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I Work For a Doctor

by Spurtz

I Work in a Doctor’s Office

I’m a 23 year old medical assistant. I work for one of the leading urologists in a major city. I know it’s unusual for a female to work in the urology field but I graduated with honors and was highly recruited by all the leading urologists in the city.

I chose the field because I have a fascination with the penis and although the majority of our patients are older, we still get enough young virile men to keep things interesting for me. To be frank, it’s difficult for me during an exam where a young man’s penis is exposed. My doctor usually includes me in most exams even though this would be considered somewhat irregular. But the doctor is fully aware of my desire to learn as much about the field as possible.

I say “somewhat difficult for me” because as I watch the doctor examine the young man’s penis, I really want to pitch in and do some close-up exam work myself.

After a couple of years on the job, the doctor started allowing me to participate more actively in various examinations and procedures. As a result I was able to handle a few penises. It always amazed me how different they all were. I never got tired of discovering new shapes and sizes. Although most of the time, they were flaccid, sometimes guys would get erections. It didn’t hurt that I am a very attractive woman with a very nice rack. When a guy got hard most of the time they were extremely embarrassed and I would always tell them not to worry about it. But sometimes the younger guys seemed quite proud to show off their erect cocks. And I was always quite happy to view them, but I couldn’t let them know that.

My urologist also specialized in erectile dysfunction. This was for men who had trouble getting an erection. Usually a prescription for Viagra or Cialis took care of the problem, but not always. Then the doctor would turn me loose with the patient for the next round of treatments.

After a lengthy consultation, I would have the patient partially disrobe. I would tell the patient it was up to him how comfortable he was with disrobing. Some would just pull their pants down to their thighs while others would completely remove their pants and underwear. A few guys would take off all their clothes. Then I would ask them to lie back on the examination table and relax.

I then would tell the patient that I was going to masturbate his penis for a few minutes so the degree of his dysfunction could be determined. Some guys could get partially hard and others could not get hard at all. Sometimes I could bring a guy to a full erection. If that occurred I would go ahead and masturbate them to orgasm just to make sure that everything worked. I always suspected that the word had gotten around among patients and some guys came in claiming ED but were really there just to get a handjob and let their health insurance pay for it.

The next step would be for me to grasp the patient’s penis with my thumb and two fingers and with a fairly tight grip, start to milk his penis from the root right up to and past the coronal ridge. While most guys were circumcised a few still had a foreskin and I would manipulate the foreskin up over the glans. After several vigorous strokes I could usually tell if there was any possibility of an erection. If it looked like the patient might get hard or partially hard, I would keep milking his cock. As I milked and stroked the patient’s penis I would maintain a running commentary. I would ask them how it felt, did it feel really good, did they think they might cum, what a nice penis they had, and so forth. Sometimes even when the patient’s cock did not get fully hard, they would beg me not to stop and of course I always heeded the patient’s request. I would continue to stroke the half hard penis until cum would start shooting out.

I remember one guy in particular. He was fairly young. Late twenties as I recall. Nice looking with an athletic build. The reason I remember him so well is he had the largest penis of any patient we had ever had. Even flaccid it had to be about six inches long and so thick I couldn’t even get my hand around it. His complaint was that while he could get a partial erection, his penis would never get to a rock hard erection state. Unfortunately this can be a common complaint with men who have a very large penis. It takes a large volume of blood to fill a penis sufficiently to get fully hard. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he may not ever be able to get a rock hard erection due to the size of his member. I figured after I gave my evaluation to the doctor, I would let him issue the bad news.

In the meantime I was having a lot of fun stroking his big cock, which was actually pretty hard. Certainly hard enough for intercourse. After a few minutes of stroking him, I told him that to get a full evaluation on his condition that I wanted to continue on until he achieved ejaculation. He had no problem with that. He was one of my patients who had elected to completely disrobe. I continued to masturbate his giant cock and rather than just limit myself to the standard stroking, I also massaged his cockhead and fondled his equally large balls. I also told him that to fully evaluate his condition I would have to massage his prostate while masturbating him. This actually was not part of our standard procedure but the doctor had given me wide latitude in attempting to evaluate a patient’s condition. While it wasn’t likely, there was a remote possibility that inserting my lubed up finger in the patients anus could help achieve the full erection he was looking for. While the hand I was using to stroke his cock was ungloved, I did put on a rubber glove to go up his ass. I applied a generous amount of lube to both the glove and his anus. And I slid my finger right up his anus and stroked it in and out to the same rhythm my other hand was applying to his penis. I seemed to detect a slight additional hardening to his penis when my finger went up his ass. But the main result was I felt his body tense up and he started groaning. I knew his orgasm was imminent.

“Oh, don’t stop, don’t stop,” he moaned, “make me cum.”

And cum he did. It seemed like a quart of cum shot out of his penis. As soon as he started to shoot, I pulled my finger out of his anus. I knew that this heightened his orgasm even more. The first jet of semen shot straight up and splattered back on his stomach and chest. At least two more really powerful spurts of cum shot up. I know from experience that a big penis does not always mean a large volume cumshot but in this patient’s case, his ejaculations more than matched the size of his member.

I continued to pump his huge penis as the ejaculations begun to diminish somewhat but even the last few were more voluminous than most that I had experienced. Even as the last drops oozed out of the huge tip, I continued to stroke him vigorously. I only slowed down when his hand grabbed my arm and he told me that the sensations were so intense that I needed to stop. Despite what he said, I continued to very slowly milk his deflating cock. I pinched my fingers tight on the shaft and milked from the base up to the coronal ridge forcing a few more dribbles of semen out of his cock. The huge head was now a bright red and was literally the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. Despite it being totally wrong and very unprofessional I could not resist. I leaned over and licked the last droplets of cum from the head and then gave it a wet, sloppy kiss. He had practically passed out from the force of his orgasm and his eyes were closed. I’m not sure he even knew what I had done. I hoped not.

My bare hand was covered in semen. I pulled the glove off my other hand and threw it in the disposal bin.

“Just lay there and relax,” I told him, “while I get you cleaned up.” I turned on the water faucet, washed the semen off my hand and arm, and soaked a couple of hand cloths in warm water. I then proceeded to wipe up all the semen that was splattered all over him. I quickly realized that two cloths was not going to be enough. Finally after going through four washcloths I was able to get all the cum mopped up. All the while I was doing this I continued to admire his huge penis. It had deflated a bit but was still very large and semi-hard.

“I really appreciate that kiss you gave me,” he said.

“Well, I should never have done that. It was very unprofessional of me but to be honest I don’t know what came over me. I just couldn’t resist kissing it.”

“It will be our little secret. You can kiss it any time you want.”

“I can do better than that,” I replied. Once again, knowing it was totally wrong, I leaned over and kissed the huge glans of his penis. But then I took the whole head in my mouth, which wasn’t easy, and began to suck him. I felt his whole body tense and he began to moan. And his cock started to harden again. I was now really into it and I wanted desperately to see if I could make him cum again. I am an extremely accomplished cocksucker as I have been told many, many times. After that huge cum explosion, it was a challenge to see if I could get him off again.

I applied all of my tricks. Licking and sucking every square inch of that monster cock. As well as his balls. I even inserted my tongue into his anus, which he loved. Finally, I could sense his orgasm coming again and I tried to get as much of his cock as possible down my throat. I doubt if even half of it was in there but as my head furiously bobbed up and down I felt a hot jet of cum hit the back of my throat and I started swallowing as fast as I could. Despite my best efforts and despite him already shooting out a monster load, the cum just kept cumming faster than I could swallow and it started to shoot out both sides of my mouth. Finally the cum stream began to slack off and I was able to swallow all of what he was giving me. After I was confident that I had sucked every single drop of semen out of his big penis, I let it slip out of my mouth. He was really out of it by now. He just lay there while I once again cleaned up the semen that had escaped my mouth.

Finally he stirred and I explained that as much as I would love to continue his “treatment,” I had already been with him way too long and the doctor would be asking questions as to what were we doing. I asked him to get dressed. I told him I would be submitting my report to the doctor and he would need to make a follow-up appointment to discuss the results with the doctor.

He begged me for my phone number but I told him that I needed time to think about whether to see him outside of the office. I explained that was against the rules but sometimes rules are made to be broken. I said I would be better prepared to give him an answer when he came back next week, knowing then that I wanted to see that big prick of his again.


I Work for a Doctor Part II

As told in my previous story, I work as a medical assistant for one of the top urologists in a major city. It’s very rare for a woman to work in this field because it involves many procedures involving the male patient’s anus and penis. But that’s why I chose the field.

As I gained more and more experience, the doctor allowed me to perform a significant number of examinations and also to assist in various procedures. One interesting exam that I learned to perform was checking a man’s prostate to see if it was enlarged. The doctor would slide his lubed up finger up the patient’s rectum and feel if the prostate was enlarged or not. Then he would have me do it. This is how I learned to tell a normal prostate from an enlarged one.

After I became proficient in detecting an enlarged gland from a normal one, he let me perform a great many of these examinations by myself. One thing I learned was that many men achieved an erection while I fingered their ass. When the doctor performed this procedure the patient was usually in a position where his penis was not exposed. Typically the patient would lay on his left side in the fetal position with the back of his pants pulled down with his ass exposed to the doctor which more or less kept the penis covered. I had my patients completely remove their pants and underwear. While still somewhat difficult to see, in most cases I could view the patient’s penis and if it started to get hard while I was checking the prostate, I would continue to massage the gland even though at that point I really didn’t need any further digital manipulation. Sometimes I could even get some runny semen to ooze out of the patient’s cock. After the exam was complete I would get a clean cloth and wipe up any semen collected on the patient’s glans and also carefully clean off any lube around his asshole. I know the doctor would just give a cursory swipe to the patient’s butt and leave the final cleaning up to him but I always felt that if I made the mess, I should be the one to clean it up.

I always wondered if I had continued to massage the patient’s prostate if he would eventually ejaculate. I heard this was possible but I never took it that far.

I remember one patient who was very fit, good looking, and about 45 years old. I asked him to remove his pants and underwear to prepare for a prostate exam. I was sitting on a low height stool as he started to remove his clothing. I was a bit surprised that he was standing fairly close to me. Most patients will move over into a corner of the exam room while disrobing.

As he slipped off his underwear, I was surprised, and pleased, to see that he was quite well endowed. But the thing that was really surprising was that he was so close, that with him standing and me sitting on a stool, he penis was almost even with my face and only a few inches away. The foreskin was rolled back fully exposing a very nicely formed glans with a prominent coronal ridge. The base of his cock jutted out from his body and then the rest of it arched over and dangled down. I am relatively sure that it had already started to get hard because if it was fully flaccid it would have been hanging straight down.

I was mesmerized by the sight of his beautiful penis just inches from my face, and couldn’t take my eyes off of it. While I stared, he must have flexed some muscles or something because his dick did a little dance.

“Like what you see doc?” he asked, obviously aware that I was staring.

“Yes, you are very nicely equipped,“ I replied. “This was supposed to be just a prostate exam, but with your permission, I think it would be a good idea to include a full groin area examination.”

“Go for it doc,” he replied enthusiastically.

I had him stand right in front of me keeping his beautiful penis right in my face. I manually felt the area on both sides of his groin where hernias commonly occur. It’s possible to tell by feel if the area there is weak or not. His was nice and firm and he was in no danger of any hernias any time soon. While I was pressing on his groin his penis began to harden a bit. I then moved on to his testicles. Taking them in both hands I manipulated them looking for any lumps or other irregularities. I loved this part of the exam. But the best was yet to come.

After declaring his testicles as ok, I then took hold of his penis. Although when he initially disrobed, his foreskin had been rolled back and bunched up under the head, I slowly pulled it down so it covered the glans. He didn’t have a full circumcision. He had what is known as a “German cut” which only removes the excess skin that extends beyond the head. I very slowly rolled the foreskin back and forth over the head of his penis. As I did this it continued to get harder and harder until it was fully distended. The head had become very shiny and slick as the skin was stretched tight by his erection. It developed a very attractive light purple color.

I took the head between two fingers and spread the urethral opening even wider and looked down inside like I knew what I was doing. He didn’t care. All he knew was that he was enjoying having his penis very closely examined by a good-looking woman.

“Doc, I apologize for getting a hard-on. No way to stop it.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s a normal reaction and it happens all the time,” I answered, while continuing to stroke his hard as a rock penis. “Ok, I think the next phase of a really complete examination is to find out if your ejaculations are of normal volume and forcefulness of spurting out. Are you ok with that ?”

“Whatever you think you need, I am fine with it,” he replied.

At that point I asked him to get fully undressed so there was no danger of getting semen splatter on his clothing. Then I asked him to lie back on the examination table. And then I started seriously stroking his big cock. I told him that I wanted to kill two birds with one stone and also check his prostate at the same time. I lubed up my finger and slid it up his rectum while I pumped his penis. I massaged his normal sized prostate much longer than a normal checkup requires but I could tell by the way he was writhing around on the examination table that what I was doing to both his penis and his prostate was very pleasurable. At this point I really wanted to suck his cock and was sorely tempted to do so. But so far what we were doing was somewhat still in the range of a normal exam although right on the edge. As I continued my expert manipulations with both his cock and his ass, I could tell he was about to experience what was likely to be the best ejaculation of his life. Sure enough a stream of semen spurted out of his penis and shot up over his stomach and chest and hit his chin and face. It was one of the most forceful ejaculations I had ever seen and was very impressive. His cock continued to spurt out powerful jets of cum as I squeezed his penis literally as hard as I could and my hand was a blur going up and down his cock. Finally he could take it no more and grabbed my arm and begged me to stop. He moaned that his poor cock was so sensitive that he just couldn’t take any more stimulation. I told him that was perfectly normal and that also his ejaculation was very impressive and certainly more than normal.

I told him to just lie there and recover and I would do cleanup duties. I got a wet washcloth and mopped up all the semen covering him. Once I had everything cleaned up, I took hold of his still semi-hard penis right at the root and slowly milked it upwards getting every last drop of semen out. I had a waiting tissue to catch any stray cum. It took four or five milking strokes to get every last bit.

“You are certainly a very thorough doctor. I really appreciate the special attention you’ve given me.”

“I wouldn’t want you going home with a dripping penis that left semen stains in your underwear,” I replied. “Your wife or gf might not understand.”

“Good point. I have a question for you. How often should I have one of these exams?”

“At least once a year. Twice a year is even better,” I answered.

“Wow, I was hoping for more often. Six months is a long time.”

“You can come more often but the doctor might find that a bit odd. But you can ask him about it.”

What the patient didn’t know, and neither was I supposed to know, was that the doctor had a very tiny camera installed in each examination room. He knew everything that I was doing but had never said anything to me about it. What I later found out was that when he observed me getting a patient off, he added an extra $200 to the patient’s bill noted as “Special added examination and medical procedure performed by medical assistant.” Nobody ever complained. Chances are the doctor would like it if these guys came back every week. So would I. I really loved jacking the patients off and seeing a large cum load produced by my efforts.

I was doing about 20 prostate exams a week and if I was lucky, I would end up jacking off about half of them. So that was an extra $2,000 a week I was bringing in. Time to ask for a raise.


I Work for a Doctor III

If you followed my previous stories you will know I am a young, attractive medical assistant who works for an urologist. It is rare for women to be in the urology field but I chose it because I am fascinated with the penis. Unfortunately, most of our patients are older but enough young men come in to keep me interested. And even some of the older guys are a treat. Because of my abilities my doctor has become more and more confident that I can handle a great many examinations and procedures that he usually does himself. For example, I do nearly all of the prostate exams which involves inserting my gloved, lubed finger up the patient’s anus and feeling his prostate gland to see if it is a normal size and consistency or if it is enlarged. One of the things I like about performing this exam is that quite often the patient achieves an erection and I really enjoy seeing a nice hard cock.

After the rest of the staff went home for the day, the doctor asked me to meet him in one of the examination rooms. He told me that we had a new patient coming in the next day complaining that he was losing sensitivity in his penis. The doctor wanted me to do the exam because he had a full schedule and the sensitivity exam procedure usually takes quite a bit of time. Since I had never done one of these exams before and it had only been briefly mentioned during my schooling, the doctor was going to give me a refresher course.

After telling me this, he quickly removed all his clothing and lay back on the examination table. Now my doctor is about 50 but is very fit with a toned body and a very impressive cock. By the time he had stripped off his clothes and lay on the table, his penis was already about half hard. He told me to please excuse his hard-on but it was necessary for this type of exam. He went on to take me through all the steps of the procedure in a very professional manner, maintaining a strict doctor/employee relationship throughout the entire period while I manipulated his now fully engorged member. After spending a good 20 minutes going through all the steps of the exam, his cock was nearly bursting. I knew he was right on the verge of ejaculating. He told me to stop the procedure as he had shown me everything that was needed.

“But doctor,” I said, “I can’t let you stop now. For sure you will have a severe case of epididymal hypertension. That will be very painful.” (That’s blue balls for the medically uninformed.) “Let me go ahead and finish things off for you,” I offered.

“Well I think it’s a bit unprofessional for me to allow you to masturbate me to completion but under the circumstances it’s probably best that you do.”

Once he gave me the ok, I proceeded to give him one of my very best handjobs. In no time flat a huge amount of semen was gushing out of his cock. It arched up in the air and came down splashing on his stomach. I continued to milk his cock to squeeze out every last drop of semen. While he lay there, totally wiped out, I cleaned everything up and then left the room so he could get dressed. When he came out of the exam room he told me that he felt I was adequately versed in how to handle the patient and otherwise he acted like nothing had happened.

The following day my patient arrived and was waiting for me in an examination room. When I walked in he was very obviously surprised to see a young, very attractive woman in the room with him. I introduced myself to him as the doctor’s medical assistant and informed him that I would be performing today’s exam. I could see a look of both doubt and panic on his face. The patient was young. About my age which now was mid-twenties. He was also a very nice looking guy. The exam was preceded by an interview, which would help me determine the cause of his problem.

“I need to get some background data from you. I know that this can be somewhat embarrassing but it’s important that you are totally honest with me because we can’t solve your problem unless we have all of the facts. Are you with me on this?”

“Yes,” he replied. “Ask your questions.”

“Let’s start off with you telling me exactly what your problem seems to be?”

“Well, it’s taking me longer and longer to achieve an orgasm. When I am rubbing my cock, it takes a while before I start getting any real feeling. When I was younger the very first couple of strokes felt really wonderful. Now I hardly feel anything when I first start jacking off.”

“Do you masturbate regularly and if so, about how often? And what’s the most number of times you have done it in one day?”

“I masturbate every day. Usually three or four times if I can find the time and privacy. I think the most might have been six or seven times. I probably have one of those marathon sessions about once a month.”

“Do you currently have a girl friend, and if so, are you having sex regularly?”

“No girl friend at the moment. It’s been a dry spell. I haven’t had a regular girl for a couple of years.”

“You say ‘regular girl.” Does that mean you have been dating during that period?”

“Yes, I date here and there but nothing serious. I am probably too particular about who I want to spend my time with and none of the girls I have dated have appealed that much to me.”

“So I assume you also haven’t had sex with any of these women?”


“So the only sex you have had the last couple of years is by self-provided masturbation?”


“Ok, now we are going to conduct a physical exam to try to determine the level of sensitivity in your penis. I am going to conduct a series of tests. For obvious reasons you will need to be erect during these tests. Additionally, in order for the proper amount of tactile sensation to take place, I won’t be wearing any gloves. With each test I am going to ask you to rate the sensitivity on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being the least sensitive and 5 being the most. If at any time during these tests, if you feel you are close to having an orgasm you need to tell me to stop. I think it is best if you completely disrobe. Will you be comfortable with that or would you like one of the medical gowns we use? They are normally open in the back but for this test you will wear it backwards. OK?”

“I guess I can do without the gown.”

“Ok, then please remove your clothing. You can hang it on the hangers on the back of the door.”

I knew the exam was a waste of time because his decreasing sensitivity was due to too much jacking off with his own hand. Too much repetitive stimulation of his penis over time will result in loss of sensitivity. What this guy really needed was a girl friend. But I wasn’t going to let the opportunity to handle his cock slip by. I already had determined I liked this guy and was looking forward to seeing his erect cock and giving it a nice workout.

“Now that you are undressed, please lay back on the examination table,” I instructed him. I was already pleased that I had elected to continue the exam as he had a very attractive cock. It was a good five inches flaccid and had a large glans with a prominent coronal ridge.

“This is very embarrassing,” he said.

