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Getting the Cum Out To Get To the Good Stuff

After the cum is out - ejaculation

My girlfriend Emily and I have been together for ages, but never married. We have a massage table in the den. Initially we used in the usual way, to give each other massages. Of course they were happy ending massages – for both of us.

Over time, what we do with that table has evolved. Lately, there are a couple of things we do which you might consider highly unusual. Now, don’t judge, OK?

Emily likes anal massage. Using a lot of coconut oil, I’ll put my finger slowly in her ass, and massage all around inside. It gives her orgasms. Not just one usually, but two or three. They are kind of connected together. Mind you, I don’t touch her vagina at all, at least not while we’re doing this, yet she orgasms big time. I know exactly what’s going on, because I can feel her contractions as she’s orgasming. Her ass actually squeezes my finger quite firmly.

Then it’s my turn. For this, she needs to tie me to the massage table. She has some bandanas that she uses so my wrists and ankles are tied to the corners, and I can’t get away.

By the time I’m all tied down, my cock is totally hard, and usually sticking straight up. When I masturbate or whatever, my dick mostly lays against my belly, but Emily has me so excited, it must be one notch harder than normal, and literally sticks up in the air like a six-inch flagpole.

She grabs it and jerks me off. I always cum way too soon. You’d think this is where the fun would be over, but it’s just beginning. Emily says she has to get the ‘cum out’ or ‘get the cumming out of the way,’ so her real work can start.

She doesn’t clean the cum up. It’s all over my cock and balls, and belly, and her hand. Here’s the thing: She just keeps going, as if I hadn’t cum at all.

It’s horrible. It’s the worst tickle-like thing in the world, as any guy who has had post-ejaculation stimulation can attest. I really want it to be done. I squirm. I yell. I laugh. But no, she just keeps going. For some reason, maybe it’s the ongoing stimulation, my cock stays hard. After awhile, it’s not quite so terrible any more. I can almost stand the ongoing attention. She knows it’s dying down, so then she kicks things into high gear.

She puts more coconut oil on the palm of her right hand. Then, while holding the shaft of my cock in her left hand, she starts rubbing that oiled palm over my cockhead. I’m immediately in fucking agony! She’s laughing sardonically. Sadistically. Like a crazy woman. I’m laughing too, between my screaming, squirming, and yes, even convulsing. This is the most unbearable thing a man can feel. And yet, it’s enjoyable in its own way.

Not only does it have that miserable tickle-like, almost pain-like effect, but I also feel like I might cum again, so there’s some pre-orgasmic sensation mixed in. And one more thing: I’ve really got to pee. I can’t hold it in. I just can’t. I end up peeing all over the place. Emily is of course prepared. We have plastic sheeting on the table and on the floor. She knows to move her face away, and makes sure her palm is still rubbing over my peehole, so the squirting is diverted. She just keeps going. Most of the time the involuntary urination is just a squirt or two, but sometimes I let out with a real soaker. Sometimes, I ejaculate a second time. Every now and then, I literally can’t tell if I’m cumming again or pissing. The intensity of the rubbing is just that extreme. I wish I had a safeword I could say to make her stop, but since there’s no physical harm that can be done, other than perhaps a bit of chafing if we hadn’t used enough oil, we have agreed not to have a safeword.

Like all good things, it can’t last forever. Emily has decided the session is over when my cock goes soft. This can never be soon enough for me. But unfortunately, with all that stimulation, my penis stays hard an extra long time.

I swear I’ll never let her do that to me again. Then, about a week later, I can’t wait for our next session.

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