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Homework – Male or Female, Light Chills

Masturbation Homework, Male or Female

Try this new thing. I think it will delight you.

Here’s your homework assignment:

Being a guy, I know this works for men. Women can certainly try it too. My suspicion is it will have the same effect.

Now, maybe you can’t do it. Or, maybe you can. It’s worth a try in any case.

1. Get horny however you do it. Maybe watch your mate take a shower, look at some porn, think crazy thoughts.

2. Get naked and in a comfortable position. Whatever works for you. Could be laying on your bed, standing, or in your recliner.

3. Start rubbing your penis or vagina until you notice a sort of chill throughout your body.

4. Some men may have trouble noticing this effect. They want to go straight through to ejaculation. Resist the temptation. This will be worth it. You can cum later. In fact, when you do cum, it could be twice as strong as normal.

5. So, take your time, be on the lookout for chills, and wank until you feel something. If you feel like you could orgasm, back off. But don’t wait long. Only a second or two, so you don’t lose the chill effect entirely.

6. Resume wanking. Maybe stroke slowly and lightly. Come back to the state where you feel the chills, but don’t exceed that point.

In time, with practice, you can feel the most delicious, ongoing chill, something I call ‘low orgasm’ and it can last a very long time. Literally minutes. If you fall back down, you can get it back with a little more rubbing. A little more sexual thinking. It might help to very lightly rub something erogenous with your other hand. Perhaps your anus or a nipple.

That’s it. When the time is right, you can let yourself have a crashing orgasm.

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