“Don’t concern yourself about it at all. As soon as the actual exam begins you will feel a lot more comfortable.” I moved over to the table and took hold of his circumcised penis. I held the head with the thumb and forefinger of one hand while I took the thumb and two fingers of my other hand and stroked up and down the length of his penis. I pinched the head quite tight but not enough to hurt. I was a bit surprised, but pleased, that his penis began to harden almost immediately. “OK, on the scale of 1 to 5, how does that feel?”

“A definite 5,” he gasped. “It feels wonderful.”

“Not so embarrassed now, are we? OK, let me explain the procedure. I will test the sensitivity of the glans first and then take a short break. During the break I will lightly masturbate your penis to maintain your erection. Then we will test the penile shaft with a couple of procedures. With each test I want you to tell me your sensitivity rating. OK?”

His penis was pointing up to his face and lifted slightly off of his stomach. I grasped the shaft and attempted to pull it straight up but his erection was so powerful I could only pull it up slightly. He had to have the hardest erection I had ever experienced. I estimated it had grown to about 8-inches and the glans was swollen and red. The skin on the glans was stretched so tightly that it had a nice sheen to it. It was an extremely attractive cock and I was very much looking forward to the tests to come.

I held the shaft with one hand and began to massage the glans with the tips of all five fingers of the other hand. I swirled my fingertips all around the coronal ridge. My doctor had suggested only doing this for less than a minute but I gave it a full three or four minutes of stimulation. Finally I asked the patient for a sensitivity rating. He choked out “A five for sure.” At that point I was afraid he might be close to ejaculating so I let go of his penis for about 30 seconds. Then I began to lightly masturbate him to maintain the erection although in reality I doubt if it would have gone down at all.

Now it was time to move on to his penile shaft sensitivity. This occurred in two stages. With stage one I allowed his penis to rest back on his stomach. I placed one hand with the heel of my palm on his balls and gripped the base of his shaft with two fingers of that hand to hold his penis steady. With the forefinger of the other hand I began to slowly rub his frenulum, which is the super sensitive area on the underside of the penis just below the glans. There is a slight raised ridge of skin there that I massaged. I slowly increased the speed of rubbing until he began to squirm around and finally cried out that he was about to cum. I stopped and asked him for a rating.

“Oh, it was a five for sure,” he gasped.

I then began to give him a rather conventional hand job by wrapping my hand around his shaft and forming a fist and jacking his cock up and down. I noticed that a thin stream of pre-cum was drooling from his penis. I looked at the patient. He had his eyes closed so I took one finger and dabbed up some pre-cum and then licked my finger. It had a great taste to it. After about three minutes of masturbating his rock hard penis, he grabbed my arm and stuttered “Doctor, I’m about to…cum.” So I stopped. After a minute or two I again lightly masturbated him, just enough to keep him hard. “How would you rate the shaft sensitivity?” I enquired.

“Hard to say. It felt really wonderful but maybe not quite as sensitive as what you were doing to the head and that area right under the head. So maybe a 4.5.”

“Ok,” I replied. “That completes the manual sensitivity examination. Did the doctor tell you about the oral sensitivity exam?” I was making this up because as far as I knew there was no such thing but by now I wanted an excuse to get that magnificent cock in my mouth. “If you want to do it, there will be an additional charge of $300, but that’s not covered by insurance.”

“You mean you will give me a blowjob so that I can tell you how it feels?”

“Well, we don’t call medical procedures ‘blowjobs.’ But yes, it would be similar to what you refer to as a blowjob.”

“Ok, sign me up,” he blurted.

I then explained that similar to the manual procedure there were two stages to the oral one. First I would just suck the glans and then I would suck his entire cock. I further explained that on the second procedure I would take his entire penis in my mouth and down my throat. The head of his penis would be pushing right into my throat and provide a totally different kind of stimulation than if I was sucking it. I didn’t tell him this but I had a lot of practice doing this. Not only with a couple of well-endowed boyfriends but also on a few patients. I had gotten to where I could take even the largest cocks and suck them right to the balls.

All the while we were talking I continued to lightly masturbate him. His cock had maintained its incredible hardness the whole time we had been in the examination room, which now had been close to 30 minutes. That’s 30 minutes of almost continual stimulation to the patient’s penis.

I took the head of his cock in my mouth and began my expert sucking. I applied maximum suction as I bobbed my head up and down just on the glans. I continued this for as long as I thought he could stand it, which really wasn’t that long. Even before I took his cock in my mouth I saw that it was bright red and throbbing. I knew he was nearly ready to blow. Finally I let it slip from my mouth and asked for his sensitivity rating. “If there was a 10, that would be my rating.” So I wrote down 5. I let him rest a bit before going to the full deep throat treatment.

Then I took his entire 8-inches into my mouth and down my throat. I could feel the large head of his penis force its way into my throat. I was almost choking and I think it was the largest cockhead I had ever forced down that far. But despite almost choking, I loved the way it felt. I kept this up for several minutes.

“Doctor, doctor….you have to stop. I’m going to cum,” his strangled voice blurted out. That just made me suck harder and faster and after about four more strokes up and down on his penis, I felt his semen blast into my throat. I kept up my ministrations with an almost manic vigor. I sucked and sucked and milked every last drop of semen out of his magnificent penis. Finally when I realized there was no more semen to be had, I let his still hard cock slip out of my mouth.

The patient had a look of wonder on his face mixed with complete satisfaction. It was probably the best orgasm he ever had or would likely to ever have in the future. I also knew he was somewhat concerned about what just happened.

I knew I had to set his mind at ease. “Don’t worry about ejaculating down my throat. In medical school we are taught that under certain circumstances it’s our responsibility to provide a release for our patients.” This was all total bullshit of course. “It wouldn’t be medically proper for me to send you home after over 30 minutes of concentrated stimulation to your penis without providing a release. Otherwise by the time you got home, your testicles would be extremely painful and even masturbating at that point would not relieve the pain. The release has to take place right after the stimulation.”

“OK, I can understand that,” he replied. “I hope I am not being too forthright but I have to tell you that was the best orgasm I have ever had in my life. The feeling was absolutely incredible when I started cumming. I didn’t want it to ever stop. And I really appreciate you letting me cum down your throat.”

“Some medical procedures can be quite enjoyable and I am glad you found these tests to be a positive experience,” I said with a straight face. “That brings up the main reason you are here. Obviously your penis has not lost sensitivity. Every reading was a five or close to it. There are several reasons that you thought you were losing sensitivity. First you are masturbating too frequently. Your penis actually learns from your hand and over time it needs more than your hand can provide. So the more you masturbate the less sensitive your penis becomes. The reason that everything we did today felt so good and was highly sensitive was because your penis got to experience sensations from a new source. From other than your own hand. Although I realize that what I am about so say promotes casual sex, one thing that would help is if you had sexual relations with some of these various girls you have been dating. That doesn’t mean you have to turn any of those sessions into a long term relationship but your sex life would be much more satisfying if you could get a handjob or a blowjob, or even more, from some of these women.”

“The other problem you will face if you continue on your present path, is that as stated before, you are training your penis to react to manual stimulation from your hand. Putting your penis in a girl’s vagina may not provide enough tactile contact compared to what your hand delivers for you to achieve orgasm. Your penis has to experience tactile contact with a number of different sources so it is able to ejaculate from a variety of stimulations. A woman’s hand or mouth or vagina.”

“Thanks doctor, that’s valuable information. I really appreciate your frank appraisal of my problem.”

I let him call me ‘doctor’ even though I am not one yet. He was now sitting up on the examination table but still naked. His cock was still hard and jutting up from between his legs. It took every bit of will power to keep from bending over and slipping my mouth over it. I pointed out to him that he was still hard.

“Yes, despite that terrific orgasm I have a strong desire for another one. Do you think you could jack me off?”

“Unfortunately, that would be very unprofessional of me. Everything we did today were standard medical procedures but if I was to masturbate you to orgasm, as much as I would like to, that would be out of bounds. But I can do this for you.” And with that I got a warm washcloth and cleaned him up although there was very little semen on his penis as I had sucked most of it out of him. Only a bit had dribbled out after I finished sucking him. I took my time tidying him up and managed to get a few strokes and squeezes in before I finished. But he was still very hard. I saw a look of sadness on his face and felt sorry for him. “Obviously, you need further release,” I said. “Why don’t you masturbate yourself and get rid of that erection. I’ll step out of the room and leave you alone.”

“Could you please stay and watch? It will help me get off.”

“OK, if you insist. From a medical standpoint it’s instructive to observe various practices.” I didn’t really think he would need any help “getting off.” Not the way his cock was throbbing.

He quickly started fisting his erect organ and in no time flat a surprisingly large amount of semen spurted from his penis and splattered onto the tile floor. I loved watching him jerk off.

“Sorry about the mess,” he said. “I’ll clean it up.” He mopped up the cum with some paper towels. He wiped off his now deflating organ and happily smiled at me. “This has been the best day of my life,” he said, while continuing to milk his cock.

Then he got dressed, thanked me profusely, and left.

Afterwards I related to the doctor that I had performed a “special procedure” that I had told the patient would cost $300 and was not covered by insurance. He just smiled.


I Work for a Doctor IV

If you followed my previous stories you will know I am a young, attractive medical assistant who works for an urologist. It is rare for women to be in the urology field but I chose it because I am fascinated with the penis. Unfortunately, most of our patients are older but enough young men come in to keep me interested. And even some of the older guys are a treat. Because of my abilities my doctor has become more and more confident that I can handle a great many examinations and procedures that he usually does himself. For example, I do nearly all of the prostate exams which involves inserting my gloved, lubed finger up the patient’s anus and feeling his prostate gland to see if it is a normal size and consistency or if it is enlarged. One of the things I like about performing this exam is that quite often the patient achieves an erection and I really enjoy seeing a nice hard cock.

I recently had a patient who came to see the doctor for premature ejaculation. After a short consult with the patient, he turned him over to me. I met with the young man in one of the examination rooms. He was very young, only 18, and was extremely embarrassed when he realized a woman was going to be taking care of his problem. I am used to this and am usually able to assure my patients that there is no reason for embarrassment and that I do this every day. After discussing his problem with him, I learned the following, although it took some coaxing on my part to get all the details:

1. When masturbating, he would achieve orgasm in less then two minutes.

2. When having vaginal sex with a woman, it happened in about a minute.

3. When a girl friend attempted to masturbate him, he climaxed as soon as she touched his penis and he sprayed semen all over her.

I then explained the procedure we would be following. First I wanted him to masturbate for me so I could see for myself how quickly he achieved orgasm. After he had ejaculated, I wanted him to masturbate again, knowing it would take a bit longer. On this second masturbation session, I wanted him to stop when he felt his orgasm approaching. The purpose of this test was to see if he was actually capable of stopping. I could tell he had strong reservations about what I had outlined. I knew that the best approach was to get right into it.

“You can leave your pants on but I want you to unzip them and take out your penis.” I sensed his hesitation. “You need to do that right now.”

He reluctantly unzipped his pants. He had a bit of trouble exposing his penis because it was already fully hard, but eventually he got it out. It was a very attractive penis. It was about average in size at 6-inches but a bit thicker than normal. It had a nicely formed glans.

I pulled a stool over in front of him and placed a large plastic pan on the stool. Around the office we called it the “cum pan.” I instructed him to also pull his testicles out of his pants and to proceed to masturbate and to shoot his semen onto the pan. And to try not to shoot onto the floor.

He started masturbating using the thumb and two finger grip with his right hand while his left cupped his ballsack. I started a stopwatch that I used for this test and in just about a minute his penis erupted with semen spurting out quite forcefully. It splattered all across the pan and some even bounced out of the pan onto the floor. It was quite a copious ejaculation. I was impressed. But I could tell right away that curing his condition was going to take a lot of time.

He leaned forward over the pan as semen continued to drip from the end of his cock. He looked at me with guilt all over his face as he milked his penis to get the last of the semen out and also to fully enjoy the orgasmic feeling that continues.

“I am sorry about getting cum on the floor. I tried to control it.”

“No problem. It wasn’t your fault. That was a much more powerful ejaculation than what we usually see. Ok, now the next step in these tests is to give you about five minutes to recover and then I want you to masturbate again. At your age and with your condition, I am confident that you will be able to achieve a second orgasm but obviously not as quickly. But this time, when you feel your orgasm starting, I want you to stop masturbating. OK?”

“OK, I will try.”

So after a bit of rest I had him start masturbating a second time. I also timed this with my stopwatch. I reminded him that when he first detected an orgasm approaching, I wanted him to tell me out loud and also to stop masturbating.

This time it took a bit longer but still way too soon. After about two minutes he yelled out “I’m cumming!” but instead of stopping, he kept masturbating. And another several copious spurts of semen erupted from his penis. This time he managed to keep it all on the pan.

“I’m really sorry. I couldn’t stop. It just felt too good.”

“That’s ok,” I replied. “That’s valuable information and informs us on how to continue to try to solve your problem. In order to maintain the controls needed, I will have to take over the masturbation duties as it’s obvious you are unable to control your ejaculations.”

“You mean you are going to jack me off?” he said with wide-eyed wonder.

“We refer to it as ‘masturbation’ but yes, that’s what I am going to do. For the next phase, you will have to fully disrobe because it’s obvious that you have very little control over your ejaculations and you will be lying on your back. So there is the strong possibility that you will end up spurting semen all over yourself. Much easier to clean up if you have no clothes on. So please disrobe.”

After he got undressed, I had him climb onto the examination table and lay on his back. His penis was still fully erect and sticking straight up.

“Now this is similar to the last test but I will be masturbating you. When you feel your orgasm approaching you need to tell me and I will stop. I realize that sometimes accidents will happen and even though I stop masturbating your penis, semen may still shoot out. That’s ok. We will keep doing this until we get it right. If you are able to stop, we will give you a minute or so to calm down and then repeat the procedure. The idea is to try to bring you to the brink of orgasm without ejaculating as many times as possible. The plan is that this will train you to hold off on your orgasm for a more reasonable length of time.”

“How many times do you think we will do this? Will you be able to train me today?”

“Oh no. You have a very serious premature ejaculation problem. We will have to schedule a weekly session for training and it could take several weeks to reach a satisfactory result. And each session could last up to two hours.”

“Do you mean I will come her once a week for two hours and all during that time you will be masturbating me? Will I get to cum each time?”

“Yes, that’s correct, and there is no way I will let you go home without achieving orgasm. Otherwise your testicles will be super painful. Now lay back, relax, and when you very first feel an orgasm approaching, let me know.” With that I grasped his erect organ and began to masturbate him.

“OK, I’m cumming,” he cried out after just a couple of minutes. I immediately stopped jacking his cock but a spurt of semen shot out followed by several others. This kid is a regular cum machine, I thought.

Before he could start apologizing, I told him not to worry about it. I had said before that accidents can happen. I explained to him that he was super orgasmic which was a typical condition with premature ejaculation and that the more we continued the procedure the more control he would develop. This time I gave him about five minutes recovery time. During this period I cleaned up the cum from his body.

The next two times, even though he cried out that he was cumming, he still ejaculated after I stopped. It’s possible to prevent this by pinching off the base of his cock. The semen is re-directed back into the body instead of shooting out. This is harmless but it does hinder the orgasm sensation. I decided if he ejaculated one more time, I would have to resort to the pinching solution. But luckily by the third time when he told me he was cumming and I stopped, no ejaculation occurred. I wasn’t sure if this was because he was totally drained of semen or if it was because he was gaining better control.

I was a bit disappointed that no pre-cum had drooled out of his penis while I masturbated him. Possibly he didn’t make any. I know some men don’t do it regularly. Maybe once we got to where the individual masturbation sessions lasted longer between stoppages, he would produce some pre-cum.

For the next hour we continued the procedure with me stopping stroking his penis when he told me he was cumming. And each time nothing happened. Finally he told me that his testicles were getting sore so I knew it was time to finally let him cum. I started jacking him off and even though we had been going at it for close to an hour without him cumming, it actually took a bit longer than I expected before he cried out that his orgasm was imminent. This time I just increased my grip on his penis and also sped up the up and down motion on his cock and within a few seconds we were both rewarded by a surprisingly voluminous cumshot. It was a bit more watery than usual but there was a lot of it. I didn’t think to count them but there had to be at least 10 or 12 separate spurts of semen. And the first couple of shots were quite powerful. I was able to keep most of the semen spurting onto his body with one of the first shots hitting his face. I quickly grabbed a cloth and wiped the semen from his face while apologizing for my poor aim.

“That’s ok,” he replied. “That felt so good that I didn’t care at all where it went. That was an amazing orgasm.”

“I think we have made some good progress today,” I said. “I need to warn you that when we have our next session, it likely will not start up where this one left off. We may have to go through a masturbation or two where you ejaculate even after I stop stroking your penis. But each session will get better until after a few weeks we have total control of your orgasms.”

“That sounds wonderful,” he gushed. “I am really looking forward to next week. Will you continue to jerk me off, uh, I mean masturbate me, or will you have me do it once I get better control?”

In truth, that would be the normal procedure. But I wasn’t about to give up handling the kid’s really nice penis and making it shoot.

“Yes, I will continue to do the masturbating. It’s best to maintain a consistent experience. I have a certain routine, grip and speed that I use when masturbating you and if we switched to you doing it in the middle of the training period, it could set us back a few weeks.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I love the way you stroke my cock. It feels so much better when you do it.”

“Remember that I am a trained professional and I am only interested in maintaining a procedure that solves your problem as soon as possible.” I knew the kid would prefer if the treatment went on for months or even years. What red-blooded American boy wouldn’t want an attractive woman to jack him off for hours on end.

I realized he had never mentioned how long he could last when receiving a blowjob. Possibly he had never had one. Once I got his masturbation premature ejaculation problem taken care of, maybe I will see how long he lasts receiving a highly professional blowjob. That might require another series of training sessions with me sucking his dick each week.


I Work for a Doctor V

If you followed my previous stories you will know I am a young, attractive medical assistant who works for an urologist. It is rare for women to be in the urology field but I chose it because I am fascinated with the penis. Unfortunately, most of our patients are older but enough young men come in to keep me interested. And even some of the older guys are a treat. Because of my abilities my doctor has become more and more confident that I can handle a great many examinations and procedures that he usually does himself.

For example, one exam that I do frequently is to digitally check men’s testicles to look for any lumps or other deformities, which could be a precursor to more serious problems. This is a rather simple procedure. The patient removes his pants and underwear and sits on the edge of the examination table with his legs spread. I sit on a stool between his legs and with both hands I basically do what amounts to a massage of his ball sack. I can easily determine if there are any problems within about 20 or 30 seconds but I normally stretch this exam out to several minutes. Of course the patient’s bare penis is right there and the back of my hands and fingers usually end up touching it. Nearly every one of my patients achieves an erection while I am basically fondling his balls.

Once I have completed the examination of his testicles I also do an examination of his penis. While this technically is not part of the exam, I feel that it’s worth checking all aspects of his genital health. Although irregularities almost never are found during a penis inspection, there is always a remote possibility that something might turn up although I have never found anything. If my patient has not had a circumcision, I always roll his foreskin back and carefully examine the sensitive area right behind the glans and coronal ridge. After a very intensive visual inspection, I give the foreskin several back and forth tugs to make sure he doesn’t have an overly tight foreskin. If he does, the doctor can alleviate the problem with a very simple incision.

One of the most embarrassing incidents that I ever experienced was I had a young patient come in. He was only about 16. His dad had brought him in because the kid’s foreskin was so tight that when he got an erection it was nearly impossible to roll his foreskin back. I started the exam by retracting his foreskin before he was fully hard. I needed to get a full erection to see just how tight the foreskin was. But as I gently rolled his foreskin back and forth to get him hard, he achieved orgasm and shot streams of cum right onto my chest. Damn teenagers!

Anyway, he was mortified and while I usually enjoy seeing a cock spurt out streams of semen, this time because I really wasn’t expecting it, plus he made a big mess on my smock, I wasn’t too happy about it. But I acted like it was no big deal and told him not to worry about it. I could tell he was on the verge of crying he was so humiliated. I cleaned myself up as much as possible and also wiped the semen off of his penis. I continued to stroke it until he was fully hard and sure enough, his foreskin was exceedingly tight and I couldn’t pull it back over the glans. I had the doctor come look at it and he agreed that a minor surgical procedure was called for.

After the doctor performed the surgery and the boy healed up, he came back in for a follow-up exam, which I took care of. This time I was able to easily move his foreskin back and forth even after he was fully hard.

