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Genital Modification

Also known as body modification or mods, genital modification is the art of making changes to genitals. Both men and women participate. For women, common modifications are piercings, removal or trimming of inner labia, and tattoos. For men, modification can take many forms such as installing beads under the skin of the penis, enlarging the meatus, changing the scrotum in various ways, and more extreme measures such as splitting the penis into two long half-penises. Most mods are done without anesthesia. There is extreme risk of physical damage and infection. Another risk that many people don’t consider is psychological. Later on, you may really, really, wish you hadn’t done it.

One of the common male genital modifications is usually done gradually. A man will cut his meatus open a bit, and make sure it heals as a wider opening. Then he’ll cut it some more, until it is split all the way down to the frenulum. When the novelty of that wears off, the man continues splitting down the underside of the penis until the urethra is opened all the way down to the scrotum. This, as picture above, is known as a ‘subincision.’

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  1. love expert19612005’s Penile Subincision

  2. I checked out the above link.. It is a valid link to a photo of a guy with a genital modification on Wikimedia Commons.

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