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Family Masturbation Night

Family Masturbation Night

I believe I’m a typical 19-year-old girl. I used to think my family was normal. Maybe my parents are a bit more open, more hippie-like than others, so I guess it’s no surprise what happened.

It started with my brother Jim, who is one year older than me. Like me, he’s going to the local college. It’s not so we can save money. My parents are fairly loaded. It’s more because our family has always been close. For us, there’s no advantage in going away to dorm living.

We were sitting around the dinner table one night, which is typical for our family. I used to resent that we don’t have a big-screen TV. In fact, we don’t have a TV at all. Instead, we talk about things. Led by our parents, or grandparents, or sometimes even our gardener Jose, who has become part of the family, the discussion may be about oceanography, French, or US history. Or, maybe more mundane things, like masturbation.

In a quiet moment, Jim announced, “I’ve been learning to have dry orgasms.” He said it as matter-of-factly as if he had said, “I have a stamp collection.”

My mother took the bait. “Dry orgasms?”

My father jumped in, “Are you saying you can orgasm without ejaculating?”

“Yup,” was Jim’s very simple answer.

“Gosh, I’ve always wanted to learn that,” my father replied. “Do you really have it mastered (pardon the pun)? Was it easy to learn?”

“Actually, once you learn a couple of simple things, then practice a bit, it’s super-easy. And, well worth the effort, I might add,” Jim answered with a smile.

“Will you teach me?” Dad asked.


“Me too,” Jose piped in. “I’d love to learn that.”

I wasn’t very sexual back then, and so couldn’t believe my ears. I mean, yes, our family is liberal, but this was to a whole new level.

My sister, Amy, asked, “What about us girls? Is it something we could learn? Might it be good for us, too?”

My brother affirmed that he thought she could learn it. He figured that separating orgasms and ejaculations in girls is meaningless, but the end result, the continuous orgasms, would be great for her.

My father, in his usual authoritarian way added, “I suppose like all masturbatory practices, it would have benefits. I mean, if masturbation helps with focus, and physical health and mental stability, then more masturbation would be better, right?”

Wouldn’t it be like meditation, but even more beneficial?” Jose wondered.

There were murmurs of assent around the dining table. That’s when my mother blew us away with the following suggestion: “Maybe Jim can show us all his new technique.”

Personally, if I was Jim, I would have turned red in the face, and been all embarrassed. Not Jim. He just said, “Sure,” as casually as if he was going to show us a new way to grip a tennis racket.

There was a moment of silence, then Mom said, “Well, how about now? Is anyone doing anything?”

We agreed this would be a good time, and all of us, including Jose, Grandpa and Grandma reconvened in the living room. Even I, asexual though I though I was at the time, became fascinated.

Sitting on various chairs and sofas in our big living room, we were all clothed. As if he were in his own bedroom, Jim disrobed. Right down to nothing! Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised. I mean, I’ve seen everyone nude at one point or another. But it wasn’t very often, and generally nothing special, like passing in the hallway on the way to the shower.

But this evening had a strong sexual component to it. You could feel it in the air, or at least I could. I could feel it elsewhere too, which surprised me. You know, that heightened awareness you get, the springs and pings in your vagina, your lower stomach, maybe even in your arms, legs and the top of your head? I was feeling that.

There was something else. Where was the hair? I was looking right at Jim’s crotch, and there should have been a mass of black curly hair, like I have. He was as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

“Oh, you shave!” Mom quipped with a touch of delight.

“Sure, lots of guys do these days,” Jim said.

Jim sat back down in an easy chair, in a very slouched forward position, and started fingering his scrotum. Not his penis, which surprised me. In a couple of moments, his penis rose to attention, sticking straight up out of his lap. He was evidently enjoying the attention from the whole family. I, personally, would have been mortified to be in his position.

Then, like a professor, he started in on a lecture, “Of course I had to become erect. So now, I’ll start stroking my cock. Um, sorry, ‘penis.'”

Oh, you can say ‘cock’ my dad quickly added. We won’t be offended by ‘real’ words.

Jim continued, explaining about edging, something I had never heard about until then. It sounded like something I had done a few times, but now, I’d certainly be edging more seriously. The idea that one brings themselves to the point of orgasm, then backs off. Then he revealed the magic trick.

“The thing is, you stop the stimulation for only a second. Maybe even just reduce, not stopping entirely. You don’t want the pre-orgasmic feeling to die entirely away. Then resume, paying very careful attention to how you feel. When you get it right, you can approach orgasm, keep up the stimulation, and literally enter and stay in orgasm for minutes at a time. You can also do it over and over again, without losing arousal.