“I am sorry I spurted on you the last time you examined me,” he said. “I really felt bad about making a mess on you.”

“Look,” I replied, “I know that you didn’t do it on purpose. Young boys are very easily aroused and can achieve ejaculation with almost no stimulation. I should have been ready for it.”

“I felt really embarrassed and humiliated but I got over it pretty quickly because it really felt good. It was one of the best feelings. I wouldn’t mind if you did it again.”

“Yeah, I bet you wouldn’t. I really shouldn’t do anything like that. But if in the process of my examination, the stimulation becomes more than you can handle, who knows what might occur?” With that I proceeded to start masturbating him, taking care where his cock was pointed. It didn’t take too many strokes before he started shooting his cum again, this time into a large towel I had on my lap. I made sure this time to continue to stroke his teen cock until I had milked all of the semen out onto the towel. The previous time when he had spurted on me I had let go of his cock like it was a hot poker.

“Ok,” I said, “it looks like everything is working the way it’s supposed to. How did that feel? Any pain? Any discomfort?”

“Omigod, that was the best feeling I have ever had. Much better than when I jack off myself. When can I come back for another exam?”

“Why don’t you schedule a second follow-up in a couple of weeks just to make sure there are no problems,” I said as I gave him a wink.

On another occasion I was giving a routine genital exam to a really good looking man of about 45. As usual my ministrations to his testicles had produced a hard on. But I would class this one as a ‘raging’ hard on. His cock became rock hard. One of the most impressive erections I had ever experienced and by now I had seen hundreds if not thousands of erect cocks. I was quite fascinated and he could tell it.

“That’s quite an impressive erection,” I told him.

“You think so? That’s what my girl friends tell me. I’m glad a trained professional like yourself agrees.”

“Any woman would be impressed with a penis that could achieve that level of hardness.” I wrapped my hand around it and squeezed. “Just like a bar of steel.”

“So what are we going to do? You aren’t going to send me home with my dick this hard, are you.”

“I’m sorry but we can’t engage in any sexual conduct. I could get in a lot of trouble. But I have to finish the examination. While you are here, I think it would be appropriate to perform a prostate exam as well.”

I had him lay back on the exam table. Then had him pull his legs up with his feet flat on the table. This was not the usual position for a prostate exam but I had other ideas. I put a rubber glove on my right hand and coated my index finger liberally with lubricant. I also smeared some on his anus. With my bare hand I reached up and grasped his still steel hard erection and inserted my lubed finger in his anus. I massaged his prostate gland and watched as some watery semen started to drip from his penis. Then I started slowly masturbating his cock while continuing to apply pressure to his prostate gland with my finger. It didn’t take long before he couldn’t take it any more and semen began to gush out of his cock. He fortunately had on one of the hospital gowns, which became soaked in spunk. It seemed like his orgasm went on forever with more and more white goo spurting out of his distended penis. Finally it slacked off to just a few dribbles.

“Wow,” he exclaimed, “without a doubt that was the best medical examination I have ever had. With no sexual conduct involved either,” he said with a smirk on his face.

I tossed him a couple of towels and suggested he clean himself up. I pulled the rubber glove off and tossed it in a waste receptacle. Then washed the semen off of my other hand.

He peeled off the gown and tossed it in the waste receptacle along with the cum soaked towels. He stood there before me totally naked without a hint of embarrassment. His cock still jutted out from his body.

“I have to ask you a question,” he said. “I understand the prostate exam since that’s one of the reasons I came in for a checkup. But what was the purpose of jacking me off? I’m not complaining. I’m just curious.”

“It was all part of checking your overall health. The doctor likes to know that everything is working properly. This includes your ejaculatory ability, the overall volume of your semen production, and the sensitivity of your penis. Those are all things I was able to observe.”

“OK, I get that but you didn’t take a semen sample. Shouldn’t that have been part of the exam? There was certainly plenty of semen produced,” he replied laughing.

“The doctor’s write-up didn’t include taking a semen sample. But if you feel that’s important we can certainly do so,” I responded. “That will require you to produce additional semen. I can give you a specimen jar to use.”

“I think that might be a good idea but it sounds like you are suggesting that I jack myself off into the jar. Is that right?”

“You can do it yourself or I can assist you if you feel you need help.”

He looked at me in wide-eyed wonder. “If I have a choice, obviously I would prefer to have your assistance in achieving another orgasm and producing more cum.”

“OK, let’s do it a bit differently this time. Get on the examination table on your hands and knees. I know that anal stimulation really helps you reach orgasm so I have some ideas that will help in that regard.”

After he was on the table I placed a dish between his legs. The specimen jar was a bit too small to aim at so I wanted to have him shoot into the dish and then I would dribble his semen from the dish into the smaller jar. His penis was still quite hard. Standing behind him with his ass more or less in my face, I reached between his legs and grasped his still erect cock. I gave it a few strokes to achieve maximum hardness and then pulled it back so that it was pointing at the dish. I had to slide the dish forward a bit because his penis was so hard and stiff that I couldn’t pull it back far enough. I slowly began to masturbate him while leaning forward and placed the tip of my tongue on his anus. I ran my tongue all over and around his opening as I picked up speed masturbating him. I grasped his testicles with my free hand and rolled them around with some gentle massage action. Despite the fact that he had just experienced a huge orgasm, with all the stimulation I was providing, it was obvious that another one was imminent. Just when I thought he was about to ejaculate, I forced the tip of my tongue into his anus and literally fucked his asshole with my tongue. He let out a long moan as jets of semen spurted out of his cock and into the dish. I could feel the jets of his cum coursing their way through his cock as I gripped it. Finally the last few weak droplets of semen dripped out as I kept masturbating him while continuing to tongue his anus. Ultimately I let go and stood up as he collapsed onto the table, completely spent.

I picked up the dish containing his semen and poured a portion of it into the specimen jar. I screwed the cap on and jotted his name on the label.

He rolled over onto his back on the table as his deflating cock flopped onto his stomach. “Wow,” he exclaimed, “you sure made that happen fast. I would have liked it to last much longer.”

“The idea was to get a semen sample, not to create sexual excitement for you,” I said. “You have to understand that these are all clinical procedures to me and are just part of my job.” I could barely keep from laughing as I said this. “I purposely tongued your anus and massaged your testicles in the interest of getting to the ultimate goal, a semen sample, as quickly as possible.”

“OK, whatever. All I can say is that was probably the best orgasm I have ever had. When the cum started shooting out of my cock, it was the most incredible feeling I’ve ever experienced. I wanted it to go on forever.”

“Considering that many medical procedures can be uncomfortable or even painful, I am pleased that this one was something that was memorable for you.”

I gave his penis a little squeeze and suggested it was time he got dressed. I bent over and planted a wet kiss on the tip of his prick and walked out of the exam room. One last thing to remember me by.


I Work for a Doctor VI

If you have been following my stories, you know that I am a young, attractive female medical assistant who works for a leading urologist in a major city. As this is written, I have had this position for three years which makes me 27. Not many women work in this field but frankly I chose it because of my fascination with the penis. And I get to see a great many of them. While most of our patients are older, we get enough young men and even virile middle-aged men, to keep it interesting for me.

Our medical group also specializes in erectile dysfunction (ED) and over the last year I have more or less become the “go to” person in the firm to treat these patients as I have had a very high degree of success. One recent patient who I had “cured” was back for a 3-month follow-up visit. This is routine and it’s basically to check that the patient continues to have success achieving an erection. When I entered the examination room the patient had already been prepared by one of the other assistants. He was sitting on the exam table wearing one of hospital gowns that we provide.

This exam was very simple. All I had to do was make sure that the patient could easily achieve an erection. I greeted my patient, who had been one of my favorites. He was fifty, in good shape, was good looking, and had a very impressive penis. I walked over to the table, moved his gown away from his lap and took hold of his penis. I expertly began to masturbate him and he quickly became hard. Very hard. I congratulated him on his ability to maintain the same level of erection ability that he had reached at the end of my treatment.

“Thanks, doc,” he said, “can you go ahead and bring me off? For some reason I really need a release this morning.”

“No problem,” I replied. “I always like to check that your ejaculatory ability is not diminished in any way.” I laid a large flat dish that we in the office jokingly call the “cum tray” in front of him and proceeded to masturbate him to orgasm. It didn’t take long as I am quite proficient in coaxing orgasms out of erect cocks. He spurted several long streams of semen onto the tray.

“Thanks doc, that was great. Listen,” he continued as I wiped the excess semen off his penis, “I have a proposition for you. I want to hire you to do some special tutoring for me during your time off.”

“I’m sorry, but I am not permitted to have any off-site contact with patients. That’s a hard and fast rule.”

“No, no…it’s not for me,” he protested. “It’s for my 16 year old son.”

“Your son suffers from ED? That would be most unusual.”

“No doc, he doesn’t have any trouble getting a hard-on as far as I know. But he’s painfully shy. Never had a date with a girl. Is extremely protective of anybody seeing his penis. Even his mother, when she was still alive, commented to me how he always covered himself to make sure nobody ever sees his penis. He’s never had any sex educations classes and I’ve never been able to work up the courage to have that ‘father-son’ discussion with him. I was hoping you could work with him a couple of evenings a week and see if you can draw him out of his shell.”

“I would have to get approval from the firm in order to do something like that. I will check with the doctor and see what he says. What kind of money are we talking about?” I asked. He threw out an hourly rate that stunned me. I knew this guy was extremely well off. I could tell by his clothes and his shoes that he had money. He told me he would like to see me do a couple of two hour sessions a week and if need be we could add on a third session if I thought it would help. Maybe do this for three or four weeks or however long it took. This added up to almost as much money as I made with my doctor.

Surprisingly my doctor had no objection and I worked out a schedule with the boy’s dad. At his suggestion he set up an unused bedroom in his sprawling mansion to basically duplicate one of our examination rooms. We both agreed that the boy might feel a bit more comfortable in what looked like a medical environment. I would wear one of my white medical smocks.

Our first session was then scheduled. I showed up at the extremely impressive house located in a very high-end neighborhood. The dad introduced me as to the son, who was named Jack. I told Jack that he could call me Miss Kelly. The dad explained that I was basically a health professional that was going to help educate the boy in areas not adequately provided by the school he attended.

The dad then showed me the room that had been prepared and left Jack and me alone. I asked Jack to sit on the exam table while I attempted to explain in general terms what we would be doing. I took my time getting to any discussion about sex education but when I finally brought the subject up, the boy’s face turned crimson. I knew I had to somehow calm him down before the whole thing went off the rails.

“Jack, I understand your concern about getting into areas that are totally new to you. But keep in mind that I am a medical professional who only deals with men. Men, who most of the time totally disrobe for my inspection. So please just relax and allow me to do my job.”

“What kind of inspection are you talking about?” he wanted to know. Real concern showed in his voice. “Am I going to have to get undressed?”

I had planned to hold off any undressing until the second or third session but now that the subject was broached, I felt it best to get right into it before he had a chance to back out of the program.

“Well Jack,” I replied, “the undressing was planned to be later but I think as an ice-breaker it might be best if we get right to it.”

“You mean you want me to take off my clothes now?”

“Yes, here is a hospital gown. Please go behind that screen and remove all your clothing and put on this gown. The gown can go on either way but please put it on so the front is open. There is a place to hang your clothes behind the screen. Take off your shoes and socks as well as I plan to give you a complete medical checkup.”

He very reluctantly went behind the screen and a few minutes later came out in the gown. He had the front tied tightly together with the ties. After he sat down on the exam table I went over and untied the gown. As I pulled the front open he put his hands down over his penis.

“Jack, in my job I see hundreds of penises. So please don’t be shy about showing yours as it is nothing new to me and will be necessary for what we are doing. In fact, let’s start the exam off with me inspecting your genitals.” With that I pulled his hands away from his crotch to reveal an extremely attractive penis. I was surprised to see it was even larger than his dad’s. He had what is known as a “German Cut” circumcision where only the excess skin extending beyond the glans is removed. When flaccid this foreskin covers most of the glans with the tip still exposed. From my experience, I knew that in most cases when the penis became erect, the foreskin would roll back all on its own fully exposing the head.

I took hold of his penis and pulled the foreskin back. He had a very prominent coronal ridge on an unusually large glans. While the penile shaft itself had considerable girth, the glans was much larger which provided more tactile area than normally found on a penis. I massaged this area with my fingertips and immediately felt his penis start to enlarge.

“What are you doing?” he exclaimed. “Should you be doing that?” His face was flushed and I could tell he was terribly embarrassed to have a strange woman massaging his cock. He had no control over his penis. I am sure he would have preferred it to stay soft but my ministrations had achieved a full-on rock hard erection. After it was fully erect I proceeded to start jacking his shaft, rolling his foreskin all the way back and then up over the head.

Jack’s eyes closed and his head lolled back. No man or boy could resist the sensations that I was providing his penis. I hadn’t planned to bring him to orgasm until after at least two or three meetings but those plans were dashed as a fountain of semen erupted from his teenage cock. As I furiously pumped his big thick cock, spurts of boy juice continued to forcefully shoot from the tip. I was totally unprepared for his orgasm so the cum went everywhere. I really hadn’t had much experience with boys this age. Even when I was younger, most of my sex was with older men. Although I knew that teens didn’t take much stimulation to reach orgasm, I still was not prepared for it. So as not to diminish his orgasm in any way, I continued to pump his prick until he was totally devoid of semen. At least for this round. I also knew young boys could come right back for a second or third orgasm, or even more. Now that we had broken the ice so to speak, I was sure that getting another few orgasms out of him would be no trouble.

By now he was lying prone on the exam table gasping for breath. I released his penis, which maintained its hardness and was now sticking straight up. It looked out of proportion to the size of his teenage body. I had laid in a large supply of hand cloths and towels for clean-up but didn’t realize I would need them so soon. While Jack recovered, I started the clean-up task, which took a while because there was literally semen everywhere. It was all over him, all over me, on the exam table, and on the floor. I even found a few droplets on a nearby chair.

While I wiped up his cum, he started to apologize. I walked over to him and took hold of his cock. “Jack, there is no need to apologize. You did nothing wrong. What happened was totally normal. When a woman or girl stimulates your penis, as I did to yours, there is only one result that will happen. Cum is going to squirt out of your penis. As our sessions continue you will learn that your cock and I will be forming a very nice relationship. I know what happened was quite a shock to you and probably embarrassing. But that was just the beginning of what I know will be a very satisfying connection between your penis and me. I will teach you all the ways that a man, or boy in your case, will be able to achieve orgasm. Your embarrassment will totally disappear and you will eagerly look forward to the ministrations that I will be applying to your manhood.”

“Are you sure that it’s ok for you to jack me off?” he asked.

“Jack, I am a trained medical professional. I have been hired by your father to advance your sexual knowledge and prepare you for the various sexual scenarios that you will face as you mature. I hope you understand. During our sessions over the next couple of weeks I will be providing your penis with a variety of stimulations. Each week my goal will be to drain your system of as much semen as possible. Does that sound ok to you?”

“Well…uh…I guess so. Does that mean you are going to get me to cum again tonight?”

“Yes, at least two more times. We will start off with just three orgasms in this session. By the end of our last session I hope to get you to ejaculate at least five times during the two-hour session. Maybe even six times if you are up for it. Most teenage boys have no problem doing that. I bet you’ve jacked off more than that in one day. Plus I have some additional enhancements that will help.”

“What do you mean by ‘enhancements’?” He had a worried look on his face.

“Don’t be concerned. Everything I will be doing is to increase your pleasure. I guarantee you will love it. Now it’s time to continue. I want you to just lay back like you are now.” I climbed up on the table with him and kneeled between his legs. I had decided on these early sessions to remain fully clothed. As we progress to later sessions I will likely remove my clothing.

Jack’s penis was still semi-hard. I grasped the base of his shaft, leaned over and sucked the large head of his cock into my mouth. Jack loudly drew in his breath when my lips closed over his glans. I ran my tongue around the coronal ridge where I knew he was super sensitive. His cock quickly returned to a full-on steel hard erection. I lightly jacked the shaft with one hand while I fondled his testicles with my other. I loved to suck a thick cock. Especially one with a large head like Jack’s. I knew that the many men I had sucked off considered me a world-class cocksucker. I started to apply more suction pressure to the head of his cock and then let my lips slide down over the head and onto the shaft. I began to deep throat his cock while it swelled to a very impressive size. I then backed off a bit and slowed down. I wanted this to last as I was really in heaven with his big penis tickling my tonsils. I knew if I applied too much pressure he would be cumming again in no time.

With my extensive experience I knew just how far to take him without his cum shooting out. I managed to make the blowjob last almost 30 minutes. By then he was begging me to let him shoot his load. I sucked his cock right to the balls and then started bobbing my head up and down as fast as I could. It didn’t take long to achieve my goal as a massive explosion of cum shot down my throat. I could feel each spurt slam against my throat as his cock convulsed and his body bucked in orgasmic ecstasy. And a rare thing happened. I also experienced an exquisite orgasm myself as I greedily swallowed one of the largest volumes of semen I had ever received. This surprised me because I had milked a very large load of cum out of his prick when I jacked him off. But teens can obviously recover in a very impressive manner.

As I raised me head and let his prick slip from my mouth, he had a look of wonderment on his face. “Is that the first time anybody has sucked your penis?” I asked, knowing that it was.

He could barely speak. “Oh god yes,” he murmured. “That was the best feeling in the world. I never knew anything could feel so good. Nobody has ever touched my penis before but me. And you have given me two fantastic experiences. Will we get to do this again?”

“Yes, many times,” I replied. We still have nearly an hour left in tonight’s session and I plan to have you experience at least one more orgasm. I want you to know that as a medical professional I am supposed to keep our sessions as clinical as possible but I have to compliment you one having one of the nicest cocks I have ever been exposed to. I really enjoyed both jacking you off and sucking you off.”

“Thank you Miss Kelly. That makes me feel really good to know that you like my prick that much. For my next orgasm, are you going to jack me or suck me off?”

“This time it will likely be both.” My session plans were totally blown to hell. I hadn’t planned to be at this stage until at least our third session. And despite my best intentions, I was about to throw the whole plan under the bus. “Or we have another alternative. How would you feel about fucking me? I really have a craving to feel that big cock of yours inside me. I have never fucked a penis with a head as large as yours and I am super curious to see what it will feel like.”

“Omigod, are you serious? Of course I would love to fuck you. I’ve fantasized hundreds of times about fucking some of the hot girls in my school but figured it could never happen. I’ve jacked off many times fantasizing that my fingers were some girl’s hot pussy wrapped around my prick.”

His cock was drooling some semen and I leaned over and licked it clean. Then I let his cockhead slip into my mouth. We lay there together for about five minutes with me just lolling his penis around in my mouth but not really sucking it. I let my tongue roll over the head of his cock and felt it start to harden. I then began to lightly suck on the head until he was fully hard. Fortunately the exam table his dad had purchased was an extra wide one so there was enough room for us both. I jumped off the table and quickly removed my clothes as he pulled off the hospital gown. Now we were both naked. I climbed back on the table and gave him about a minute’s worth of cock sucking to make sure he was fully hard. I had picked up a bottle of K-Y lubricant and liberally coated his penis and the opening of my vagina with it. I then straddled him placing my vagina directly above his distended penis.

“I am going to control the penetration,” I explained. “Otherwise your big cock might hurt me if you get too excited.” I held the lips of my pussy open with one hand while I guided that big head to my opening. I started to slide my pussy down over his prick. It started in but then it stopped. It felt glorious but I knew I might be too tight for him. But I was determined to get that penis inside me. I rocked up and down and I could feel it almost wanting to pop past my opening and penetrate me. It was hurting me by stretching my opening but I didn’t care. Finally, I thrust down as hard as I could and his cock went in about six inches. That’s all I allowed on the first thrust. He groaned in ecstasy but I am sure it felt even better for me. His cock was about eight and a half inches long so there was still more to take. I wanted it all even though I knew it would be bumping against my cervix. I began to thrust up and down, starting off with 6-inch strokes but then I let each stroke go a bit further. One thing that helped is I was so damn charged up that my pussy was working overtime producing lubricating juice. I was sopping wet. But that just enhanced the pleasure for both of us. After a flurry of strokes I was taking his entire length. Each time he bottomed out on my cervix I felt a stab of pain. But it was a good pain and I was loving it.

