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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I’ve been busy. I’m making a website that seriously promotes masturbation. I think that’s a very important message in this age of social distancing. Wanking will help those who are otherwise bored at home, are growing impatient, horny, depressed, or frustrated. It’s not that most folks don’t jerk off already, but to write about and normalize masturbation, will help them not feel guilty or weird about it. To truly know you can have a good time by yourself without having to go visit someone is powerful. It lists 20 benefits of masturbation, then it has over 270 pages of fantasies, memoirs, how-to information and media about, well, just about anything you can imagine in the sexual world. I’ve made it all free and complete, so anyone who is old enough can access the information. I hope to make some money from the website through affiliate banner ads.

The fellow I was telling you about is 73, and quite fit. He could easily be mistaken for 50-something. He and his wife have been swingers, but not so active in that lifestyle lately. So, he and I did get together, and we had a nice time. He’s a retired mechanical engineer, and his workshop is rather spectacular. He has a lathe, oxy-acetylene set, vertical mill, and all the other things you’d expect in such a shop. He has a hot tub installed in his shop, and a special temperature, humidity, and lighting controlled test room. In that room, he installed a bed.

He says he and his wife soak in the hot tub occasionally, but mostly it’s just him. We got naked, rinsed off and got in the tub for ten minutes or so, where we both casually touched each other to mild erections.

Then we went into his special room, and we traded edging handjobs for quite a while. Finally, he came. He said he had never been edged for so long, and so close to the edge. It was like a preliminary to the continuous dry orgasm thing. Edging is like the first step. He expressed interest in learning the actual technique next time we meet up, perhaps in a week or so.

I sensed that after he ejaculated that he didn’t want to do much more of a sexual nature, and I hadn’t orgasmed yet, so I demonstrated the continuous dry orgasm technique on myself. I had him place his fingers on my perineum below my balls, and sure enough, he could feel the urethral contractions. I was somewhat surprised how easily I got into that state, and yet I was able to orgasm without cumming. I only did it for a minute or so, out of deference to his change in mood. He was very polite and cooperative about it, even after cumming. Some guys have trouble after ejaculation staying in the mood to even be with the person they were playing with. I’m sure you’ve run into that.

We got back in the hot tub for a good 15 minutes where we talked mostly about physics, but also about sex, our wives, and so on. We dressed, and talked another 15 minutes. All in all, it was very nice, but not spectacular. I have a feeling in the near future, it will become spectacular.

Meanwhile, the 19-year-old who wrote, wanting to meet up at the nude beach, resurfaced. Finally, he gave me his email address, rather than just communicating through text Messages. He sent me a dick pick. I sent him a dick pick, and he has requested more. He says that my dick looks much younger than he would have figured for someone my age. He says he is ‘on the straight side, but definitely curious.’ I have a feeling that we will meet up eventually, and jerk ourselves off next to each other on the beach. Or, he did express interest in trading handjobs. I won’t push it. I could imagine if he’s not really ready for a male-male encounter, it could be psychologically problematic for him.

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