“When I first started, these orgasms were like 70 percent as strong as full ejaculations, but nothing was coming out. That in itself was fantastic, because right from the beginning I could have several orgasms, a huge improvement over just cumming and being done. But since then, I’ve been able to make the dry orgasms stronger than ejaculations. Then, in the end, perhaps after an hour or so, I may be so satisfied that I don’t even need to ejaculate. Or, I may go ahead and have a crashing, super-strong ejaculatory orgasm.”

As he was telling us all this, he was evidently experiencing exactly what he was talking about. Periodically, he’d pause, arch his back or curl his toes, and say a little something like, “ooh, ” or “ummm!”

Grandpa asked, “How do we know you’re not just making this up? Faking it?”

“Well, here, Grandpa. Come over here, and put your fingertips right here under my balls, just ahead of my anus.”

Grandpa scooted over and did just as Jim instructed. After holding his fingers there for a moment, he said, “Oh my god! He’s right. I feel his urethra contracting.”

One by one, the family came over to Jim, and placed their fingertips where he instructed, and they all felt the contractions.

I couldn’t wait for my turn. Why this had me so excited, I have no idea. I mean, it was only my brother Jim after all, demonstrating a technique. No big deal, right? Yet my heart was racing, and my vagina was so wet that I was worried it would show through my shorts.

I placed my fingers on his taint. At first, I was just a bit low, and pressed my finger right onto his anus. He just said, “A little higher.” But to me, to touch his asshole like that, was like an electric shock.

It must have been for him also because suddenly, as I was feeling his urethral contractions, he grunted, and quietly said, “Oh, no…” With that, he arched up, and started ejaculating all over his lower belly.

I realized it was my finger on his anus that triggered it. I was also fascinated. What a spectacular show! I just knew that I’d be masturbating big time in my bedroom within a few minutes.

At that moment, Mom announced, “Let’s practice,” pulling down her pants as she spoke.

As if the evening wasn’t already as weird as it could get! Within moments, every single one of us, even Grandma was bare-ass naked, and jerking off in our living room.

Like a great instructor, Jim was going from one random family member to another watching intently, and offering little bits of advice. Like, “Don’t get quite so close yet, Dad.” and “Amy, once you get to the point, back off, and just see if you can feel the orgasming being an ongoing phenomenon.”

In answer to a question from Jose, he added, “One interesting point about this is once you learn it, it’s as if your body wants to help. It becomes quite easy to simply stay in orgasm for longer periods of time, or to have orgasm after orgasm every minute or two.”

Grandpa got it that very first evening. Grandma smiled big, but I don’t know what she experienced. Dad said he may have been ‘on the edge for a bit,’ but would have to practice more. Amy said she thought she already knew the general idea, and had had multiple orgasms in the past, but doing it for real was much better. Evidently, she got it that first evening also.

I happened to be watching as Jose was smiling serenely, and kind of jerking and grunting. He obviously got the basics right away. But a moment later, white cum shot out of his dick.

Mom, just kept saying, “This is so great!” She said it like six times. It was weird seeing her running her fingers in little circles in that dark patch. Sometimes, I could see flashes of pink. To think, I came out of there!

I was the last to take off my clothes, hesitating a moment after the others were all naked. Even though I was having all sorts of horniness, I was still… I don’t know, shy, reluctant? I kind of didn’t want them to see how big my boobs were. But I’ll tell you what: Once I was naked with my family and started masturbating, I was a convert. A huge convert! I didn’t have any ongoing or long-lasting orgasms that evening. I just couldn’t hold back, and came almost right away.

So, that was our first Wednesday evening family wank session. We’ve done it every Wednesday since. Sometimes someone won’t be there. Grandma sometimes goes to a card game with her lady friends, but not very often. Dad sometimes has to work late, but he rushes home, usually making it in time to grab the last bite of dinner and join us. Sometimes one or another of us is not in the mood. Like, on occasion, Dad, or Grandpa or Jim or Jose just can’t get it up. I have attended every single session, and am having the time of my life. Oh, yes, I learned the technique!

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  1. Yet again I find myself feeling envious of any family that participates in group masturbation. I would have LOVED to stroke my 6″ hard cock while watching my Dad fist his VERY THICK 7″ Cock as well as my three sisters and Mom playing with their wet, hairy pussies until we all enjoyed multiple orgasms. Oh what a relief it is..!

  2. Wow! As I was reading this my pre-cum started pouring out even before I had an erection. Then within 10 minutes I couldn’t hold back. All I can say is wow, thanks I didn’t think I had it in me at 78.

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