I was in a sexual frenzy and I pounded up and down on that glorious cock as furiously as possible. I was on my third orgasm when Jack let out a scream of ecstasy and poured a load of semen into my greedy pussy. His screams were really loud and I wondered what his dad must be thinking. The house was pretty big so maybe he didn’t hear it.

But I heard a door open and looked back over my shoulder to see his dad standing in the doorway. He had a strange expression on his face. A mixture of shock and pleasure. He had a great view of his son’s big cock splitting my tight pussy. Semen was running out of my cunt onto his son’s ball sack. I smiled at him and he smiled back and quietely closed the door. I’m not sure Jack was even aware that his dad had opened the door. He was too far gone in his orgasmic bliss.

We lay there together like two exhausted lovers for about 15 minutes. There was one of those big round clocks up on the wall and I could see our time was just about up. I slowly raised up and felt Jack’s big semi-hard cock slide out of me. It flopped back on his stomach. I hopped off the table and bent over Jack and took his cock in my mouth and sucked his semen and my juices off.

“Oh god, Miss Kelly, I thought that blowjob was the greatest feeling I ever had but fucking you was even better.”

“Yep,” I replied, “that was definitely a really great fuck. I don’t think I have ever had a more satisfying fuck and that was almost all due to that magnificent cock of yours. I never knew what a difference a big head like yours makes in the way it feels as it pumps in and out of me. Just fabulous.”

“We will get to do it again, won’t we?”

“Oh for sure. Many times, but just not tonight. Time’s up.”

“It’s been two hours already? I cant’ believe the time went by so fast. I was really hoping you could make me cum again. I’m ready. I know I could do it again.”

I looked at the clock. We had about ten minutes. I grabbed the bottle of lube and coated his cock and one of my fingers. I started masturbating him while sliding my lubed finger up his anus. It didn’t even take two minutes and his prick was spurting out even more semen. Obviously not as much as the first three times and a bit more watery but still an impressive display.

“How’s that,” I asked. “Feeling better?”

“Thank you so much Miss Kelly. You really know how to make a boy feel great.”

I was confident that our session had provided Jack with a lot more confidence and self-assurance. Any shyness was totally gone and it was obvious he was quite proud of himself. Then we both got dressed and he went to his room and I went to the living room where his dad was waiting.

We were both a bit embarrassed but I broke the ice first. “I think we made great progress tonight. I can guarantee that a lot of your son’s shyness is gone. He’s definitely not concerned about displaying his penis. And frankly he is a very good sex partner considering he’s never had any kind of experience with anybody. As you no doubt saw.”

“I’m sorry I barged in on you but when I heard him screaming, I was very concerned that something had gone wrong. But I must say I was a bit jealous. You did some great work with me in overcoming my ED with some exquisite hand jobs and blowjobs. But you never fucked me and here you were fucking my son less than two hours after you met him.”

“ We kind of built up to it. I started him off with a masturbation session and then to oral sex. And full coitus just seemed like a natural progression. Plus I really wanted to see what it felt like taking that huge knob of a cockhead that he has. I guess you’ve never seen him hard but he has one of the largest cockheads I’ve ever seen and I was dying to find out what it felt like.”

“And…?” he replied.

“It felt amazing. I’ve had quite a few cocks in me but that was by far the best feeling fuck I’ve ever had. I think I came three times. “

“And I suppose you will want to do it again with him?”

“As long as you keep paying me, I will be back here at least twice a week and fuck your boy until he can’t stand up.”

“I know this isn’t part of the arrangement, but talking about all this sex stuff has made me hard as a rock. Do you think you could jack me off?”

“How about a blowjob? Makes no mess that way. Take your cock out and let me at it.” Before I even finished telling him this, he was unzipping his pants and fishing out his engorged penis.


I Work for a Doctor VII

My full time job is as a female medical assistant to a leading urologist in a major city. I sought out a career in this field mainly due to my fascination with penises. One of my patients recently hired me on the side to tutor his 16-year old son. The son, Jack, was painfully shy, had never dated, and the father felt he was in need of some sex education. Preferably hands-on sex education, which is why he hired me. The father is extremely wealthy and paid me a ridiculous amount of money for two 2-hour classes a week at his home. The boy’s father thought that it might take a couple of months to achieve the desired results. The dad had even turned one of the home’s many bedrooms into a duplicate of a medical examination room where I conducted classes with the son.

Our first class was successful beyond anyone’s expectations. I had originally planned that in the first class I would verbally lay out the preliminary groundwork for what was to take place in future classes where more hands-on instruction would take place. But somehow those plans got derailed and we immediately got into the hands-on stage. I masturbated the boy to a spectacular orgasm, then I proceeded to gratify him orally. The son had an extremely attractive large penis with an amazingly large cockhead. The largest I had ever seen and at that point in my life I had seen a lot of cockheads. An overwhelming curiosity as to what that knob headed cock would feel like inside my vagina led me to end the session with the boy’s penis buried deep in my cunt. Actually, that’s not quite accurate. Even after three terrific orgasms, the young man was still rock hard and begged me for a release. So I jacked him off to a fourth orgasm.

An hour prior to the next scheduled session, I met with the boy’s father to discuss the future steps of the program. The father was fully aware of what had taken place in the first session. He had actually walked in on us when the boy’s penis was buried in my cunt.

“Miss Kelly,” the father said to me, “I want to congratulate you on the amazing changes in my boy after just one two hour session with you. A lot of his shyness is gone. He definitely has a lot more self-confidence. I had mentioned to you before how hesitant he was for anyone to see his penis. I never understood that but now that you told me about the overly large head on his penis, I assume he was somehow ashamed of the way it looked. Anyway, I have already gotten a complaint from one of the maids about him “accidentally” exposing his penis to her. After discussing it with him, I don’t think he purposely set out to expose himself but I think he no longer cares about any modesty.”

“That does sound like progress has been made,” I replied. “I was afraid that I had moved along too fast. I originally had hoped to lay some basic sex education groundwork but that got totally bypassed.”

“I guess some of that is necessary but it appears the hands-on approach is working so well that I would just stick with that.”

“I also have had some second thoughts that I have moved too fast.

What transpired at our first session was a lot to throw at a young boy all at once. It was all so easy for him that I am concerned that he might feel that sex with any woman, or girl, is more available to him than it really is. That could get him in a lot of trouble if he comes on too strong.”

“I can see why you might think that and it’s a valid point,” the father replied. “It will be up to you to educate him on what types of approaches to girls are appropriate and what isn’t. I would l like for you to continue on with him and I am ok with you engaging in any type of sexual contact with him that you feel is necessary for the advancement of his sex education.”

“Miss Kelly, we have a few minutes before your scheduled session with my son. Do you think you could spare enough time to suck me off?” As he said this, he unzipped his pants and took out a very large erect cock. I was pleased to see how quickly he had achieved an impressive hard-on. I had successfully treated him at the urologist’s office for erectile dysfunction. That’s how we met. And during our training sessions together I had masturbated him and orally serviced him multiple times in our journey together to solve his problem. So to see how quickly he got hard was very gratifying.

“Of course, Robert,” I replied. I am always willing to provide you the release you need.” Considering what this guy was paying me to train his boy, I would be more than happy to suck his cock any time he asked.

After swallowing his large deposit of semen down my throat, I had to get upstairs to the home’s pseudo examination room for the next scheduled session with the son. When I got to the room I was a bit surprised to find Jack sitting on the exam table totally naked with a very impressive erection.

“Hi Miss Kelly,” he exclaimed. He was obviously very happy to see me as his throbbing penis made abundantly clear. “What are we going to start off with?”

I had told him in the first session that I planned to bring him off to a minimum of three orgasms per classroom meeting. So he was obviously anxious to get started.

“I have a few questions for you. Since our last meeting a few days ago, have you been masturbating very much?”

“Yes, all that sex we had together really got me charged up. I have been beating my poor penis nearly to death. I haven’t jacked off at all today, however, as I wanted to save my cum for you.”

“That’s very considerate of you, Jack,” I replied. “I definitely enjoy large cumshots and I would hate to think that you wasted a lot of semen down the toilet bowl. Now let’s get started. When I masturbated you at the end of our first session, did you enjoy it when I inserted my finger up your anus?”

“Omigod, Miss Kelly,” he enthusiastically replied, “that was the best feeling ever. Especially when you pulled your finger out just as I started spewing my cum. That was great.”

“Ok, we are going to try something a little different this time but still involving my finger up your anus. I will put my finger up there and massage your prostate. I want to see if I can make you ejaculate with just a prostate massage and no actual contact with your penis. Now lay back on the examination table. Pull your legs up until your feet are flat on the table.”

I would normally wear a glove for this procedure but today it would be my bare hand. I liberally applied K-Y lubricant to his exposed anus and also on my index finger. I slid my finger up his anus and began to massage his prostate gland. I perform the majority of the prostate exams at the urologist’s office where I work and am considered an expert with the procedure. As I worked my finger in and out of his anus applying pressure on the prostate gland I watched his penis jerk and twitch. Jack let out a groan as I performed my magic.

“Oh, Miss Kelly,” he uttered. “I think I am going to pee.”

“That’s a natural reaction to what I am doing. Just ignore that feeling. You won’t pee but you will powerfully ejaculate a load of semen so be prepared.” As I said this, jets of semen shot out of his penis and splashed up his stomach and chest with the first blast actually hitting him in the face. His body bucked and reacted with a series of spasms with the intensity of his orgasm. I continued to massage his gland as long as the semen continued to spurt and drip from his cock. Finally I had milked most of it out. I pulled my finger out and wiped the lubricant from my finger and his butthole.

“Wow, that felt totally different from a regular orgasm,” he gasped. “Different, but still good.”

“I want you to experience all the different orgasms that can be produced with a variety of processes. I am glad you liked it. Now I have some questions for you. I know you must have seen a lot of porn online. Have you seen any particular act that you would like to try?”

“I did see something that really interested me. But maybe it’s kind of gay. I don’t know. But it was two guys who placed their cocks together and then a girl jacked both cocks at the same time until both guys shot their cum. I thought that was really hot. But of course there’s only me so we obviously can’t do that.”

“I could ask your dad. How would you feel about that? That cock-to-cock masturbation works best when both cocks are approximately the same size. Both you and your dad’s cock are roughly the same. Yours is a bit larger but the two are close enough that the two-cock jackoff will work quite well. Do you want me to ask him? Your dad is extremely liberal and will do anything for you.”

“Well, if you think he would be ok with it, I am willing to give it a try.”

I called his dad on the house phone and asked him to come up to the examination room. He wanted to know what’s up and I told him everything was ok but I needed him in the room. When he arrived I quickly explained what his son was interested in. While explaining the idea I stood by the exam table and lazily masturbated his boy’s penis.

“Wow,” he exclaimed, “that’s really an off-the-wall idea but it does sound like fun. Let’s do it.” He immediately started removing his clothes and by the time he was naked his penis was rock hard.

I had him get up on the table sitting facing his son who was also sitting. The two scooted close together with the dad putting his legs over the son’s legs. After some adjusting both ball sacks were touching and both cocks were standing straight up and dancing back and forth in anticipation of what was to come. I liberally coated both dicks and my hands with K-Y lubricant. Grasping both cocks with both hands I wrapped my fingers around the rock hard dicks and started jacking them. Occasionally I would slip a finger between both cocks so that additional friction was applied to the underside of them both, right where the sensitivity was the highest. I had performed cock-to-cock jackoff previously. Not at the office, but with a couple of casual boy friends. So I had some experience. We continued this for a good 15 or 20 minutes and by then I could tell they were both ready to cum. I started asking them both to cum for me, to shoot their jism all over my hands and sure enough the cum started spurting. The son was first but quickly followed by the dad. I must say that seeing two cocks side by side, both shooting streams of cum into the air with it splashing back down over both cocks as well as my hands was a glorious sight. So much so, that I experienced multiple voluntary orgasms. My own orgasms were so strong that it was a challenge to continue jacking those two magnificent pricks. But I hung in there despite being flooded with semen. I still gripped both cocks together. I had an overwhelming desire to take both cockheads in my mouth and suck all the cum off of them but of course that was anatomically impossible. I could just barely get the son’s huge cockhead in my mouth by itself. I settled for just licking the cum off of the heads of both cocks. My eager tongue laved over both pricks until every single drop of cum was gone. Then I took each prick and sucked it right to the balls going back and forth from each one until the boys begged for mercy. They said the feeling was too intense and they couldn’t take it.

I got some hand towels from the pile that were kept handy just for semen mop-up and wiped both boys clean. The father and son had collapsed onto their backs on the oversized exam table. They were both spent. I continued to idly play with both cocks while they recovered. Finally the father got up and started getting dressed.

“Damn, that was terrific. Thanks for inviting me. I hope we can do it again. Talk about father-son bonding. I can’t imagine anything else we could ever do that would equal that. I will leave you two to get back to your lessons.” With that he departed the room.

“What did you think, Jack?” I asked. Was it everything you expected?”

“Omigod, it was ten times better. And especially doing it with my dad was spectacular. Promise me we can do it again.”

“How about we make it a scheduled weekly event? With your dad’s approval of course.”

“I never knew there were so many enjoyable things I can do with my penis. I’m learning a whole new world and you are the best teacher a boy could ever have.”

“Thanks for the compliment. We are going to take a 15-minute break from the sex but I am going to lecture you on some various aspects of regular contact with women, or girls in your case. I have some slight concern that all the easy sex you are having with me might give you the idea that you could have similar relationships with other females. You can, of course, but only if the proper steps are taken. That’s what we are going to talk about now. Then I am going to suck your cock in as many different ways that I can think of. Sounds good?”

“Oh yes, Miss Kelly. I loved it last week when you sucked me off. I am really looking forward to it again. Will I get to fuck you today?

“I doubt if we will have time. The blowjob I will be giving you in a few minutes will be your third orgasm of the day. And the session with your dad went on a lot longer than our other ejaculation producing events. But I promise at next week’s first session I will have you fuck me with that big knob-headed prick of yours. But please don’t jack off too much over the weekend. I want as much of your semen as I can get.”

After my little lecture, we assumed the position on the table and I proceeded to give him a world-class blowjob. I sucked and licked every square inch of his cock and balls and even tongued his butthole. He got the full oral treatment with every trick that I had learned over the years. When his orgasm finally came, he blasted a huge load of semen down my throat, nearly choking me. I greedily sucked and sucked his exploding cock. The feel of his oversized cockhead on my tongue and in my mouth was heavenly. I couldn’t get over the fact I as being paid an obscene amount of money for something I would gladly do for free.

We cleaned up together in an adjacent shower and then got dressed. He went to his room while I went downstairs to report to his father.

“How did it go after I left? Anything special happen before I got there”

“I started him off with a prostate massage that produced a very powerful ejaculation. The feeling of orgasm with that procedure is decidedly different from other types of orgasms. I just wanted him to be aware that there are different types of orgasms.

“Then after you left I had short lecture on various proper ways to approach women that he might desire to have sex with. Then I finished the session off with the best blowjob that I know how to give. I licked and sucked every square inch of his genital area including tonguing his anus. He had a terrific orgasm and copious ejaculation.”

“I want to thank you for including me in the dual jackoff. That was really great and I am sure the bond between me and my son is ten times more powerful than it was before. You don’t think that was too gay do you?”

“It wasn’t the slightest bit gay. One of the things that I am going to teach him is that sex between two men doesn’t have to be a gay experience. It’s just another way to expand one’s sexual experiences. At some point I will have the two of you suck each other’s cocks while I participate. Maybe you suck his while I suck yours. Or you both suck each other while I tongue somebody’s anus. We’re going to have a lot of fun and learn a lot. “

“Damn…all this sex talk, especially talk of sucking my son’s cock has given me a massive hard-on. Do you have time to suck me off?”

“I always have time for a blowjob for you,” I replied.


I Work for a Doctor VIII

My full time job is as a female medical assistant to a leading urologist in a major city. I sought out a career in this field mainly due to my fascination with penises. One of my patients recently hired me on the side to tutor his 16-year old son. The son, Jack, was painfully shy, had never dated, and the father felt he was in need of some sex education. Preferably hands-on sex education, which is why he hired me. The father is extremely wealthy and paid me a ridiculous amount of money for two 2-hour classes a week at his home.

At this writing I have had three sessions with the son. This is a report on the third one, which just took place. Prior to each session I always meet with the father to go over how the prior meeting progressed and also to get his feedback on any noticeable behavioral changes that his son might be exhibiting.

“Well, Miss Kelly,” the dad began, “I can report that Jack is a totally changed boy. You have worked wonders with him. He now has an incredible level of self-confidence that he never had before. And although I find this hard to believe, inviting me to participate in your last session has worked wonders with the father/son relationship. When you put our two cocks together and jacked us both off, it created a bond between us that totally thrills me. I understand he would like to make that a regular weekly occurrence, which is fine with me. It not only strengthens the bond between us, it was one of the most fulfilling orgasms I’ve ever had. To see your hands wrapped around our two pricks pumping the cum out of both cocks was an extremely memorable experience. Actually I can’t wait until next week to repeat it.”

“I know Jack is really looking forward to it as well. And it was an extra thrill for me to have two big cocks to play with. By the way Jack suggested increasing our sessions to three times a week but I am afraid that would be too much. I don’t want to overwhelm him with sexual experiences too fast.”

“I agree. He’s already getting more sex than any other kid his age. Considering that you have in the first two meetings brought him to mind numbing, semen spurting orgasms seven times, that seems like more than enough. Handjobs, blowjobs, and full-on coitus, you have already covered most of the bases.”

“True. I know he really enjoyed fucking me and considering it was his first time, he did extremely well. He has been really bugging me about a repeat performance so I will probably fuck him again tonight. The first time, as you no doubt observed when you walked in on us, I was controlling the action with him on his back and me on top doing all the action. But tonight I will let him be on top and see how he does.”

“Sounds good. Do you have time to give me a blowjob before you start your session with my boy?”

“Not tonight. I only have a couple of minutes before our scheduled start but if you can hold off until after the session I will be happy to suck you off later.”

“OK, I can do that,” he replied.

With that, I went upstairs to the room that the father had outfitted to duplicate one of my firm’s examination rooms, except he had an oversize exam table custom built that was easily large enough to accommodate two people. Jack was waiting for me sitting on the table. He was nude and already had a throbbing hard-on. He was primed and ready to go.

“Hi Miss Kelly,” he said enthusiastically. “I have really been looking forward to tonight. I am very proud of myself. I haven’t jacked off since the last time you were here. I have been edging quite a bit (I had given him a lesson on edging) so I have a huge amount of cum stored up for you.”

“That’s wonderful,” I replied. “You know how much I love seeing your penis spurt out a big load of semen. So let’s get started. Tonight I want you to get one your hands and knees on the table with your butt facing towards me.”

He assumed the position as I had directed. I got directly behind him and reached between his legs and got a firm grip on his penis. I laid a towel on the table. I pulled his penis back towards me. It was so hard that I had difficulty pulling it back but got it aimed at the towel. I started to masturbate him while also licking his balls. As I pumped his cock I asked him if it felt good and of course he exclaimed that it did. I continued to lick and suck on his balls but then worked my way up to his anus where I gave him a rimming I am sure he will never forget. I licked, sucked and tongued his asshole while I fisted his cock making sure that my hand stroked down over the coronal ridge of his massive cockhead giving him the best sensation possible. It wasn’t long before he began to twitch and jerk his ass around, likely due to the pleasurable sensations that had to be shooting through his prick and asshole.

As I knew it would, it didn’t take long before streams of semen shot out of his cock onto the towel. Maybe it was my imagination but I swear I could feel the cum shooting up through the shaft of his penis where I had a tight grip on it. I continued to tongue his butthole the whole time that the cum spurted from his engorged cock.

“Omigod Miss Kelly,” he blurted out, “that was amazing. What an incredible feeling. I’ve masturbated hundreds, maybe thousands of times, and none of my orgasms ever came close to matching that. You are wonderful.”

I had Jack turn over and lay down after I snatched the cum soaked towel off the table and threw it in a waste can. I often wondered what the maid thought of all the cum saturated towels that we left behind after each one of our sessions.

