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Floating on a Pond with Cindy

floating naked on a pond with Cindy

We thought we were all so sophisticated at the time. There were about twelve of us in the group. It was the summer before my senior year in high school. We thought our pond, and especially our skinny dipping there was secret, but I know now it had been happening for years, if not generations. It kind of geeked me out a couple of years later when my parents told me they swam naked at the pond years before I was born. Frankly, I can’t imagine those two naked.

So, sophisticated as we thought we were, we somehow knew, or believed that sex, or anything sexual, was out of the question. It was almost an even mix of girls and boys, and we had plenty of opportunities. The woods were thick and there were lots of chances to get away from the group, and who knows what could have happened. Yet, as far as I know, nothing ever did. It was like an unwritten law or something, handed down from the older kids to the younger ones, year after year.

If a boy started to chub up in the group, even a little bit, he’d be teased by the others. We simply didn’t have erections. A couple of times, I started to, and ran into the woods and jerked off by myself so as not to be made fun of.

So there we were one day, and Cindy Powell was floating on an air mattress in the water. She was laying face down, and just looked so awesome! Absolutely beautiful. I had never said much to her. I was too shy, and figured she was out of my league. Something came over me on that day that I’ll never be able to explain. I thought I might grab the other air mattress and float up to her and maybe at least say “Hi.”

Floating naked on a pond with Cindy

I paddled on over until my mattress was next to hers. She said the most unexpected things, starting with, “I’ll bet you could push or pull me slowly through the water with just a finger.”

I took that as an invitation to play, but wasn’t quite sure. This was Cindy Powell, after all. I poked her shoulder very lightly and sure enough, she floated a few inches away, laughing slightly. She paddled back, and pushed a finger against my hip. My hip! I mean, “hip,” “ass,” it’s all the same thing, right? This was very exciting to me. We floated apart, both of us laughing, in a slightly naughty way. We paddled back together. I pushed the side of her butt with a finger. More laughter.

Then she said the thing that melted my heart: “I’ll bet if you hooked a finger into a person, you could tow that person all over the pond.”

I was confused, but I thought maybe I understood. My heart started beating so hard I could feel it. “Into a person, like where?”

“I mean, wouldn’t it be a great science experiment if you could push your finger… um, you know where, and drag a person around in the water?” I could swear I detected an embarrassed hitch in her voice. Was she becoming as horny as I was?

“You mean…?”

“Well…” she hesitated, “…yes.”

“You want me to try it?”

“No, not really, it was just a thought.”

I was destroyed. I had hoped…

A moment later she said, “You know…, um, yes, I’d like you to try that.”

I didn’t need an engraved invitation! My silly penis swelled up instantly, but since I was laying face down on the air mattress, it was OK. Frankly, I kind of hoped she could see it. Anyway, I paddled over, and after some tentative poking around, during which she kept half-whispering, “Yes.” and “OK.” I finally got my fingertip into her ass. I felt precum flowing between my stomach and the mattress. My finger was literally in Cindy’s ass.

I started paddling with my other hand, but it wasn’t working very well. After about two minutes, we gave up on the experiment. I very reluctantly pulled my finger out of her.

And that was that. I don’t know whether anyone on the little sandy beach-like area saw that or not. No one ever said anything if they did. I had to remain face down on my mattress for quite a while, even risking sunburn, before my cock returned to its soft state. It didn’t help that I periodically smelled my index finger, taking in the sweet aroma! Cindy, meanwhile, got back on the beach and was sitting on a blanket with some of her girlfriends. I couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but I doubt it was our little experiment. Nothing more happened that day, except that when I got home and had some privacy, I jerked off like a maniac.

Cindy and I did meet up again. In fact, we have two kids, age 16 and 18. We haven’t told them about our experience at the pond, and they haven’t told us whether they’ve been there, but we have our suspicions. I keep thinking it would be good to discuss the whole thing as a family, but I don’t know how to bring it up.

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