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masturbating ejaculation cum or jizz to foam

Matt and I get together to play every couple of months. And, by play, I don’t mean going fishing or watching basketball.

We like to play with each other’s dicks.

Our wives know, and they don’t care. They have their own girls’ night out. What they do, I don’t know, but I hope they have as much fun as he and I do.

Lately we’ve been been experimenting with something that’s awfully hard to take, but really quite fun at the same time.

One of us will jerk the other guy off. Then we trade off, and the jerkee jerks off the jerker.

But here’s the thing: Once a guy cums, the rubbing doesn’t stop. It’s not allowed to stop until the guy’s penis becomes soft. It’s an exquisite kind of over-stimulation.

We have discovered that continuing stimulation can cause a man’s penis to stay hard much longer than if he were left alone after cumming. As I’m sure you know, the moment after a man ejaculates, the last thing in the world he wants is more stimulation.

That’s why we play with it. To see what the limits are. Matt and I will squirm and yell, and try to get away, but the stimulation must continue.

The semen that came out remains on the jerker’s hand and the jerkee’s cock and gets whipped into a foam, and still the stimulation continues. We hate it and we love it.

I can’t wait for next week to do it again.

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