After Jack laid back, somewhat exhausted, I took hold of his still half hard penis and lightly sucked that big knob end. I loved the feel of his silky cockhead in my mouth. As my sucking got a bit more active I could feel his penis stiffening in my mouth. I decided to see how quickly I could bring him to orgasm again. I usually gave him some rest time between orgasms but I knew teen boys had amazing recuperative powers. I remember one very young patient that I had where I had sucked him to three consecutive orgasms without ever taking his penis out of my mouth. So I was pretty sure I could get Jack to spurt a second load of cum, this time down my throat. And I wasn’t disappointed. It took a bit longer than I had expected but when it came, it was an extremely large load considering I had just jacked him off. There was so much cum that I had a bit of trouble swallowing it fast enough to keep it from spurting out of my mouth. I had a firm grip on his nuts the whole time I sucked him, just releasing them when his orgasm started to avoid doing anything that would pinch off the streams of semen that flowed out of his prick.

“I can’t believe it Miss Kelly, but it seems like each orgasm is better than the last one. I’m not complaining but why did you bring me off two times right in a row without a rest period?”

“Because after you recover, you’re going to fuck me and I wanted to have as much available time as possible for that. We are going to try as many different positions as possible. Either until we run out of time or you shoot your cum into my pussy. If you noticed I had your dad move a standard sized bed into this room. I think a bed is a much better place for what I have planned than this exam table.”

“That really sounds wonderful Miss Kelly. I really loved fucking you the last time although it would be more accurate to say you fucked me. But feeling my penis inside your vagina was unbelievable.”

“OK, I want you to just lay there and relax for 15 minutes. Then I am going to give that wonderful penis of yours a workout you will never forget.”

“OK, no problem. Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“I don’t know quite how to say this but one of the things I’ve seen on the internet is where guys put their penis in a girl’s ass. Will we be doing that?”

“I kind of doubt it. You have an extremely thick penis, especially the head. I am afraid it would hurt too much. I’ve actually never done anal sex just for that reason. If you had a little boy dick I might be tempted to try it but your big cock scares me. I hope you don’t mind. We have plenty of other things we can do to make up for it.”

“I understand and that’s ok. I just thought I would ask.”

After his 15-minute rest period we moved over to the bed. He had lost most of his hard-on so I jacked and sucked his cock for a few minutes until he resumed his full erection state.

“Here’s what I want you to do. We are going to take this slow and steady and try a number of different positions. We will start with what’s called the missionary position. Me on my back and you between my legs. But first I want you to rub the tip of your cock up and down my slit.” I laid back on the bed and spread my legs. I could feel my lips part slightly. “Do you see that little button that’s at the top of my vagina? That’s my clitoris. Some people call it the love button. That’s where almost all my sensitivity is. The actual inside of the vagina does not have that many nerve endings so most women cannot reach orgasm from just having a cock thrust back and forth in their vagina. However I am much more orgasmic than most women so I usually have no trouble cumming even without direct stimulation to my clit. But I want you to rub the head of your cock on my vaginal lips and also my clit.”

Jack proceeded to do as instructed. It felt heavenly to me. I felt myself starting to get wet which is why I wanted him to rub my pussy with his cock. I reached down and massaged my clit and almost immediately had an orgasm. I wasn’t kidding when I had told him how orgasmic I am. I can literally cum after just a few seconds of stimulation on my clit. If I keep rubbing it I can cum over and over and finally it gets to be too much and I have to stop.

After feeling myself getting wetter and wetter, I reached down and took hold of Jack’s cock. “Let me guide you in, Jack,” I whispered. I nosed the head of his prick around my opening letting it push aside the outer lips of my pussy. When I had his large knob comfortably resting between my now sopping wet pussy lips, I told him to shove it in, but not too hard. Which he attempted to do. But as before, when we initially fucked, the head was so large that it didn’t want to easily slide into my pussy. I told him to keep pushing but not too hard. Finally after several thrusts, I felt the cockhead push past whatever was holding it back and slide right onto my vaginal canal. When he was about three quarters of the way in, he bumped up against my cervix. Unfortunately that was as far as it was going to go. Despite the widespread belief that the penis can penetrate the cervix, that’s a myth. I told him to start fucking me but to be careful about hitting bottom too hard. I told him every time he hit bottom it hurt a little but if he hit it too hard, it would hurt a lot and that would lessen my pleasure substantially. A little pain actually felt good for some reason.

We fucked in that position for maybe fifteen minutes but I was afraid he might cum. So then I turned over and had him enter my pussy from behind. By now I was well lubricated and his cock slid right in. He said the feeling of my pussy on his cock actually felt better in the doggy-style position but he missed seeing my face. He said we couldn’t do it doggy-style for very long or he was definitely going to spurt his semen. He said that position somehow put additional pressure on his cock that made him want to cum. I had heard this many times before from other men so I knew he was right.

I took him through about four or five other popular positions. I guess there are a great many different ways to fuck but I felt it was best to just stick with the more common ones. After we had tried a number of different ones, I knew he was definitely ready to cum. We had been fucking for about 45 minutes with frequent stops to allow his cum urge to abate. I asked him if he had a favorite position he would like to use to finish off. He said that he would like to do it doggy-style because that really felt the best on his cock of any position we had tried. He also said that he would really like to be facing me when he came but we would probably have many other opportunities to do that.

So I rolled over on my stomach. I actually put a pillow under my belly that arched my ass up in the air and gave him better access to my pussy. He slid his cock into me with no problem and started really pounding the hell out of my pussy. I know he was trying to avoid slamming my cervix and most of the time he was successful but a few of his thrusts really hurt when he went too deep. I didn’t say anything because I knew he couldn’t last long and there were really only about a total of ten or twelve thrusts before I felt a massive flood of semen spurting into my cunt. He was definitely ready. He kept pumping away as spurt after spurt of his creamy semen buried itself deep in my vagina. I was on birth control pills so I wasn’t worried about getting pregnant.

Finally he was fully spent and collapsed onto my back. He was breathing heavily and was groaning and moaning in ecstasy.

“Oh Miss Kelly,” he gasped. “That was the best orgasm I’ve had of all of them. It was wonderful.”

“It was glorious,” I breathed, “I think I came at least five or six times. If felt so good I lost count.”

After about ten minutes of just lying together, he rolled off of me as his cock slipped out of my pussy. I turned just in time to see it slap back on his belly still somewhat engorged. I rolled over next to him and took his penis in my mouth and sucked all our combined juices off of it. Even after lapping it completely clean I continued to lightly and playfully suck the large knob on the end. I couldn’t get enough of his really large cockhead. Finally we were out of time and had to get up and take a quick shower together. We played with each other’s genitals in the shower. He wanted to go again but I was adamant that we had to closely maintain our time schedule. I know he was disappointed but there had to be some limits.

After we dressed he retired to his room and I met with his dad. I had promised the dad a blowjob and I planned to make good on that promise. Also he had said he would pay me after each three sessions so I had some money coming.

I told Robert that the session had gone extremely well and per our plan, I had brought his son to orgasm three times. I said that his boy acquitted himself quit well when I let him fuck me and that Jack had said that was the best orgasm he’d ever had.

“Miss Kelly, here’s a check for your services plus I put a little bonus in there because I am so thrilled with the results you are achieving with my boy.” I peeked at the amount of the check and was shocked to see it was for $12,000. Our deal was for $1,000 an hour and I had been with his boy for six hours so the bonus was an extra $6,000. But I had also given him a few blowjobs as well so I guess I earned it.

I slipped the envelope in my purse and thanked him profusely.

“OK, Robert, get that cock out so I can suck you off like I promised.” He was wearing sweats and I could see he was already hard from the prominent bulge showing. He quickly stripped the sweats down and wasn’t wearing any underwear. He lay back on the couch and I proceeded to suck his cock until he exploded in my mouth.


I Work for a Doctor – IX

My full time job is as a female medical assistant to a leading urologist in a major city. I sought out a career in this field mainly due to my fascination with penises. One of my patients recently hired me on the side to tutor his 16-year old son. The son, Jack, was painfully shy, had never dated, and the father felt he was in need of some sex education. Preferably hands-on sex education, which is why he hired me. The father, Robert, is extremely wealthy and paid me a ridiculous amount of money for two 2-hour classes a week at his home.

After Jack had several sessions with Miss Kelly, he had an experience with one of the staff that worked for his father. The following is told by Jack:

My dad has an all female staff that works for him at our house. There is a maid, a housekeeper, a chef, chef’s assistant, and the driver. All are women and mostly young and very attractive. After mom died, dad wanted to at least have some nice eye candy in the house at all times. I am pretty sure he wasn’t banging any of them. But it did make things more pleasant around the house.

One day the maid, who is named Ellen, and who is 28 years old, and extremely attractive, approached me while I was in my room. She seemed a bit hesitant but I asked her what she needed.

“Jack, I am somewhat hesitant to mention this but I accidentally saw you in the nude the other day. I couldn’t help noticing that you have a very unusual penis.” She saw the shock and embarrassment on my face. “No, no,” she said, “it’s nothing to be concerned about. I was quite impressed with the size and that large glans is very appealing.”

I was somewhat relieved when she said this because I’ve long been ashamed of my freaky looking dick. I’ve been very shy about letting anybody see it.

“I’m taking classes at night school,” she said. “I am majoring in anatomy and frankly I find your penis very interesting. Because it is so unusual I have a very unorthodox proposal. Each student has to submit a paper or dissertation each semester focusing on a particular part of the anatomy and I would like to do a paper featuring your penis.”

“Isn’t your instructor going to think that’s kind of weird?” I stammered.

“It’s a legitimate subject. We’ve already covered male genitals in class but they didn’t go into much detail. I don’t care if he likes it or not. I want to do it.”

“What do I have to do?” The idea both intrigued and scared me.

“Well, I guess I need to closely examine your genitals and I’d also want to take some photos. Most of the submitted papers include photos and because of the unusual size of your glans…the technical term for your cock head…the paper wouldn’t mean much without photos. When I accidentally saw you nude, it looked like you had a bunched up foreskin right behind the glans. I would need to see that and discuss it with you.”

“When would we do this?” I said in a choked voice.

“I just went off the clock a few minutes ago and I’m off all afternoon so we could do it now,” she replied.

“Ok, what do I do?” I didn’t really think I was ready for this.

“You can take off your pants and underwear to start. And maybe lock the door to your room so we are not interrupted.”

I was very hesitant to show my cock to this woman. Up to now the only female to ever see it was Miss Kelly and she is a medical professional. That’s a lot different than showing it to the maid. I was also really worried that my cock was somewhat freakish with the huge head but Ellen didn’t seem to think so. Despite my fears, I took off my pants and underwear and stood before her with it all hanging out. My cock is quite large. Even soft. It’s about 6-1/2 inches long and very thick. Along with an unusually large head. When it gets hard it’s about 8-1/2-inches.

“Are you a shower or a grower?” Ellen asked me.

“I don’t know what that means,” I replied.

“A ‘shower’ is a large cock that doesn’t get much bigger when it becomes erect. A ‘grower’ is a penis that gets bigger when hard.”

“I guess I am a ‘shower’ and a ‘grower’ considering my cock starts off pretty big and just gets even bigger when I have an erection.”

“Ok,” Ellen said. “I have a few questions. With a glans that large do you have any trouble pulling your foreskin up over it?”

“Not when it’s soft. I am partially circumcised so even when I pull the foreskin forward, it doesn’t cover the entire head. The tip still is exposed.”

“Interesting. Can you demonstrate that for me?” she asked.

I rolled the foreskin forward and showed her how it only covered most of the head. Then she asked me to retract my foreskin. And I did. When the foreskin pulled back off the head, the head kind of popped into view. She found this very intriguing and asked me to do it again. And again. So basically I was masturbating my cock for her and the inevitable happened. I got an erection. I apologized. I was mortified.

“Don’t worry Jack. In order for me to gain the necessary information to write my paper I would need to see it in the erect state in any event so don’t concern yourself about it. Please continue to roll your foreskin forward and back. I want to see how difficult that becomes now that your penis is fully erect. And I must say that is an extremely impressive erection. I’ve never seen a cock that large before. Keep it hard for me while I get some photos of it to use with my dissertation.”

I continued to masturbate my prick for her. It felt really good now that it was fully hard. She got her camera phone out and took several close-up photos of my erect cock.

“It appears to be more difficult to get the foreskin to roll up over the enlarged head,” she commented.

“Before Dad had me see a doctor about it, it was almost impossible to get the foreskin all the way forward when my dick got hard. But the doctor did some minor surgery on my foreskin that loosened things up a bit, but it’s still kinda tight.”

“Do you mind if I check it myself,” she asked.

I told her to go ahead and she took over masturbating me. Each time she pulled the foreskin back and my large cock head popped into view she let out a little giggle. “Jack, I really love the way the head of your cock jumps into view. It makes my pussy tingle.”

Did I hear her right. Did she say my dick makes her pussy tingle? I was already overly excited from having my dick stroked but when she said that, I couldn’t hold back and semen spurted from my cock. I expected her to release my cock like it was a hot potato but just the opposite happened. She increased her grip on my cock and pumped it even faster. More and more cum shot out splattering all over the carpet on the floor. I was in total ecstasy and didn’t even worry about the mess I was making. Finally the streams of semen abated but she continued to milk my dick forcing a few more drops out. She leaned forward and licked off the last dollop of cum that she squeezed out.

“Well, Jack,” she said, with wonder in her voice. “That was quite a display of manhood. I really wasn’t expecting you to have an orgasm. I had forgotten how easy it is to make a teen boy ejaculate. I bet that felt really good, didn’t it?”

“The best feeling in the world, Ellen. I’m sorry for shooting so quickly. I kind wish it had lasted longer. It felt wonderful when you were stroking me.” Which she was continuing to do.

“If I keep stroking your cock, can you ejaculate a second time?”

“No problem,” I replied. “I’ve jacked off three or four times in a row.”

“Since you didn’t think that first handjob lasted long enough, maybe I can make this second one last a lot longer.”

With that she started pumping my cock again but this time she fondled my nutsack which really felt super good. Every so often she would stop jacking me off and she would force the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked me. Omigod, that felt amazing. Miss Kelly had sucked my cock and she was really good. But so was Ellen. Maybe not as good as Miss Kelly but Ellen had a slightly different technique that really felt fantastic.

She continued to alternate between jacking me off and sucking the head of my dick, occasionally stopping or slowing down to make it last. It was the most incredible feeling a boy could experience. Her hands were so soft and my dick was so hard.

She somehow sensed when I was about to cum again and took me into her mouth and sucked the head while she jacked the shaft and massaged my nuts. My whole body tensed. I grabbed her head in both hands and forced my cock in and out of her mouth. Actually it was just the head of my cock because that was all that would fit. And the inevitable happened. I forcefully ejaculated an amazing number of shots of semen down her throat. I thought the first orgasm was fantastic but this one was even better. Somehow she managed to swallow all of my cum. I finally let my cock slip out of her mouth. She took it in her hand and gently continued to massage the head.

“Jack, I hope that was a satisfying orgasm for you. It’s never happened to me before but I actually came while I was sucking you off. It always takes some actual contact to my clit to make me cum but not this time.

“So do you think you have enough info to write your paper?” I asked.

“Oh, no,” she replied. “It will take several more sessions like this one to get all I need.”

“Are you going to write about jacking me off and sucking my cock?” I asked worriedly.

“Oh no,” she replied quickly. “That has to be our secret. I could get in a lot of trouble if anybody knew I was having any kind of sexual contact with a boy your age.”

I didn’t tell Miss Kelly about my interlude with Ellen. I didn’t think she would approve of me having sexual contact with any of the staff. Little did I know about the future plans she had for me, as well as for my dad, with respect to interaction with the staff. But I would soon find out.


I Work for a Doctor X

My full time job is as a female medical assistant to a leading urologist in a major city. I sought out a career in this field mainly due to my fascination with penises. One of my patients recently hired me on the side to tutor his 16-year old son. The son, Jack, was painfully shy, had never dated, and the father felt he was in need of some sex education. Preferably hands-on sex education, which is why he hired me. The father is extremely wealthy and paid me a ridiculous amount of money for two 2-hour classes a week at his home.

By the time we’d had three classes I felt I needed a conference with the father before the fourth class. I called and asked for an appointment and he told me to come by his house after I got off work. So I did. I explained to the dad (Robert) that despite his son’s new found self confidence I felt that he was still somehow ashamed of his penis and didn’t like for anyone to see it. He was ok with exposing it to me because of all the pleasurable things that I did to it. The father was surprised at this because one of the maids had complained that Jack had exposed himself to her last week. I talked to Jack about this and it was totally by accident. He was actually mortified that the girl had seen his penis.

Jack has a huge head to his penis and he thinks it makes him a freak. As many times as I have assured him how beautiful his cock is and how desirable it is to a woman, I think he assumes I am just saying that because I am paid to praise him.

“So what do you think we should do about it?” Robert asked.

“What I have come up with is very unorthodox but I can’t think of anything better. I know you will think this is crazy but I would like to have Jack keep his pants unzipped any time he is around the house and to have his cock and balls hanging out for all to see. You have an all-female staff here don’t you? And Jack tells me they are all young and attractive.”

“Yes, that’s true. After my wife died I thought having a house full of good-looking young women would make life more bearable. And it has.”

“Exactly how many are there and how old are they?” I asked.

“There is a maid, a housekeeper, a chef, an assistant chef, and a driver. All female. The housekeeper is the youngest at 22 and the chef is the oldest at 31.”

“Perfect. Now here is the tough one. I know Jack would be way too self-conscious going around all day with his genitals exposed unless you also participated.”

“What!!” he exclaimed. “Do you mean you want me to have my cock and balls hanging out for the staff to see?”

“Absolutely,” I replied. “I am sure that’s the only way Jack will do it. It will likely only be for a couple of weeks until Jack is comfortable with exposing himself to the women.”

“Well, I must say that it’s an intriguing idea. I guess it’s worth a try. I will explain to the staff that this has been suggested by Jack’s therapist and if anybody has a problem with it, to come see me.”

By the time my next scheduled session with Jack occurred, Robert had talked to the staff and everybody was on board. The next session was three days after the new program started so I asked Jack how things had gone. I will let Jack tell his story in his own words.

The first day or two was really difficult for me. I am very sensitive about the way my cock looks so having it hanging out where everybody could see it was really tough. It helped that dad also walked around the house with his junk out. Most of the women didn’t pay that much attention. Oh, they looked but didn’t make a big thing about staring at it. Except Marie, the housekeeper. She seemed somewhat fascinated by my cock.

On the third day, I was in the living room on the sofa reading a book when Marie came in to do some dusting. I noticed she kept taking peeks out of the corner of her eye at my exposed cock and balls.

“Jack,” she said, “can I ask you a question.” I dreaded what that question might be but told her to go ahead.

“Isn’t it kind of embarrassing to have your penis on display all the time?

“It was at first but once I had it out for a day or two, it seemed to just be kind of normal. Plus dad having his cock hanging out also made it easier.”

“Yesterday,” she said hesitantly, “it looked like you had a partial erection. What was that all about.”

“I’m a teen. Teens get hard all the time for no reason. And it wasn’t fully hard when you saw it. I saw you looking.”

“It looks like it’s getting hard now, “ she said wonderingly.

“What do you expect? You’re standing there staring at it and we are both talking about my cock. Of course it’s going to get hard.”

By now my penis had reached full tumescence and if I do say so myself it’s quite a sight. Fully hard I am just a smidgen over 9-inches long and very, very thick. And of course the bulging knob at the end is really something to behold although I have always wished it was a normal size. At this point my cock was bright red and the head was super shiny. Surprisingly I could see true wonder and awe in Marie’s eyes. She really liked my cock.

“Omigod Jack, that’s the biggest cockhead I have ever seen. It’s beautiful. I have an overwhelming desire to touch it. Can I?”

“Of course you can,” I replied.

With one hand she grasped the shaft of my cock and she ran the tips of her fingers of the other hand all over the engorged and now throbbing head.

“Oh, Jack, it’s so incredibly hard and yet soft at the same time. It’s like a bar of steel. My boyfriend’s cock is never this hard. Can I jack you off? I want to see you cum. When my boyfriend cums it just kind of pours out but I’ve seen videos on the internet where some guys shoot streams of cum. Can you shoot?”

“Honey, I can shoot really hard and if you want to see it, just keep jerking me off.” By now she was gripping my cock and pumping it as hard and fast as she could. As usual it didn’t take me long to cum and a really powerful stream of semen shot out of the end of my prick and hit me under the chin. She kept pumping and cum kept shooting until my shirt and face were covered in the stuff.

“That was amazing, Jack,” she said in wonder, “I am impressed. You’re a real man for sure and that’s the most wonderful cock I’ve ever seen. I’ll never be satisfied again with my boyfriend’s.”

She continued to jack me off until every last drop of semen was coaxed out of my prick.

