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The frenulum is known as frenum, or more specifically, frenulum preputii penis. This is the little fold of skin on the bottom side of the penis just below or just before the glans (head of the penis). In a survey conducted by urologists in 2009, men rated this the most sensitive part of their bodies.

Stimulating the frenulum can be quite enjoyable. For best results use a finger, the corner of a sheet of toilet paper, or simply a fingertip, touching the frenulum as lightly as possible. For many men, this is a unique experience, and nearly impossible to impart to other men. We often just aren’t that lightweight in our activities. Think of rebuilding a wristwatch or petting a parakeet. That’s the kind of light touch that works best. In fact, you can start by not stroking the frenulum at all a few times, just stroking the air above it, until you finally lower down sufficiently to just barely touch it. If a man is laying on his back, and his penis is already erect, the super-light touch can actually make it jump an inch in the air. Separate each touch by several seconds, and you can experience the jumping action many times.

This super-light touching of the frenulum is a great place to start with foreplay, since it won’t usually bring orgasm all by itself, yet is totally enjoyable in its own right.

It has the special advantage that it teaches a man how lightly to stroke a woman’s inner labia and clitoris, giving the man a sense of what she’s feeling. A very common complaint is that men just don’t know how to touch a woman lightly enough. Many women will enjoy a heavier touch later in a session, but most like super-light touching at first. Also, men, be patient. Don’t touch your woman lightly for sixty seconds, and think that’s enough. Just keep it up for five whole minutes, or even more, and see what happens. I think you’ll be delighted with the results.

Some circumcised men have had their frenulum removed also. No problem, it isn’t the frenulum itself that is the source of all the sensitivity. It is the whole general area of skin a the underside of the glans, so the sensations remain approximately the same.

Sometimes uncircumcised men have a long enough foreskin that even when hard, the frenulum is buried. That too is no problem since that part of the foreskin over the frenulum is almost equally sensitive.

Another technique that can be particularly enjoyable is pulling of the frenulum. It can be stretched quite a bit. Lifting the penis a couple of inches away from the stomach by the frenulum can be sufficiently amazing to cause some guys to ejaculate with no additional stimulation.

The penis isn’t the location of the only frenulum in the human body. It refers to any bridge of tissue, such as the one under the tongue, and the one behind the middle of the upper lip.

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  1. That Frenulum Pulling is great!
    I’d never tried it. Nothing at first then it began to feel really nice.
    Thank you for posting about it.

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