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Female Continuous

Female continuous orgasm technique

“It seems kind of weird having you, and older gentleman, sitting there watching.”

“Thank you for saying ‘older gentleman,’ rather than ‘old guy,’ or ‘old fart.’ I’m actually sixty-seven.”

“Well, anyway, you’re just going to sit there, fully clothed, while I’m fully naked, and watch me jilling myself?”

“Yes, and coach you, too.”

They talked a bit more, as she, at first sheepishly, somewhat embarrassed, started masturbating, and the older fellow told her exactly what to do.

“Now, remember, the hardest part is to stop before you go into full orgasm. Try to hold that state. Notice the chills, and whatever else may be going on in your body.”

“Oh, my….” she said, as her muscles tensed, and stayed tensed.

“I’m getting it. Oh, yes, I’m getting it.”

“Just stay in the feeling, being really careful not to go too deep into orgasm.”

“You mean, I’m in orgasm now, right?”

“Do you feel chills? A sort of springiness? Something deep in your belly, perhaps?”

“Yes, all those things. Plus, I’m feeling it big-time in my clit.”

“Great, you are indeed in ongoing continuous orgasm.”

“Oh, it’s slipping away.”

“Don’t worry, your body has already learned what you want. It will help you. As your body catches on, it won’t be at all difficult to stay in the state. Bring yourself back up to orgasm, and enjoy every feeling along the way.”


After a couple of minutes…

“Oh! Ah! Here it is again. This is amazing! I’ve had multiple orgasms before, but never just stayed in orgasm. Oh my God! Now I’m getting the pulsing contractions too, but they just keep going!”

“By gosh, you got it on the first try. Many women, and men, have to practice quite a bit before they get to continuous orgasm.”


“Enjoy. Just let it do what it will. Be natural.”

After a few more minutes…

“Whew! That was so amazing! Say, do you ever get naked and masturbate along with your clients?”

“Yes, sometimes, when I’m invited.”

“You know, I could do it some more, and yes, you’re invited!”

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