“We sure made a mess,” she stammered. “How can I clean you up?”

“Don’t worry about it. I will just go up to my room and change my shirt.”

“OK, but at least let me clean all the cum off of your face and your cockhead.” She pulled a handful of Kleenex out of a box on a table next to the sofa and mopped up the cum collected on my face and cock and her hands. I just lay back totally satiated as she tenderly and lovingly cleaned my penis and my face.

“So you are not repulsed by seeing the freakishly large head on my cock?” I asked.

“Are you crazy? Repulsed? What would make you think that? Every guy in the world would kill to have a cock like yours. And every girl who sees it will fantasize about what it would feel like to have that monster up inside her vagina. With that enlarged head and that thick ridge around it the friction on the walls of a woman’s vagina would be way more pleasurable than just having an ordinary dick sliding in there.”

“You really mean that? Are you fantasizing about what it would feel like inside you?”

“Of course I am. My pussy is sopping wet right now just thinking about it.”

“Are you on the pill?” I asked her.

“Of course,” she replied.

“Let’s go up to my room where we can have some privacy and you can get to feel exactly what it’s like to have me inside of you.”


Fortunately no one saw us go to my room. They would have been really shocked to see my black pullover soaked in semen accompanied by my still rock hard prick pointing at the ceiling. There would be no doubt what we had been doing. Marie was an extremely cute girl with a nice body so I was really looking forward to getting her stripped down and sticking my cock as far inside her as possible. She was a much bigger girl (not fat, just big) than Miss Kelly so I knew I would be able to go deeper into her vagina that I could with Miss Kelly.

When we got to my room I locked the door and Marie started to undress. I was trying to figure out how to get my pullover up over my head without smearing cum all over my face. I finally got it off without too much trouble. I continued to disrobe until I was as naked as Marie. Her body was even better than I thought. Really nice tits, a narrow waist and flaring hips with perfectly formed legs. She didn’t have an ounce of fat on her. Her pussy was shaved with a small triangle of pubic hair just above it.

She lay back on the bed. I had never gone down on a woman before but knew about it. I started to put my face between her legs but she pulled me up.

“Please put your cock in me Jack. You can eat me out later but I don’t want to wait another second to find out what that magnificent piece of meat feels like stuffed up my cunt.”

I nosed the head of my prick around her sopping wet opening. It was bigger than Miss Kelly’s and as a result, once I pushed forward my huge cockhead slid right in. Even though it went in more easily than with Miss Kelly, she felt very tight on my meat. I started thrusting in and out and even with her larger frame, I still bumped against her cervix on every thrust. But I was getting a lot more of my cock inside her compared to Miss Kelly. It felt so good fucking her that I hoped I didn’t cum too soon. But because I just had a copious cumshot, I figured I might last a while.

I did last longer but not long enough. I began to feel the cum boiling in my balls and knew it would happen soon. All during the time my dick was thrusting in and out of Marie’s cunt, she was crying and moaning and begging me to “fuck me, fuck me harder…jam that huge cock up my cunt and make me cum. Harder Jack, harder. Shove that wonderful prick all the way in…make me scream with pleasure.”

Of course I didn’t want her to scream and told her that was a bad idea. I don’t know if she heard me or not as she was pretty far gone feeling the immense pleasure my big cock was giving her. But luckily when we did both seem to achieve a mutual orgasm, she didn’t scream. Just a few grunts of satisfaction as my semen spurted deep into her pussy. We lay together totally satiated for about ten minutes. Finally I pulled out of her and rolled over on my back.

“Oh Jack,” she breathed. “That was a lot of cum. I can feel it seeping out of my pussy. There will be a huge cum stain on your sheets. But since it’s my job in the house to change and wash your sheets, nobody will know but us.” She laughed at this and so did I.

We both went into the shower and cleaned up. I asked if anybody was going to be wondering where she was. She told me that her shift was over when she came into the living room to do some dusting. The only reason she came in was to catch another look at my cock. She never dreamed in a million years that she would get to jack me off and then get fucked by my super wonderful prick. She made my day.

After a week of walking around with an exposed cock, Miss Kelly came to the conclusion that Jack had finally become totally comfortable exposing himself to all the women in the house. Of course she knew that a lot of the credit went to Marie who continued to worship and fuck Jack’s big penis every chance she got.


I Work for a Doctor – XI

My full time job is as a female medical assistant to a leading urologist in a major city. I sought out a career in this field mainly due to my fascination with penises. One of my patients recently hired me on the side to tutor his 16-year old son. The son, Jack, was painfully shy, had never dated, and the father felt he was in need of some sex education. Preferably hands-on sex education, which is why he hired me. The father, Robert, is extremely wealthy and paid me a ridiculous amount of money for two 2-hour classes a week at his home.

But after several classes I realized that despite the fact that I nearly worshipped his beautiful cock, Jack was still concerned that his penis was freakish because of an unusually large glans, or cock head. My solution to this, which I proposed to his father Robert, was for Jack to keep his pants unzipped and his cock and balls on display any time he was in the house. Robert had an all female staff and I felt that Jack exposing his penis in front of these women would give him more self-confidence in his cock and solve his problem. However, I also felt that it was important for Robert to also expose his cock and balls as well so that Jack wouldn’t feel like he was being singled out. Robert had some concerns about this plan but went along with it. He ran the idea past the staff and they were all on board it.

The plan for Jack worked out even better than I expected but mainly due to the fact that the 22-year old housekeeper, Marie, became obsessed with Jack’s penis. This convinced Jack that there was nothing wrong with his dick.

At my next meeting with Robert, I asked him how the experiment had gone with respect to him letting his cock and balls be on display for the past two weeks to the five women who worked for him.

“Well, Miss Kelly, I don’t mind telling you that the first day was extremely embarrassing. Even though I had met with the staff ahead of time and got everyone’s approval to go ahead with your plan, it was still difficult to walk around the house with my cock and balls hanging out. As you know, I have an exceptionally large penis, even flaccid. It’s almost six inches soft and quite thick. With balls to match so there was a lot on display.“

“Did any of the women comment on it,” Miss Kelly asked.

“Yes, as a matter of fact. Every one of them eventually had something to say.”

“Like what?”

“Well, the first one was the maid. She’s 28, and as you know, very attractive. She asked me if it was difficult for me to have my penis and testicles on display all the time? I told her it was. Then she complimented me on what a great looking dick I had. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately depending on your point of view, her comments and her stare caused me to get an erection. As my cock rose, her eyes got big and she involuntarily reached out and touched it. She immediately drew her hand back like she had touched a hot poker. She apologized and said she didn’t know what came over her but when she saw my engorged member she just couldn’t help herself.”

“That must have been very awkward, Robert,” Miss Kelly said.

“You would think so but actually it wasn’t that bad. I told her it was ok to touch it if she wanted. I knew that was the totally wrong thing to do but the old saying that a stiff prick has no conscience is definitely true.”

“So did she touch it?”

“Did she ever. She actually grabbed hold of it and started masturbating me. She said she wanted to see me spurt. And I wasn’t about to argue. We were standing in a hallway with a marble floor so I figured if she wanted to see the cum fly, the marble floor would be an easy cleanup. She said she had never seen a cock like mine before and she really wanted to make me cum. I’ve always maintained a strict policy not to have any type of romantic or sexual contact with my employees but I just couldn’t help myself. Plus she gave a great handjob.”

“Did you cum?”

“Wow, I came buckets. I was shocked at how much semen spurted out of my dick. And so was she. I’m sure she had never experienced anything like that before. My prick just kept spurting and spurting. The jizz was flying everywhere. Fortunately she was experienced enough to know to keep on jacking. I’ve had women who immediately stop as soon as the cum starts squirting which of course ruins the orgasm. But she kept milking and milking my cock squeezing out every last dollop of jism. When it was apparent no more was to be had she dropped to her knees and took my wilting prick in her mouth and sucked the head like there was no tomorrow. I finally had to make her stop because the sensation was just too intense.”

Robert’s cock and balls were still on display but I guess relating this story caused the blood to flow and his cock was standing proud and throbbing with excitement. I asked him when this handjob by the maid occurred and he said it was yesterday. So I assumed he had another load that needed to be released by now. We were sitting on the sofa in one of the many rooms in his house. I figured we had some privacy so I bent over and sucked him off. I sucked his cock until it exploded with more semen shooting down my throat.

After he finished cumming and I had swallowed every drop, we resumed our conversation. I asked him if he had had any more sexual contact with the staff due to them observing his penis.

“Yeah, I did. And it was really kind of strange. Jack and I were at the dinner table and the chef’s assistant Elise was serving our meals. Naturally both Jack’s and my cock were on display. When the server put my dish in front of me, she reached down with her other hand and gave my dick a nice little caress. She whispered, “You and your son both have really nice cocks.” I thanked her for her comment. Jack didn’t see what she had done. When she served him his dish I watched carefully to see if she stroked his cock but she didn’t. Then each time she made a new serving to me or took a dish away, if Jack was not looking, she gave my cock a nice little stroke. By about the third time she did this, the damn thing was as hard as a rock. The tablecloth kept it from Jack’s view even though the tip of my penis peeked up over the edge of the table when it was fully hard. But Jack never noticed. He didn’t want any dessert and left to go to his room to study. When the server brought my dessert she spent several minutes massaging the head of my prick. She said she hoped I didn’t mind. Then she progressed to a full-on masturbation of my cock. When I murmured that I was going to cum, she bent over, pointed my cock at her mouth and took every spurt of cum right down her throat. She swallowed most of it although a few droplets did get on my pants. She licked the cum off my pants and sucked the head for a minute or two to make sure no cum went to waste.

I told her that was a really great handjob she gave me and I loved the way she finished me off. She thanked me profusely for allowing her access to my penis and said she was available at any time for a handjob or a blowjob.

“So Robert, you said all of the women commented,” I reminded him. “That’s only two of the five women who work for you. What else was said?”

“I noticed the chef Alice giving the eye to my cock. She was quite obvious about it. I know I shouldn’t have said anything, but I asked her if she liked what she saw. She said yes she did, that she liked it very much. She commented that she was trying to determine which of us had the bigger cock, Jack or me? I confessed that Jack’s was maybe a half-inch longer than mine when fully erect. I had been able to make that determination when you put our two dicks together for the cock-to-cock jackoff that you performed on us. She commented that his cock head was substantially larger than mine although she thought mine was extremely appealing and then she asked me if the two of us had compared our hard pricks side by side. I told her that I was just estimating Jack’s extra half-inch. So then she said “So you have seen Jack’s cock fully hard?” And I had to admit I had although I didn’t go into details. And of course all this discussion about hard cocks had the usual effect on me and my damn dick sprang to full attention. When Alice saw my throbbing prick dancing around she got a sly smile on her face. She wanted to know what I was going to do about it. I jokingly replied that I guessed I would have to jack off. She then said that sounds like it would be great fun to watch so why don’t you go ahead and do it? I used to have a girl friend who loved to watch me jack off and shoot my load and it was great fun for me. So I figured what the hell, and started pumping my big meat right in front of her. I was unusually horny that afternoon so before long I was spurting long streams of cum across the tile floor in the kitchen. I could tell by the expression on Alice’s face that she was really enjoying the show I was putting on for her.

“Mr. Robert,” she cried. “What a display of manliness. Your huge prick shooting an impressive amount of jism all over my kitchen floor. I loved it. Any time you feel like jerking off, I would love to watch. It’s very exciting.”

“I’ll take you up on that Alice. I guess I am just a born exhibitionist because I really enjoyed putting on my little show for you. Sorry about the mess I made in your kitchen.”

“Don’t worry about it. I don’t mind mopping up all that cum. All the time I am cleaning it up I will be mentally reliving and visualizing the moment that all that semen spurted out. It must have shot out close to four feet. Mr. Robert, you still have some cum on the tip of your penis. Here, let me wipe that off for you,” she said, as she grabbed a towel and took hold of my cock and very tenderly wiped me clean.

“OK,” I said. That’s three of the women. How about the other two?”

“That’s the strange part of my story. I walked out into the garage to speak with Heather my driver and Ellen the maid was also there talking to her. Ellen was asking Heather if she could give her a ride home after work. For some reason, being in the semi-dark garage with two women with my cock and balls on full display was even more embarrassing than usual for some reason. It was just a more intimate situation. Here’s what happened.”

“Hi Mr. Robert,” Heather said. Ellen also said “hi.” “What can we do for you?”

“I wanted to know if you could drive me to my attorney’s office in a few minutes”

“Of course.”

“Mr. Robert,” Ellen blurted out. “I have to ask you a question.”

“OK, go ahead,” I replied.

“Isn’t it really embarrassing walking around in front of your staff with your big penis and ballsack hanging out of your pants?”

“Actually it is, but I am getting used to it although for some reason, out here in the garage with the two of you, it’s a little intimidating.”

“Aren’t you worried about getting an erection in front of us,” Ellen wanted to know.

“Ellen,” Heather exclaimed, “you shouldn’t be asking Mr. Robert questions like that. It’s none of your business.”

“Well, it can’t be too intimidating,” Ellen retorted. “Your dick is getting hard right now. Heather, look how damn huge that thing is growing!”

I was definitely embarrassed but my cock was surely getting hard. “Girls, it just a natural reaction due to the fact that we were all three talking about my penis and you were both looking at it.”

“Well, who wouldn’t look?” Ellen replied. “I’ve seen my share of cocks but nothing to match yours and now that the damn thing is pointing to the ceiling, it’s even more difficult to take my eyes off of it. Don’t you agree Heather?”

“Now that you mention it, Mr. Robert certainly does have a most impressive member,” Heather agreed.

“So do you girls have any ideas about what to do about it, “ I asked, really getting into the swing of things.

“I don’t know if Heather will agree with me but I think the two of us should take turns sucking you off.”

“Ellen!” Heather almost screamed at her. “Shut your mouth!”

“If you don’t want to suck him, I’ll do it myself,” Ellen replied. “I want that great looking penis down my throat.”

“Heather,” I said, “if you don’t want to participate, that’s ok. But I would be honored if you both wanted to suck my cock.”

“Well, as long as it’s ok with you, I guess I can go along. I don’t want to be a party pooper,” said Heather.

“Me first, me first,” exclaimed Ellen as she bent over and took my raging hard dick in her mouth and commenced sucking.

I am sure that we must have made quite a scene standing in the middle of my six-car garage with the two girls taking turns bending over and sucking me off. At one point one was sucking my cock while the other was sucking my balls. When I got close to cumming I told them both that I wanted to finish myself off by spraying my semen over their two beautiful faces. I pulled my cock out of Ellen’s mouth and Heather released my nutsack. I started pumping my throbbing cock while both girls were on their knees in front of me looking expectantly up at me with two angelic faces. I didn’t make them wait long before the semen spewed out of my cock. I waved my dick back and forth attempting to give both girls an equal amount of my hot jism. When the first spurts hit their faces both girls opened their mouths and stuck out their tongues. I flooded both mouths with spurt after spurt of cum. They loved it and so did I.

“That’s quite a story Robert,” Miss Kelly said with a sly smile on her face. “Sounds like you got your balls well drained by the entire staff. I guess your vow not to get sexually involved with the staff went right out the window.”

“What can I say? Walking around with my cock and balls on display was bound to end up like this although I didn’t expect to have it happen so quickly with all five women. But now everybody seems to be on board and it looks like I will have more regular sex partners than I will know what to do with.”

“I hope you will save an occasional cum load for me.” Miss Kelly replied.


I Work for a Doctor XII

My full time job is as a female medical assistant to a leading urologist in a major city. I sought out a career in this field mainly due to my fascination with penises. One of my patients recently hired me on the side to tutor his 16-year old son. The son, Jack, was painfully shy, had never dated, and the father felt he was in need of some sex education. Preferably hands-on sex education, which is why he hired me. The father, Robert, is extremely wealthy and paid me a ridiculous amount of money for two 2-hour classes a week at his home.

I was connecting with Robert’s son Jack for our fifth meeting. I had a special procedure that I wanted to show him. It was more of a training session actually. I planned on teaching him the fine art of edging. I would give him a training lesson in proper edging and then in the future he could perform it himself. Jack was waiting for me in the examination room that his father had set up in their large home specifically as a place where I could hold my twice-weekly two-hour sessions with Jack.

For those readers not familiar with edging it’s the practice where the penis is stimulated by masturbation right to the point of orgasm, and then stopped before ejaculation. Tthe masturbation procedure is halted until the immediate urge to ejaculate passes. Once that occurs, masturbation of the penis is resumed until the urge returns and then it is stopped again. This procedure can be repeated over and over as many times as is possible without actually cumming.

The process has a two-fold purpose. One, the repeated lengthy masturbation of the penis feels wonderful to the person being masturbated. Two, once orgasm is finally permitted, the volume of semen that is ejaculated is much greater than usual and the force with which it is spurted out can result in some very impressive cumshots. And best of all, the orgasm itself will be unbelievably pleasurable. It can be several orders of magnitude greater than an ordinary orgasm.

The challenge, of course, is to avoid actually achieving orgasm for as long as possible, which can be very difficult. Sometimes just one extra stroke on the subject’s penis can result in ejaculation.

As I walked into the exam room, Jack was sitting on the examination table completely nude. And as usual he already had a very impressive erection. His large penis jutted straight up from between his legs with his very prominent glans on display. I found Jack’s penis to be unusually appealing. I have seen a great many cocks in my line of work but I can honestly say that looking at young Jack’s penis really got my juices flowing.

“Well, Jack, it looks like you have started the party without me,” I said.

“I hope it’s ok Miss Kelly. I know that our sessions always have me undressed so I thought I would save time and be ready for when you arrived,” Jack replied.

He was right of course. But I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed that he was already hard. I was hoping that at one of these sessions he would be totally flaccid and I could enjoy massaging his cock in the soft state and bringing his magnificent penis to a fully erect condition. Having done that to hundreds of cocks in my profession I got an extra thrill with the process of taking a soft cock to full hardness. Of course since Jack was only 16 years old, just his anticipation of what was to take place in one of our sessions would have his young cock rock hard in seconds all on its own. The chances of me ever even seeing it soft were slim. Even after jacking or sucking him to orgasm, his cock never seemed to totally deflate.

“Don’t worry about it Jack. I’m glad you fully prepared yourself for our meeting,” I lied. “Here’s what we are going to do today. I want to commit the entire first hour of our session to this exercise. I will have you lay back and I will start masturbating your erect penis. However, when you feel like you are about to cum, I will stop and let you rest. After a minute or so I will resume masturbating you and again, once you are close, we will stop. Now it’s very important that you don’t cum. We did something similar to this once before but not for as long as I want to do it this time.”

“You mean you are going to spend a whole hour jerking me off without me cumming?”

“That’s correct. I have a very good sense when a man is about to cum while I am masturbating him. But young boys like yourself can be very quick on the trigger so I will need your help in having me stop in time. The result of this procedure is at the end of the hour when I bring you to full orgasm, it will be the most intense and pleasurable orgasm you have ever experienced. You will also have the most impressive cumshot ever, both in volume and distance. A huge amount of cum will spurt from your penis and it will likely shoot halfway across the room.”

“Wow,” Jack exclaimed. “That sounds wonderful. I love it when you jack my cock. You really know how to make it feel so good. I can’t even imagine you doing me for a whole hour. I hope I can hold off for that long.”

“Ok, please lay back and let’s get started.”

As the boy lay back, I grasped his penis with just the tips of my fingers and gently massaged the huge knob end of his cock. I was literally obsessed with this boy’s dick. I stared at it, unable to take my eyes off of it. As I continued to massage the head, I was mesmerized by the tightness of the skin on the head of his engorged member. I have always been fascinated by how cockheads had an almost silky consistency to the skin on the glans and also how it had a deep purple color making the head of Jack’s cock stand out even more than it did due its sheer size. I leaned over and placed my nose directly above the head of his cock. I inhaled deeply and took in the slightly pissy odor that emanated from his penis. I loved that smell. As I rolled his foreskin back and forth his penis continued to give off that sexy fragrance that made my pussy tingle.

I was very tempted to take his cockhead in my mouth and see if it tasted as wonderful as it smelled. I remember the first time I took a freshly washed penis in my mouth and was both surprised and disappointed that it had no taste whatsoever. I have since learned that an unwashed cock has a slightly tangy taste to it that I have learned to love. I am sure Jack’s would have had had a great flavor but I was committed that this session be devoted to manual stimulation only. We would have a second hour where I could suck his cock to another orgasm or two. In fact I would make it a point after he reached orgasm as a result of the edging session to make sure that plenty of semen coated his cock so I could suck it clean.

