Haight-Ashbury Coronavirus Show – An Older Couple put on a show

Hair – Info

Hair Dresser – The ultimate dye job

Hairless – Info

Hammer – Hit in the balls

Hand in Ass or Vagina – Info

Handjob: Brother’s Handjob – story, female point of view

Handjob: Brother’s Handjobmale point of view

Hands-Free Orgasm – Info

Hand Over Hand – Male masturbation technique

Handy Squad – Three young women and older men

Happy Ending: 25 Years Between Massage Parlor Happy Endings

Hard Cock, Womens’ First Reactions

Harley-Davidson, Loser Motorcycle Guy

Harry Styles has an interesting condition known as polythelia.

Hartley, Nina, She Picked Me – Male POV

Have Cock, Will Travel – Memoir

Happy Ending – brief story, male point of view

Hardcore – Three meanings

Hardon – Facts

Hardon Expansion

Harry Potter – Ron Weasley and Ejaculation

Hawaii: Strange M-M Massage on Maui


Health – and medibation

Heart Tattoo – Brother-Sister

Hedonism and the Ethics of Masturbation

He-Man, He-Woman Club – Youth memoir

Helpful Sister


Be a Hero

Heterosexual Couples – 90 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

HFO – Hands-Free Orgasm

HFO can also mean Huge Fucking Orgasm

High and Low Orgasm

High and Low Orgasm – for men

High Pressure Test – Male POV coming-of-age story

High School – Boner Boy

High School Friends

High School Hero

High School Masturbation Class – Fiction

High School Years – Male POV memoir

History: Post-Pandemic History Class

Home Health Exam – Female POV

Homework Assignment for Men

Homework Assignment for Women

Hooters Style Sex

Hot Tea Discovery – New Masturbation Technique

Household Family Erections?

How I Became a Big Star – Female point of view

Homosexual – Born Gay, Honest, and a Bit Aspergery

Homework, Light Chills, Male or Female

Hormones, Endorphines

Hormones, Prolactin

Horny – The state of having sexual feelings.

Horny Girls with an Interest in Science

Horny Sister – Story, male point of view

Horrible Handjob

Horrible Roommate – Lesbian, bisexual story, female point of view

Hotel Maid – Caught Jerking Off

Hot Tub Fun – A man builds a hot tub and invites his friends

Hot Tub Oops – Male, Caught

Housemates – Five Naked Housemates – Story

How-To Story – Bullet Wound Gets Them Every Time

How Ugly Lawrence Gets The Girls

Huge Penis

Hyper and Hypo: You’ll often find these prefixes used in sexuality. Hyper means ‘much,’ or ‘long,’ or ‘big’ and ‘hypo’ means ‘little,’ or ‘short’ or ‘small.’ For instance, ‘hypersexual’ refers to a person who is more sexually interested or active than average, and hypospadias is a congenital condition in which a man’s meatus (urethral opening) is short of the end of the penis (see below).

Hypersexual: One who is more interested in sexual activity than average.

Hypospadias – a male congenital condition

Hypospadias At Marshall’s Beach

Hyperspermia: A condition in which a man ejaculates an unusually large amount of semen


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