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Extreme Intensity

Extreme Penile Intensity

I’ve got a friend that I play with from time to time. We usually jerk each other off, often playing with various techniques such as edging, or testicle massage.

I was starting to get a notion that I’d like some extreme intensity, so when I went to visit him, I told him to ‘go for it, no holds barred.’

First, I put him on his massage table, and brought him to near ejaculation. Then we switched places on the table.

He asked whether I’d like to be tied down. I said yes. He came up with some bandanas and tied my wrists and ankles to the corners of the table. His penis, fully erect, wagged in front of him, ignored while he tied me into position.

Ever so slowly and gently, he very lightly touched my cock until it was rock hard.

Then he went to work, and I immediately regretted my request. Grabbing the shaft of my penis with one hand, he started rubbing the oiled palm of his other hand over my glans. It was an unbearable tickle.

I was immediately squirming, laughing and yelling uncontrollably, which didn’t phase him in the slightest. I was pulling against the restraints so hard that my wrists were hurting.

I could imagine dying from a heart attack from such intensity.

I thought it would never end. And it didn’t really. The feeling did change, however. Instead of being totally unbearable, it was starting to be somewhat pleasurable. I kind of felt like I might accidentally urinate. At the same time, I could feel an orgasm starting to build.

Oddly, I didn’t urinate, and the orgasm was kind of stuck. I didn’t ejaculate. Didn’t even have an orgasm, but just stayed in the ‘gonna cum’ feeling.

My friend noticed that I wasn’t squirming as much, so he changed the angle, and cranked up the speed and pressure. Once again, I was in absolute agony. But delicious agony. He just kept it up. Mixed with the absolutely unbearable tickle sensation was the feeling that I really, really had to urinate. The next thing I know, I felt droplets of fluid falling against my chest and stomach. Sure enough, some pee did involuntarily leak out of me.

My friend just laughed and kept going.

Once again, the horribleness of the feeling subsided as more pee leaked out. Then, suddenly, without warning, I was ejaculating.

Still, my friend continued. The cum and pee on my body, on his hands, his massage table, and on the floor, didn’t bother him.

I was just twisting against the bandanas. There was nothing I could do. After having cum, the intensity was through the roof. I said “stop” several times, but as per our prior agreement, there was no safeword. Oh, it was so fucking intense!

My penis stayed hard, which is unusual. Usually it goes soft after cumming. My friend continued. This was awful, wonderful, everything at once! It hurt, but it wasn’t pain. It was just overwhelming, terrible sensation. Somehow, the good overwhelmed the bad, and I felt my urethra contracting again. I was cumming a second time, something that has happened only a few times in my life.

Then, the feeling changed back to absolutely horrible. I was squirming and pulling hard. Trying to turn sideways to get away. My friend relentlessly kept rubbing my cockhead. I was yelling, I was laughing. Still, my penis stayed erect. He continued…

Finally, my penis softened, and we both knew it was over. I put him back on the table, asking if he’d like the same treatment.

He was like, “No fucking way!” I gave him a nice gentle handjob, causing him to squirt profusely after only a minute or two.

That was a couple of weeks ago. Now, I’m looking forward to doing the same thing again.

2 thoughts on “Extreme Intensity

  1. You’ve just wrecked my day. I was going along all calm and peaceful, and now I’ve gotta have that! I’m going to call some old friends and coworkers, and see if I can get someone to help me out.

  2. My mom used to do that when I was younger. The only thing is she never did it severe enough. Don’t get me wrong. it was still very pleasurable. She mostly wouldn’t let me ejaculate. If I was getting close, she’d stop, saying it wasn’t right for a mother to do that for her son. But sometimes I did cum. She’d laugh. I’d laugh, then a week later she’d be doing it again. She never wanted any reciprocation. In my whole life, I’d never seen her nude, but of course she saw me nude plenty of times.

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