In the meantime I had a full sixty minutes to devote to stroking and massaging his penis. I always looked forward to manipulating Jack’s cock. One reason was its hardness. I had handled a great many erect cocks in my day but I am certain that Jack achieved a level of hardness that no other prick I had ever stroked came even close to. It was so stiff that if I pulled down on it, it barely moved. It was my job to provide a level of stimulation over the next hour that would keep it in that state 100% of the time.

As I manipulated Jack’s foreskin back and forth along the length of his cock I marveled at how the knob head literally popped into view each time I pulled the foreskin back and exposed the head. It took every bit of will power I had to keep from planting a big wet kiss on his glans each time it popped into view.

I swirled my fingertips around under the coronal ridge, which was very prominent on Jack’s member. I knew that was the area of greatest sensitivity. I could tell it felt wonderful to him as his body squirmed and bucked beneath me. As I massaged that special area with one hand, my other hand gently jacked the shaft.

“Are you getting close to cumming?” I asked.

“Oh Miss Kelly, it feels so wonderful I don’t want you to stop, but if you don’t, I’m gong to cum,” he groaned.

I stopped all movement but continued to tightly hold onto the shaft of his cock. With my hand wrapped around the shaft that huge cockhead protruded out of my fist. It had even deepened in color from when we started. By the time we finished it would be bright red. I leaned over and inhaled the scent of his cock again.

“What are you doing, Miss Kelly?” he choked out. “Are you smelling my dick?”

“Yes, and it smells wonderful,” I replied as I pulled his foreskin fully back and got another whiff of his cock’s pissy fragrance. “Smells and tastes are an important part of sex as you will learn.”

“I think I already learned a bit. That time in our first meeting when you let me fuck you, I got a faint smell of your pussy and it really turned me on. I can’t wait to smell it again.”

“You will get your chance. Don’t worry. And what’s more, you will get to taste it as well and I am sure you will love it.”

By now I had drizzled some lubricant all over the head and shaft of his organ. Once it was fully lubricated, I proceeded to masturbate his cock using both hands. With one hand I wrapped my fingers around that huge knob head and massaged it while my other hand jacked the slippery shaft. I twisted and turned my hand wrapped around the head. I knew Jack wouldn’t be able to withstand my ministrations for long and within a few minutes he was bucking and squirming and crying out that he was about to cum. Again I stopped and just held his dick motionless.

Next I let his dick flop back on his stomach and focused my attention on the frenulum, that area on the underside of the penis just below the head. There was a raised seam of flesh there that was about ¾-inch long. I knew this little ridge of skin was a super sensitive area. I kneaded and fondled his nutsack with one hand while I ran the tips of two fingers up and down that ridge of skin. I only did this for a minute or two and then stopped to give him time to calm down. Then I resumed rubbing that area. His poor cock was throbbing and pulsating with pleasure. I knew I couldn’t keep this up too long or the semen would be spurting forth.

I had a dish of warm water next to the exam table and if the lube on his cock and my hands started to dry out I just dipped my fingers in the water and the original super slippery condition returned. Eventually I would squirt a bit more lubricant on his dick.

Next, I decided to slip a finger up his anus and fingerfuck his butthole. I had to be very careful with this maneuver because it could easily cause him to ejaculate all over the place. When he felt my lubricated finger searching for his entrance he spread his legs and raised his butt off the table to give me the best access possible. He loved having my finger up his ass.

The room had one of those big commercial wall clocks and I was keeping an eye on the time. By now 55 minutes had gone by since I had started masturbating and edging him. He kept crying out for a release. I was very impressed that we had managed to go this long without him spewing semen all over himself as well as me. I didn’t really care at that point. I just wanted to see him cum. I was really looking forward to seeing just how powerful and voluminous his ejaculation turned out to be. I knew it would be big.

“Are you ready to cum, Jack,” I asked, knowing what the answer would be. He had been ready to cum for the past 50 minutes.

“Omigod, Miss Kelly, please make me cum. I can’t wait to shoot this big load. I know it will be huge. Make me cum!”

With that I began pumping my finger in and out of his ass and jacking the shaft of his cock as hard and as fast as possible. My little hand was a blur flying up and down his prick. I also was gripping it about as tight as I could. As suspected, it didn’t take long before a fountain of jism erupted from his magnificent cock. It shot straight up in the air and splattered back all over his chest, stomach and cock…even on his thighs. And it liberally coated my hands and arms. Honestly I had never seen one cock spew out that much boy goo. The semen smell was overwhelming but I loved it. And the more I jacked and pumped his dick, the more semen that kept spurting out. It just kept cumming and cumming just like in those phony cumblast videos. But this was real cum, not the fake stuff used in the videos.

I knew Jack was experiencing the best orgasm of his life. His hips bounced up and down off of the table as he fucked my fist. He was actually screaming out to me telling me to make him cum and yelling the word “fuck” over and over. He must have cried out “I’m cumming” about ten times while the semen spurted from his cock.

As long as the semen kept squirting out I continued to furiously jack his erect prick. Finally it had dwindled down to just a few stray drops that I was able to milk out.

Jack was so out of breath he could barely talk. “Oh Miss Kelly, that was definitely worth an hour of torture. You have given me many great orgasms but that was unbelievable. The orgasm feeling just lasted forever like it was never going to stop. But sadly it did.”

“All good things must come to an end,” I replied. “Here, let me clean you up.” I leaned over and took his still rockhard penis in my mouth and sucked that huge cum covered knob end. After sucking the head clean I got as much of his cock down my throat as possible but then had to finish cleaning off the part I couldn’t get in my mouth by licking the cum off. There was so much cum on him as well as me that I had to get some towels I kept handy just for this purpose and wiped as much off as I could. Finally I gave up and told him to step into the shower that was adjacent to the exam room. I was able to wash off my hands and arms.

After he finished showering and toweling off I noticed that amazingly his dick was still about half hard. Oh, the joys of being a teen aged boy. I had him lay back down on the exam table and I proceeded to suck his cock. Despite the huge cumshot he just experienced I knew I could bring him off again. It only took about 15 minutes and another load of cum erupted, this time down my throat. I finished off the second hour by stripping my clothes off and climbing up on the table with him. I straddled him and positioned my dripping wet pussy directly over his massive piece of rock hard meat. I grabbed his dick and directed it right into my pussy. I spent the next 30 minutes very slowly and gently pumping my body up and down on his cock. My wet slippery pussy was juiced to the max. I probably orgasmed at least six or seven times and finally he also came and unloaded another load of boy juice into my eager pussy.

Jack didn’t see him, but I noticed his dad Robert standing in the doorway watching us as Jack’s big cock flopped out of my pussy, completely covered in my pussy juice with semen drooling out of that huge cockhead and running down my leg. Robert unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard penis and started jacking off. Amazingly it didn’t take long before he reached an orgasm and spurted his cum all over the floor. He didn’t make any attempt to clean up his cock, just stuffed it back in his pants, zipped up and slipped out the door. I wondered how I was going to get Jack out the door without him seeing his dad’s cum all over the floor. By now Jack was about half out of it from so many cum blasts that I figured I could maneuver him around the puddle of cum and out the door. Which I was able to do.

The good thing about Robert seeing us and jacking off is I could probably skip giving him the blowjob that he liked to have after I finished my session with his boy. I really didn’t mind sucking him off. He had a cock almost as nice as Jack’s and I loved sucking it.

Robert told me later that Jack was so loud when he came that he heard everything Jack said and knew he was having the orgasm of his life. Robert said that listening to Jack’s cries gave him a hard on and he had to come in and see what we were doing. I had locked the door but Robert had a key. And once he saw what we were doing and saw Jack’s big wet cock slip out of my pussy, he couldn’t control himself and had to jack off. He apologized for leaving a big puddle of cum on the floor but I told him not to worry about it. By now all the household staff knew what was going on and I would have the housekeeper clean it up. I had cleaned up enough jism for one day.


I Work for a Doctor XIII

My full time job is as a female medical assistant to a leading urologist in a major city. I sought out a career in this field mainly due to my fascination with penises. One of my patients, Robert, recently hired me on the side to tutor his 16-year old son. The son, Jack, was painfully shy, had never dated, and the father felt he was in need of some sex education. Preferably hands-on sex education, which is why he hired me. The father, Robert, is extremely wealthy and paid me a ridiculous amount of money for two 2-hour classes a week at his home.

After the two-week experiment of having both Robert and Jack spend all of their time at home with their pants unzipped and their cock and balls on display, Robert suggested that I meet with the five woman staff he employed to get their feedback. I thought that was a good idea. After assembling the group in one of the many large rooms in Robert’s mansion, I got the conversation started.

“Everybody here has previously met me and you all know that I was hired as a sex therapist to try to bring Jack out of his shell and convince him that there is nothing “freakish” about his genitalia. Robert and I felt that it would be productive to meet with you ladies and get some feedback about how you think the experiment turned out.”

“Can I ask you the exact purpose for having the two males in the house having their dicks on display to us five women every day for two weeks?” This came from Elise, the assistant to the chef.

“Jack was completely ashamed of the way his penis looks. As you all obviously know, it’s quite large for a 16-year old boy and has an unusually big head. Jack had never let anybody see his penis. I was probably the first female to ever see it. Of course his mom saw it when she was still alive but that was a long time ago. My thinking behind the experiment was to basically force him to put it on display in front of you five women. You had been coached ahead of time to just treat it as nothing special and to act totally normally around Jack and his big cock.”

“Why was Robert also showing his cock and balls?” asked Elise

“I was afraid Jack would really feel singled out if he was the only one putting his penis on display. Having his dad also be involved would make it much easier for Jack to participate. I think that definitely worked. Jack actually admitted that seeing his dad walking around the house in front of you women made it much easier for him to do it as well. Now I would like to get some comments from you ladies as to how you feel the experiment went.”

Marie, the housekeeper was the first to reply. “I think it was an unqualified success. Jack is now extremely proud of his big cock and doesn’t miss a chance to show it off to any of us. Probably the best proof of this occurred just before the two-week experiment ended. Four of us ladies were in the kitchen together when Jack came in to ostensibly get a soft drink out of the fridge. Of course his cock was out of his pants but instead of hanging down as usual, it was sticking straight out. Not fully hard but a very good semi-erection in the works. He wasn’t the slightest bit shy about us seeing it. As he sipped his soda and talked to us, he was very nonchalantly stroking his penis. It was almost like he didn’t realize what he was doing. Of course the more he stroked it, the harder it got and pretty soon the damn monster dick was sticking straight up.”

“Yes,” I commented. “Jack can achieve probably the hardest erections I have ever seen. And in my line of work, I have seen a lot of hard cocks.”

“Well,” continued Marie, “he just kept on stroking it as he reached a full erection. Then he asked ‘Do you ladies mind if I jack off?’ Nobody knew what to say and finally Chef Alice, the oldest of us, told him to go ahead. And he did. Without the slightest bit of shyness, he proceeded to masturbate that big dick until the cum started shooting out all over the tile floor. He milked it until the last drops of cum splattered into the puddle of juice on the floor. He had a super satisfied look on his face.”

“Oh that felt so good,” Jack said, “I really loved jacking off in front of you ladies. I know that made it even better with all of you watching me get off. Can I do it again? I don’t mean right now although I could if you want. But I mean in the future?”

“I don’t know about the rest of the group,” murmured Heather, the driver, but you can jack off in front of me anytime you want. I thought that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Seeing you pump that huge prick and spew out all that cum was a real turn-on.” The other women all agreed in hushed voices.

Jack went over to the counter to get some paper towels to wipe up his mess but Marie grabbed his arm and insisted on doing it herself. “Don’t worry about that,” she insisted. “We’ve been cleaning up a lot of cum lately around the house and I am the person who picks up all those cum soaked towels from the exam room and washes them for you.”

Jack blushed at this. “I appreciate you guys cleaning up for me. And along those lines can somebody wipe my cock clean? It’s got quite a bit of cum on it and since you don’t want me doing any cleanup work, I was hoping somebody could help me.” With that, Marie got one of the dishtowels off the counter and stepped up to Jack. She took his half-hard member in hand and very thoroughly wiped it clean.

“That’s quite a story,” I commented. I was really glad to hear that Jack had the fortitude to jack off in front of five women. That pretty much proved the experiment was a success. “Any more stories to relate?”

“This isn’t quite as exciting,” replied Elise, the chef’s assistant. “But about a week ago I went into his room to change the linen and he was jacking off. I fully expected him to immediately stop and pull the covers over himself in embarrassment. But he never missed a stroke. He shot cum all over his chest and even some on his face. Then he asked me to bring some tissues so he could clean up. I guess I should have offered to wipe the cum off of him but I was too shocked to think clearly so I handed him a wad of tissues and watched him wipe all the cum off of himself. I am almost ashamed to admit it, but I had never actually seen a guy jack off and shoot his cum before and just watching him really turned me on. I would have fucked him right then and there if he had suggested it. That huge knob end on his cock must really feel great sliding in and out of a woman’s vagina.”

I was tempted to tell them just how good it felt but that’s nothing they needed to know from me. “Anybody else?”

“I probably shouldn’t admit this,” said Ellen, “ but Jack actually approached me one day in the main hall. His cock was fully erect and literally seemed to be pulsating and throbbing. It was an angry red color and I know he must have been jacking off. He asked me if I would finish him off and make him cum. He even suggested that I suck him off. His cock was very appealing and I would have loved to suck him off but I honestly wasn’t sure I could get it in my mouth because it’s so big. And I wasn’t sure if I would get in trouble if I jacked him off. But I felt sorry for him. I could tell he really wanted a release and needed a female hand to help him. Sure, I knew he could do it himself but it’s so much better with a helping hand so I told him I would do it.”

“And did you?” I asked.

“Of course I did. I’ve never had my hand wrapped around a cock that big and I really wanted to see him spurt. It didn’t take long. He must have already had himself right on the verge of cumming. I probably gave it about ten pumps and his semen started shooting out. There was a lot of it. It splashed all over the marble floor of the entrance hall. After he stopped shooting cum streams he implored me to keep stroking him as he said he was still having an orgasm. So I kept milking his big dick until he asked me to stop. Even then some drops of cum dripped out of the tip of his cock. He thanked me over and over for helping him finish.”

“So was that everything you did?” I asked.

“Well, not everything.”

“What did you do?” I persisted.

“I gave the tip of that beautiful cock a sweet little kiss.”

Everybody laughed at that. I asked if anybody else had any stories to relate.

Heather had a question. “Are you a trained sex therapist?”

“No, I am a licensed medical assistant to a team of urologists. Because I seem to be able to achieve an instant rapport with the male patients, the doctors I work for have turned a large number of procedures over to me to handle. For example I do all the prostate exams which involves putting my finger up the patient’s rectum and checking to see if his prostate gland is the normal size. I also handle taking semen samples. The normal procedure is to give the patient a small bottle for the sample and have him go into the restroom and masturbate until he ejaculates into the sample jar. But I always offer to help the patient ejaculate. Some guys have difficulty even getting an erection in the doctor’s office while other guys can’t achieve orgasm without a lot of stimulation, which sometimes takes a long time. When I help out, I can get an immediate erection and then I can also milk out the semen sample in just a few minutes. So my lending a helping hand really speeds things up. Time is money and the faster we can cycle a patient through the office, the more profitable it is. As a result of my rapport with my patients they are much more forthcoming with me than with the male doctors. They tell me everything about their sex lives in great detail. So over the several years I have been doing this, I have been able to come up with many suggestions that have dramatically improved my patient’s sexual activities. So in that respect you can say I am a sex therapist with no formal training but a ton of hands-on training. OK, any more experiences with Jack that anybody would like to relate?”

“I have something,” volunteered Elise. “The first time I saw Jack’s penis I couldn’t believe it was real. But of course it was. Then I saw his dad’s cock and it was as big as Jack’s. That was the two biggest cocks I had ever seen and both were in the same house that I was. I don’t mind telling you that constantly seeing those two monsters hanging loose every day kept my pussy tingling. And Jack’s was half hard a lot of the time and even fully hard every once in a while. I loved seeing that huge stiff prick pointing straight up and bobbing along as he walked around the house. I know I wasn’t supposed to do this but at one point I built up enough nerve to actually talk to Jack about his cock. The day I opted to do this, it was fully hard. I asked him if he felt embarrassed about showing his stuff to the staff. He said he did the first few days but after he got used to it, it was no big deal. Then I wanted to know if he didn’t feel strange when he got a full erection in front of us. He said it was a normal function and that you had told him that it was nothing to be ashamed of and in fact he should be proud of his ability to get hard any time he wanted to.”

“That’s true. I did tell him that. What happened then?” I asked.

“I asked him if I could touch it and of course he said yes. So I didn’t just touch it, I wrapped my hand around it and gave it a couple of pumps. It felt magical. I had no idea that a man’s…or in this case a boy’s…cock could feel so wonderful. Once I had gone that far I couldn’t stop so I went ahead and jacked him off until he came. It didn’t take long. I had never seen a cock spurt that much cum and it excited me so much I thought I might faint. I kept a tight grip on his penis even after no more cum came out. I didn’t want to let go but I finally realized that somebody might walk in on us and I didn’t want to be caught gripping Jack’s big dick.”

“That would be embarrassing although it sounds like just about all of you have had your hands on Jack’s penis,” I replied.

“I do have a question though,” she continued. “Hearing all these stories and all the various women that are having sex with Jack, aren’t you concerned that because of his relatively young age, that this is going to somehow mess him up?”

“I do have some concerns in that area,” I replied. I am going to attempt to scale back the program a little bit. We have completed the two weeks of Jack and Robert exposing their genitals and I am going to soft pedal some of the other routines I developed for Jack. One thing that helps is Jack is a much more mature 16 year old now than he was when we started this program and he seems to be handling everything quite well.”

“You may think the two week program is over but I have news for you,” one of the women piped up. “Jack doesn’t know it yet because he’s still exposing himself to us every chance he gets. I don’t think any of us are complaining because we all love to see his big cock. However, I have noticed that Mr. Robert no longer is unzipped.”

OK.” I replied. “I will have to speak to Jack about that and I will impress upon him that we have to back off on all the sexual contact and try to get back to a normal household environment.”

(Author’s note – Many of the women in the meeting had actually had prior sexual contact with both Jack and his dad that were not mentioned in the meeting related here. Those contacts were told in earlier stories in this series. Marie in particular had previously had a number of sessions with Jack and was actually fucking him on a regular basis but nobody knew it.)


I Work for a Doctor XIV

I am a female medical assistant working for a leading group of urologists in a major city. While it is unusual for a woman to work in this field, I have always been fascinated with the penis, which is why I chose it. I have become quite expert in providing various anal and penile examinations as well as working with the doctor’s on urology procedures. One of my patients, Robert, (who I cured of erectile dysfunction, mostly with hands-on treatment) hired me on the side to treat his 16 year-old son, Jack. Jack has an unusually large penis with an even larger glans. Jack was ashamed of his large appendage and had become very withdrawn and shy. Robert hired me to make the boy understand that his penis was something to be proud of, not ashamed of. My ongoing treatment of Jack had become very successful as you will see when you read what they boy has been up to. While my treatment of Jack is probably no longer necessary, the wealthy father has continued to pay me outrageous money to basically have sex with Jack twice a week.

The following is a report that Jack related to me about a recent experience he had.

I was flying cross-country to visit my grandparents. My dad is quite wealthy so I was flying first class. I had noticed this extremely attractive young girl at the terminal before boarding. She looked to be about my age. She had cutoff shorts on and had killer legs, cute ass, and very pretty feet clearly visible in her sandals. I have always had a thing for pretty feet. So imagine my surprise when she was sitting next to me. First class just has two seats on each side of the aisle and I was in the window seat and she was in the aisle seat.

After we got settled in she kicked off her sandals and had her feet tucked up on the seat where I could get a really good look at them. We introduced ourselves since we would be sharing a cabin for the next five or so hours. Her name was Diane.

Once the plane got off the ground we got into a very interesting conversation. Remember that this was 2031 and the entire country had gotten a lot more comfortable with its sexuality and very frank sexual conversations between men and women was a lot more explicit than just a few years ago.

“Jack,” Diane said, “I guess you heard that recently Congress passed a law making public masturbation legal.”

