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Happy Ending

Happy Ending refers to a general massage in which the practitioner finishes up with attention given to the penis, a handjob, until the client ejaculates.

Here’s a happy ending story from a client that you might enjoy:

Our coach said if we won the Regionals, he’d have a surprise for us. We won, and he came through on his end of the bargain. We were to each get a personal massage. I wasn’t sure I wanted that. The whole idea was kind of embarrassing. I mean, to have a stranger touching your body? But, I figured I’d go ahead with it. I didn’t want to turn down the coach’s gift. Plus, the other guys seemed to want it, and I didn’t want to stick out as a sore thumb or something.

So, Tuesday afternoon rolled along and I was to be the third guy in line at 5pm. The massage practitioner was probably around 50 years old, a bit chubby, but she seemed cheerful enough. She had set up some sort of portable bed – she called it a “massage table” in the locker room and was doing the two guys before me in there.

I didn’t hang around, figuring I’d get some homework done in an empty classroom before my 5pm appointment.

When I finally arrived, the massage woman was gone. The coach explained she wasn’t feeling well and rescheduled me and two other guys for Thursday afternoon. I was to be the first on Thursday, right after my last class, at 3pm. I was unclear as to how I felt about that. On the one hand, I had escaped the Tuesday session, so I wouldn’t have to deal with that at least until Thursday. On the other hand, I was kind of disappointed to have to wait. I didn’t really know what a massage was, but it was supposed to be something nice. A treat. A reward. But, I also kind of equated it with something only women get, like a pedicure or something.

So finally, Thursday came, and I showed up for my appointment in the locker room. Two of my teammates were there. They said they’d just hang around until it was their turn. That was fine by me, or so I thought at the time.

So this massage person, her name was Beth, told me to strip off everything and get under a sheet she had put on her portable bed thing. No big deal, I had taken many showers with the two guys, so I didn’t mind getting naked in front of them. Plus it was only for a moment until I got on her bed thing. I did feel pretty weird about her seeing me naked, but I dealt with it, doing my best not to show any reaction or emotion about that. I kind of figured if she can be professional about it, I can too.

She had me lay face down, and started massaging my shoulders and the back of my next. Hey, it wasn’t bad! I was a bit weirded out for a second about this woman who was older than my mother touching me like that, but it turned out to be a nice feeling. She proceeded to work on my legs, arms, back and my butt. For the butt, she had removed the sheet, but I decided that was OK.

Suddenly, I realized my prick had gotten hard against the bed. Geez! Well, it was well hidden under my body. The woman was now kind of stretching my ass cheeks apart with some oily strokes of her fingers, and my penis was becoming super hard, and a bit uncomfortable under my belly. On the other hand, I was really enjoying the butt spreading thing. I mean, here I was, and a fat, 50-year-old woman was stroking my ass, and I was getting horny! The thought scared me a bit, but I think the thought also added to the horniness. A couple of times, her fingertips brushed against the back of my scrotum. I do believe she did that intentionally, but I didn’t care. No, let me rephrase that: I loved the tickling sensation.

Beth hadn’t said much. In fact the whole room was quiet. The other two guys and the coach all had their heads in their phones, reading ebooks, texting, or something. Then Beth asked a weird question: Would I like a “happy ending?”

I didn’t know what that meant, but it sounded like some sort of massage thing I’d probably enjoy. I said, “Sure.”

Beth asked me to roll over. ‘Oh, geez,’ I was thinking. The guys, the coach, and Beth were going to see my woodie. Not good! Not good! So I kind of froze. Beth said “Roll over” just a bit louder, but sweetly, and started to push against my shoulder and lower back, starting me in a rolling over motion. So what could I do?

I went with it, and ended up with my prick sticking up straight in the air. Interestingly, the coach and the other two guys had stopped looking at their phones. Now, they were staring at me – at my face, and at my penis! And they were kind of smiling. I decided not to care. After all, what could I do, exactly?

So, Beth continued with her treatment. She started ever so lightly tickling my scrotum. No one has ever done that to me. In fact, never in my life have I ever been touched there by anyone other than a five-second exam by a doctor every year. I must say, it felt fantastic! In her tickling, she started working her way slowly up the base of my prick, until she was ever so gently rubbing her thumb over that part of my penis just below the head. The portion of skin that is a kind of folded under the head. I was rock hard, of course, and just about ready to cum. I mean right in front of the coach and the guys. That would be fully embarrassing, but what choice did I have at that point? But then Beth stopped. She must have known. After a minute, she resumed with the very light touching. She touched all over the head of my prick. Then, she started ever so slightly moving the skin on the sides of my prick up and down, just like I do when I masturbate, but slower, and with gentler strokes. That’s all I took, I blew a load all over my stomach. To my surprise, I shot quite hard, with one spurt hitting me in the chin and across my mouth.

The two guys kind of cheered, and the coach smiled. Beth told me there were a few minutes left of my 20-minute session, and that I should just lay still, only getting off her tall bed thing when I was ready.

It did take me a few minutes to compose myself. Then, I was thinking about what I had missed out on. The other day, I could have stayed in the locker room and seen my first two teammates get their massages. In retrospect, I wouldn’t have missed that for the world. Who would have figured I’d actually want to see such a thing? But I truly did want to watch! Well, at least, I could stay and see the next two guys get their appointments.

Which I did, and enjoyed watching almost as much as I enjoyed getting the treatment. Both of them also elected for the ‘happy ending.’ (I was worried that they may not.)

So anyway, after that day, we never had a massage from Beth again. It was a one-off thing. But several of us guys talked about the massages, and started giving them to each other. The coach had found an old beat-up massage table somewhere, and it has become a permanent fixture in the locker room. So far, the coach has been invited several times to get a happy ending massage from us, but has declined every time. He says it would be inappropriate. Personally, I don’t think so, but whatever. For some reason, I keep fantasizing about being the guy who gives the coach his first happy ending. And, weirder than that, I have fantasies about massaging my sister, and, believe it or not, Beth. Oh, how I’d love to get my hands on a woman’s breasts, and play with her vagina!

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