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How Many People Are…

The world population has just recently surpassed 8 billion. My sister and I figure the average couple have sex once per week. The number of married people in America is 141 million, out of a total population of 329 million. If we can assume the same number for world population that’s 3.433 billion married people. So, they have sex once a week. According to sexologists, psychologists specializing in sex, ‘satisfactory’ intercourse lasts from 7 to 13 minutes, so we’ll go with 10 minutes as average. There are 168 hours in a week, so that’s 1,008 10-minute intervals. If you divide the world married population by 1,008, you get how many people, on average, are having sex right now. That’s 7,936,507 married people having sex right now.

What about unmarried people? We don’t know how to calculate that, but our guess is there is one unmarried couple for every four married couples having sex. So in reality, there are more than 10 million people having sex this very moment.

Masturbation is a different matter. People from a younger age masturbate. The number of people over the age of 14 in the world, which we believe is the average age that kids start to masturbate, is probably close to 6 billion. This is a bit hard to calculate exactly, because many people die young, skewing the statistics. We know the average lifespan worldwide is 72.6 years, so if the age of death was linear, that would make the number of ‘adults’ 6.45 billion.

So, around 6 billion people masturbate. According to sexologists, the average masturbation session lasts 33 minutes, including from the time that the genitals are exposed to when they are covered again. Rounding that down a little, we get 30 minutes per session. So, roughly 17.8 million people are masturbating right now.

We believe males masturbate slightly more frequently than females, and most males ejaculate at the end of most masturbatory sessions. So, that will be approximately 9 million ejaculations per half hour, or 432 million per day.

The average ejaculation lasts 6 seconds. Hmmm, let’s see, that means that at this very moment, 30,000 men are actually ejaculating.

The average ejaculation is 3.0 milliliters. In a minute 300,000 men have ejaculated. That’s 900 liters per minute, or 237 gallons of cum per minute. Per day, that’s 14,220 gallons per hour. So every hour, men ejaculate enough to fill an average house 3 feet or one meter deep. A month of cum would fill 15 Olympic-size swimming pools.

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