“Yes, that’s quite amazing. There are some limits. No one under 16 can participate and you can’t do it in front of anyone under 16. Also they have designated certain places as off-limits for public masturbation such as restaurants, concert halls, amusement parks, and some other places that I don’t remember. Fortunately I am 16, almost 17.”

“Yep,” she replied. “I am also 16. So have you done it yet?”

“Jacked off in public? Not yet, but I want to. How about you? Have you tried it out?”

“Oh, no.” I don’t think I could do it in public. But I did see a couple of guys jacking off in the park a few days ago. But I was too far away to really see anything, but it was obvious what they were doing.”

“Have you seen any women doing it?” Jack asked.

“I am pretty sure one girl I saw the other day was masturbating but she wasn’t really doing it that openly. She was just rubbing her clit through her dress so I don’t think that really qualifies.”

“I’ve been wondering,” Jack said, “if airplanes are off limits?”

“Why? Were you thinking about jacking off here on the plane?”

“Looking at your pretty feet and beautifully painted toenails has given me an erection and I would sure like to take care of it.”

“Omigod!” she exclaimed, “just looking at my toes gave you a hard-on? And you are thinking about taking your penis out right here on the plane and jacking off?”

“Why not? I am pretty sure it’s legal. I don’t remember reading anywhere that masturbating on a plane is off limits. Plus you are legal age and I haven’t seen any kids under 16 here in first class.”

With that said I unzipped my pants and started trying to get my cock out. It was already extremely hard because not only had Diane’s pretty feet turned me on, but the idea of jacking off with her watching me made my prick even harder. If you have been reading the stories that Miss Kelly has been posting about me, you already know that I have a 9-inch cock when erect, a very thick shaft, and an even larger bulbous cock head. It’s so large that I used to think I was a freak until Miss Kelly’s lessons had taught me that it was something to be proud of, not ashamed of. I finally got my cock freed from my pants and let it stand free and clear. The look on Diane’s face was priceless.

“Jack,” she gasped, “that’s the biggest dick I have ever seen. Is that thing real?”

“Why don’t you grab hold of it and find out for yourself just how real it is?”

Diane reached over and wrapped her hand around it, or tried to, but it was way too big for her to completely encircle it. She lightly rolled the foreskin back and forth several times. I got off seeing her brightly painted nails next to my cock.

“Oh, yeah,” she moaned, “it’s real alright. Jesus, Jack. That’s one luscious cock you have. Look how shiny the head is. The skin is stretched so tight it looks like it’s about to burst. I love the dark red color. And look! There’s already a drop of precum oozing out the slit. Go ahead and jack off. I want to see you do it. And what are you going to do about the cum?”

I reached down under the seat and got my backpack out. I kept a hand towel in there for this exact purpose. I knew that before my trip was over I would be trying out the new public masturbation laws and might need it. I undid the top button on my jeans and pulled them down to my thighs fully exposing my cock and balls. I tucked one end of the towel in the neck opening of my shirt and let it cover my chest and stomach. Now I was ready. I looked up and saw the cabin attendant walk by. She hesitated for a moment as her eyes took in what I was doing. But she continued on her way, looking back over her shoulder and giving me a wink.

“Diane,” I asked, “won’t you join me? You can just undo the top of your cutoff shorts and slide your hand down inside your panties and finger your clit. Nobody will even see your pussy.” As I suggested this I begin to slowly masturbate my huge penis.

“Just getting to feel your cock and seeing you jack it off has made my pussy sopping wet already. I definitely have to masturbate my clit,” she replied.

We both started seriously masturbating ourselves. Ooooh, that felt good. I told her that I could cum at any time and that when she started her orgasm to let me know and I would shoot my cum at the same time that she got off. By now the cabin attendant, who was also a looker, had come back and was standing next to Diane openly watching us both. Diane started moaning “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” I sped up stroking my cock and just as Diane obviously achieved orgasm, my prick spurted streams of cum all over the strategically placed towel. I milked my cock from the root all the way to the head squeezing out every last drop of cum. Diane pulled her hand out of her panties and held her fingers under my nose. I breathed in the strong smell of teen pussy.

The woman sitting directly in front of me had turned around and was looking over the top of her seat. She watched me spurt jism all over the towel. She had a gleam in her eye as she admired my big cock and muttered “Nice.”

The cabin attendant walked back to her station at the front of the plane. I told Diane I had to go to the restroom to clean up. As I stood up, I pulled up my pants and buttoned the top button but left them unzipped and allowed both my cock and balls to hang out. My cock was still about half hard.

“Shouldn’t you put that thing away?” Diane asked.

“Nah,” I replied. “I like to show it off. If anybody objects to seeing my big dick, tough titty. I’m a juvenile so nobody’s going to arrest me. The worst that could happen is a warning.” With that I stepped past Diane towards the aisle. First class has enough room that she didn’t have to move to let me out. As I made my way past her I was turned so I was facing her while she remained seated. This put my cock right in her face and so she leaned forward and gave my cock head a nice wet kiss. I then made my way up the aisle. First class only has a few rows so I didn’t walk past that many people. If anybody noticed my cock, they didn’t react. When I got up to the cabin attendant’s station the girl who had watched me cum volunteered to help me clean up. I asked her if she could get rid of the cum soaked towel for me and she said she could. Then she took hold of my cock with one hand and proceeded to wipe it clean with a wet washcloth. She took an unusually long amount of time to clean me up, gently stroking my cock the whole time.

“That’s a really serious cock you have, young man.” she said admiringly. “I could have a lot of fun with that. I bet that bulbous cock head feels amazing inside a woman’s vagina.”

My cock had stiffened to its full hardness while she was telling me this and she continued to massage the head of my cock with her fingertips. “There’s one way to find out,” I told her, while the other two cabin attendants who were standing next to us and watching, giggled.

“I would love to feel that monster inside me but I could get fired. My pussy is really wet right now so I am sure it would slide right in despite the huge size.”

“Go ahead, Melanie,” one of the other girls said. “We won’t say anything. Let me pull the curtain closed to keep any passengers out. I want to see your reaction when that monster dick penetrates you.“

“OK,” Melanie replied, “but I don’t want you to fuck me. I just want to see what if feels like in my pussy. So let’s just put it in me and give it a couple of strokes so I can experience the feeling.”

“OK,” I said. “Take your panties off or pull them to one side.” She lifted up her dress, pulled her panties to one side and then hiked up one leg onto a fold down seat on the wall giving me access to her slit. I grabbed my cock and aimed it at her opening, which was definitely wet. I could see her juices glistening. I pressed the head of my cock against her pussy. It didn’t go in as easily as she had predicted but with a bit of work on both our parts, it finally slid in. She let out a long moan of satisfaction as my cock touched her cervix. It felt so good to me that I started pistoning my cock in and out of her tight, wet cunt. Being a teenager, I could cum four or five times in a row and it really didn’t take much action before I felt the cum welling up in my balls and after a very short time I felt it gushing out the end of my cock and filling her up with boy juice.

“Omigod,” she wailed. “You came in me. I felt your warm cum filling my insides. Damn that was quick. Thankfully I’m on the pill, but don’t stop fucking me. Now I want to cum. That big cock has me on the verge of an orgasm.”

I not only made her orgasm but the other two cabin attendants insisted that I penetrate them as well. I was able to cum with the first one but it was going to take too long with the second one so we stopped before I dropped a load in her pussy. But both of them got off, even with the short period of fucking that we engaged in. My big cock can get women off much faster than usual. We cleaned up all the cum residue from my cock and two of the three pussies. The three girls thanked me profusely. All three were stationed in my home city so they all gave me their phone numbers and insisted that we get together for a proper fuck.

I went back to my seat, this time with my poor dick tucked away and my pants zipped up. Diane wanted to know why I was gone so long and so I told her that all three of the attendants wanted me to fuck them and so I had given them what they wanted. Diane wanted me to tell her all the details. She kept asking all kinds of frank questions and I could tell she was getting worked up again. She had the top of her shorts opened again and had her hand inside her panties massaging her clit. I pulled her hand out and slid my hand in its place and got my fingers to work. I penetrated her wet cunt with two fingers and then alternated penetrating her and massing her clit. I told her I wanted to get my tongue on her clit and up her pussy. And for good measure I would tongue her butthole as well. This got her incredibly hot and of course my cock was at full erection once again. I stopped my ministrations on her pussy long enough to get my cock out. This time she leaned over and took my big cockhead in her mouth and started sucking and tonguing it. We had to almost be contortionists to accomplish her sucking my cock while I fingered her cunt. But we did it. Diane turned out to be a world-class cocksucker and despite having just cum four times, she coaxed another load of cum out of my prick. As I orgasmed I looked across the aisle and the two men there were both jacking off and giving us the thumbs-up sign.

I suspected that when we arrived at our destination I wouldn’t be spending much of my time with my grandparents. I was looking forward to further sexual exploits with my seatmate.


I Work for a Doctor XV

If you have been following my stories you know that I am a young, female medical assistant and I work for a urology group. When I first started it was just one urologist but now it’s a group of three. It’s somewhat rare for a woman to work in the urology field. I must admit that I chose the field because I am somewhat obsessed with penises. I have become quite adept in my profession and my expertise in certain procedures has led my doctors to have me provide most of the prostate exams. Many male patients are quite reticent to have a male doctor insert his finger in their anus to check his prostate but are much more open to having a woman do it. Especially a young, very attractive female such as myself. I am also entrusted to extract semen samples when required and I am not hesitant to lend a helping hand if needed.

Robert, one of my male patients, who I cured of erectile dysfunction, had approached me about providing some private tutoring to his 16-year old son. The son was painfully shy and also very ashamed of his quite large penis. The son was convinced he was some kind of freak with a nearly nine-inch long and very thick penis plus a really oversized head on his cock.

My full name is Kelly Wainwright but everybody calls me Miss Kelly. I am currently single and am not seeing anybody regularly but am getting my sexual needs well taken care of by various men.

Robert, who is quite wealthy, paid me an obscene amount of money for twice weekly two-hour sessions with Jack, his son. It took me no time at all to convince Jack that rather than be ashamed of his penis, he should take great pride in it. In addition to a number of one-on-one sessions where I gave Jack’s penis a serious workout, I convinced both father and son that one way to relieve Jack’s fears about his penis being a turn-off to women, would be to spend a couple of weeks going about their normal daily business around the house with their pants unzipped and their cock and balls exposed. I felt that Robert needed to join in because Jack was too shy to be the only male in the household exposing his genitals. Robert employed an all-female staff of five women and prior to the introduction of this experiment he explained to the staff what they would be doing and received everyone’s approval of the plan. This turned out to be an overwhelming successful effort and as a result at one time or another all five of the women had sexual contact of some type with both Jack and Robert. Although the two-week trial was technically over, Jack continued to expose himself to the staff from time to time which usually led to some type of sexual contact between Jack and one or more of the women.

One other treatment that Miss Kelly devised was semi-regular cock-to-cock jack-off sessions with both Robert and Jack. This turned out be a terrific bonding experience between father and son. Robert had an equally large penis to his son’s so C2C sessions were quite successful. This originally was intended to be a one-off experience but both Jack and Robert enjoyed it so much that Miss Kelly tried to fit in a C2C session at least once every couple of weeks. In truth, Miss Kelly’s services were no longer really required, but everybody was having so much fun that Robert continued to pay her.

But now Miss Kelly had decided to take the bonding experience between father and son one step further. All three were in the special “treatment room” that Robert had put together for Miss Kelly to perform her sessions with Jack. They were scheduled for another C2C session and both men were naked with erect cocks bouncing against their bellies.

“I want to try something different this time,” Miss Kelly explained. “It’s intended to take the bonding experience to a higher level. This time we are going to have you two perform fellatio on each other’s penises. A true father-son suck-off.”

“But isn’t that too gay?” blurted Jack. Robert gave her a doubtful look.

“No, it’s not gay at all. It’s just an expansion of your sexual experiences. Just because it’s a man lips wrapped around your penis instead of a woman’s does not make it gay. Plus having it occur between a father and son is a very loving bonding experience. What I want you to do is to start off with solo sucking. By that I mean Jack will suck his dad’s penis and then Robert will suck his son’s. Then you can try the 69 position where you both suck each other’s cocks at the same time.”

“But what about you, Miss Kelly?” queried Jack. “What will you be doing?”

“Don’t worry about me,” Miss Kelly replied, “I will be helping out as things progress.”

Most of Miss Kelly’s and Jack’s sexual adventures had taken place on an oversized examination table in the special room set aside in Robert’s mansion for Jack’s training sessions. Robert had originally attempted to somewhat duplicate the examination room at the doctor’s office where Miss Kelly worked. But at some point Robert had a king sized bed moved into the oversized room and that’s where the three of them were currently situated. Miss Kelly had disrobed and now all three were naked and the men’s two cocks were harder than ever.

“Robert, you lay back,” Miss Kelly instructed, “and Jack, get between your dad’s legs and start licking and sucking his penis.”

“Are you sure this is okay, Miss Kelly? I feel really weird putting my dad’s cock in my mouth.”

“Go ahead, Jack,” she replied, “once you start sucking his prick it will feel extremely natural and I guarantee you will enjoy it.”

As Jack leaned over and tentatively started licking his dad’s rock hard cock, he felt a wet tongue enter his anus. Omigod, he thought, that feels amazing. Feeling Miss Kelly’s tongue exploring his asshole spurred him on to lick and then suck his dad’s raging hard cock. As the head of Robert’s prick disappeared into Jack’s mouth, the son also started jacking the shaft of his dad’s big cock. His head bobbed up and down on Robert’s prick and the more he sucked the more he got into it. Then he felt Miss Kelly’s hand reach between his legs and grasp his distended prick and start stroking it. He went into sensory overload with Miss Kelly’s tongue and hand working him over plus the feeling of his dad’s pulsating prick forcing its way down his throat. Robert put his hand behind his son’s head forcing him to take his cock even deeper. Somehow Miss Kelly had managed to get her other hand up between Robert’s legs and he soon felt her lubricated finger slide right into his ass. As his cock pumped in and out of his son’s mouth, Miss Kelly’s finger pumped in and out of his asshole.

Jack had never experienced anything quite as arousing as what they were doing and as a result, he couldn’t hold off cumming as long as he would have liked. Miss Kelly could tell Jack was about to cum so she tightened her grip on his penis and increased the speed that her hand flew up and down his 9-inches of rock hard meat. She felt his body stiffen as several blasts of semen shot out of his cock splattering all over his dad’s balls and Miss Kelly’s wrist. When Robert felt his son’s cum coating his nutsack he couldn’t hold off and filled his son’s mouth and throat with a cumload of his own. Jack, of course, had never experienced somebody ejaculating down his throat. He had unloaded plenty of cumshots down many willing female throats and always wondered why so many women seemed to enjoy taking a cumload. Now he was getting a first-hand experience of a big cock spurting stream after stream down his throat and he loved it. The feeling of accomplishment in sucking his dad’s cock to a cum explosion was overwhelming. It just made him increase the suction on his dad’s big penis so that he could suck out every last drop of semen.

Finally, when there was no more semen to be had, and his dad had to ask him to stop sucking because his cock was way too sensitive, Jack rolled off onto his back. His huge prick was still dripping semen as Miss Kelly slid forward and started licking Jack’s cum off of his dad’s balls. She sucked one of his nuts into her mouth as she cleaned every drop of semen off of him.

“Okay, boys,” Miss Kelly said. “That was a great start. Let’s take a few minutes and then Robert, it will be your turn to suck off Jack.”

“Oh, Miss Kelly,” exclaimed Jack, “you were right about it being a fun experience to suck my dad’s cock. And it didn’t feel gay at all. Just a fun thing to do. His dick was really big when it was jamming its way down my throat. Now I know what it feels like to you when you suck my cock. And when the cum started spurting I thought I was going to choke but I really loved it. And it was pretty neat that as soon as I started shooting semen all over dad’s balls, he started cumming in my mouth.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. I thought you would,” Miss Kelly replied.

“I’ll be honest with you,” stated Robert, “when you first suggested that we suck each other off, I really didn’t think it was a good idea. But you’ve always been right in the past and this was no exception. Having my own son suck my cock and receive a load of my semen down his throat was the ultimate father/son bonding experience. I recommend it highly to all fathers and sons. And knowing it was my own son’s semen spurting all over my balls was just icing on the cake. Now I am really looking forward to sucking him off and swallowing his cum in return.”

Being a horny teen, Jack’s cock was still mostly erect. He was eagerly ready to go again. He was looking forward to his dad’s lips sliding over his cock. He lay back and spread his legs. His cock proudly stood straight up. “Dad,” he said. “My prick is ready for you.” Robert positioned himself between Jack’s legs. He was on his knees and bent over and started licking the huge head on Jack’s cock. He felt Miss Kelly slide under him on her back. His flaccid cock hung down and she positioned herself so her mouth was directly below his cock. She raised up and took the head of his cock in her mouth and started licking and sucking it. It immediately began to get hard. Within a minute or so it was fully erect and throbbing in Miss Kelly’s mouth.

Robert held his son’s massive cock in one hand and planted a wet kiss on the tip. He held the kiss against Jack’s cock head and then slowly let his lips slide down over the smooth distended skin of his son’s glans. Once he had the entire head of Jack’s prick in his mouth, he started sucking it. As his head bobbed up and down, he could feel his lips slide over the coronal ridge and he knew that the sensation for Jack must be driving him wild. He wanted to focus 100% of his attention on giving Jack a world class blowjob but he was somewhat distracted as Miss Kelly worked her magic on his own prick.

When they started this second round, he assumed it would take him forever to cum again. But experiencing Miss Kelly’s world class ministrations on his now fully engorged prick, he knew it would be just a matter of minutes before he unloaded his balls deep down Miss Kelly’s greedy throat. She was somehow raising up on each stroke and taking his entire 8-1/2-inches of rock-hard meat down her throat. She also had clutched his nuts in one hand and was gently massaging them. Her other hand had found its way to the crack of his ass and he felt her finger penetrate him. She thrust her oiled-up finger in and out of his rectum. It felt so damn good he knew he was about to ejaculate again. The sensations that Miss Kelly was providing him spurred him to even greater activity on his son’s cock. He let the boy’s cock slip out of his mouth. He stuck his index finger in his mouth and liberally coated it with saliva. At the same time that he took Jack’s cock back in his mouth he shoved his wet finger up his boy’s asshole. He felt Jack’s body stiffen and his prick seemed to swell to extra hardness. Robert went wild in a frenzy of cock-sucking. He had never sucked a cock before, and he was surprised at how easily he got into it. Miss Kelly was right again. Sucking a cock was a huge turn-on and he knew this would become a regular ritual between he and Jack. He had never felt closer to his boy than he did with Jack’s giant member ramming its way down his throat.

“Omigod,” Jack screamed. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” When Robert heard that he tried to increase the suction on Jack’s cock with his lips sliding up and down the length of Jack’s huge member. His activities were rewarded as a huge gush of semen started shooting out of Jack’s cock and coated Robert’s tonsils. Jack grabbed his dad’s head with both hands as his spasming body jerked and twitched with ecstasy. He was in such orgasmic bliss that he couldn’t control himself. Unknown to Jack, at the same time Jack was cumming, Robert was shooting stream after stream of jism down Miss Kelly’s throat. She greedily swallowed every drop just as fast as Robert could deliver a new stream of semen.

Robert raised his head and let Jack’s cock slip out of his mouth. Robert looked down at Jack’s massive still hard cock. The skin on the head was stretched tight and had a shiny sheen to it. He loved his boy and loved his cock. He leaned down and kissed the head of Jack’s penis. He could feel Miss Kelly’s fingers rolling his foreskin back and forth. She was obviously attempting to milk out every last drop of cum from his cock. He couldn’t see her, but he could visualize her open mouth under the tip of his penis as her expert fingers milked the last vestiges of his ejaculate into her waiting mouth.

After the three of them lay together for a few minutes Miss Kelly wanted to know how soon they would be ready to go on a 69-style mutual suck-off.

Both father and son begged off. They needed some time to savor the experiences they had already had. Time was running short on the session anyway. Miss Kelly was very firm on maintaining the scheduled time for the appointments, so it was agreed by everyone to put off any more cock-sucking until a later session.



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  1. that was great! but way too long. i wish my obgyn would give my vaginal and anal areas similar “examining” maybe throw a few frequent breast exams, too.

  2. Anonymous – Glad you enjoyed the series. I originally wrote them as individual stories to be read over time. But this site elected to publish them as one long continuous story. But glad you were able to stick to it to the end. Hopefully you will get your wish with your obgyn.

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