and that biologic fluids left out in sunshine are quickly dried and destroyed by the sun’s radiation. Zot!
    Done! No worries on that now.

    I am not a public health expert or trained social biologist, so do not speak from informed authority, only from a ‘well-I-think-I-know’ perspective.

    What about discussing such things with family members, are we more likely to openly discuss masturbation with family now then ever before? Do we discuss “jerking off” or “jilling off” with friends, casually? I actually hope that is possible, is true and might be possible OR that it is becoming acceptable to talk about such things — the “fun” or enjoyment of our bodies deserves more respect than it was previously given. Do we call it a “right” as such? Do we, are we, entitled a Right to enjoy our bodies to whatever extent possible, and do we not want to give up this Right to society simply because it is easier to manage others when they are NOT allowed to masturbate at a picnic table in a public park? This is only one example scenario of which there are many, and the need to educate young people IF we were to change laws and elevate sexual freedom to a higher level, to allow people to walk around nude (a.; already not illegal in some jurisdictions) and to masturbate openly anywhere (b.; illegal at this time UNLESS it is done as a part of a Free Speech demonstration), one example of this happened a few years ago when a nude woman faced Police in full riot gear, sat on the street, spread her legs and challenged the Police to advance upon her. That nude woman was probably arrested quickly and shuffled off to jail but, not before an iconic pro-protest image was captured and shared around the world.

    It is now up to people to decide what we want to allow, to speak up for it, to verbalize those feelings whether Pro or Con and redefine what is acceptable, desirable and “good” (healthy) and also incidentally relieves stress and tension in the human body! … Masturbation is fun and should not be a thing anyone is taught to be embarrassed by.

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