Female Tales

Female Point Of View Stories

Many of the memoirs and stories you’ll find here are pretty far removed from solo sex. There’s no harm in fantasizing about any sort of sex. A good wank while daydreaming about even the most ‘wicked’ scenarios will help keep you from actually acting them out. The better the fantasy, the better your meditation-like results will be, because it breaks looped thinking. So, here you go, free stories to fuel your masturbation fantasies!

All In The Family

Annual Gyno Exam Gone Crazy

Anorexia Tale – Memoir

The Art of Sucking A Cock – Female POV

Aunt Jean and Uncle Larry

Becoming A Porn Star

Big Clit Situation

Big Star – Female point of view

Brother’s Handjob

Brother on Asshole – female point of view

Budding Astronomer

A Butler for Little Miss



Cervical Orgasms

Clit Compression
clit compression

Clit Pinching

Confessions of a High School Cum Queen

Continuous Orgasms – Story and technique

Crazy Girl

Dad Jerks Off for Me

Double Penetration


Erotic Photo Shoots – Bisexual

Family Masturbation Night

Family Naked Bike Ride

Feeling Her Ovaries – Short Memoir

Female Waxing – Very Intimate Memoir

First Reactions to a Hard Cock

Fisting My Sister – Male POV

Fulfillment with Ben Wah Balls

Girl At 14 – Coming of Age, Female POV

Girlfriend Blocked Ejaculation

Girl Wanking With Guys

Home Health Exam – Female POV

Horrible Roommate – Lesbian, bisexual

How I Feel About My Boobs – Interview

I am a MILF – (Mother I’d Like To Fuck)

I Caught My Brother Jacking Off

I Get Paid To Have Sex With My Co-Workers

I Inspected My Uncle’s Cock – Female point of view

Imagine My Surprise – Female POV

It Helps Being a Waitress – Female POV

I Work For A Doctor – Ebook, Heterosexual

Jenelle’s Best Orgasm

Josephine Baker – A woman beyond her time

Juliet, Jude and Jason – classic erotic romance

Laurie’s Latest Experiments

The Laying On of Fingers

Lesbian at Thirteen – Female POV

Me and the Musician – Female point of view

Mom and Daughter Give Step-Dad a Treat

Monica Tells Jill About Sucking Her Dad’s Cock

Mother Gives Daughter Her First Orgasm

My Boss is a Weirdo – Female POV

My Inner Labia

My Brother Laramy – Female POV

Naked Shuffle Dance Girl

Naughty Nudist

Nudist College Family

Nursing School – Bisexual

Nymphomaniac – Bisexual

Our Family Sheltering In Place – Female POV

Paying For College The Crazy Way

Picking on the Naked Boy with the Erection

Pickleball Romance

Putting Nymphomania to Good Use

Geometry: Right After Class

Rubbing My Brother’s Glans

Sadistic Massage Practitioner – Male point of view story

Sandra’s Ben-Wah Balls – Female point of view

Sex Worker in the Year 2052 – Science fiction

She Loves Peehole Tonguing

Sister’s Pulsation

Sister Waxing Brother

Sondra’s Crazy College Roommate

Son’s Phimosis – Mother-son

Special Girl – Memoir

Strange Approach to Lesbianism

Strange Family – Female POV

Street Performer

Three Weeks In

Too Fast – MMF Threesome to cure premature ejaculation

Topless In Buffalo – Female POV

Two Horny Girls with an Interest in Science

Vaginal Itch – Incestual female POV story

Waxing Spa – Female POV

Wealthy Girl – Female point of view story

Webcam Girl

What Are They Feeling? – Female POV

Why I became a prostitute

Working for Mr. Thompson – Female POV

Young Asian Woman on the Beach

You’re Fired

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