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Exploits of a Grower, Not a Shower

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Dallas, His Wife and Daughter, Grower, not a Shower, Flaccid and Erect
As you can see, I’m a grower, not a shower.
CalusUse, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

I grew up in a normal functioning family that accepted open nudity at home. With my mother, father and two sisters I always tended to be the exhibitionist in the family. I remember being quite young, prepubescent and I wanted everyone to see my “new penis”. I felt quite proud and never tried to hide my erections. As we reached puberty and grew into our teens, we moved away from total family nudity only seeing each other nude while in the bathroom. I continued to be totally nude quite often around the house when we didn’t have company. I often walked around with an erection which always caught the interest of my two sisters. Our mother also took notice of their curiosity for my erections and told me I had to go to the bathroom or my bedroom to take care of it after she caught my sister who was two years older than me holding my erect penis while I was attempting to pee outside on the back patio.

Going ahead a few years I’m now in college and we had a favorite beach that was unofficially clothing optional. Our group of friends six guys and seven girls started out with our bathing suits on but we quickly went over to the total nude area. The women were quite shy initially and nervous, the men threw caution to the wind as guys so often are quite comfortable nude.

I was one of the first to lose my bathing suit and be nude and by the time the women started to undress I had very firm erection. I’m what they call a grower not a shower. So, when I’m flaccid and in a cool temperature area I’m around 40mm (1.5”) in length and when I have an erection, it grows to 190mm (7.5”) long.

This of course drew a few giggles from some of the men and women. Being the exhibitionist that I am it made my erection even firmer. Some of the men also started to arise to the occasion. The women were trying not to stare but it was obvious that they were quite curious. To put things into perspective this was good friends only and not a sexual encounter. I was able to maintain a firm erection while we were splashing about in the rather chilly ocean however the cold water caused my scrotum to tighten up so much my testis disappeared. We were all having naked fun in the sun playing Frisbee.

We took a refreshment break and sort of sat around on our towels or just stood talking. A few of the women draped a towel around their shoulders and dried their hair. In the group of thirteen only five of us were completely shaved in the pubic area. Myself and one other man and three women. Back then it wasn’t as common to have your pubic hair clean shaven. That really added to the curiosity in our group.

Sara, not a student but a cousin of one of our friends was also one of the women who was clean shaven or should I say waxed. Sara was quite slim with very firm perky breasts. I love her tan lines that made it look like she was wearing a see-through white one-piece bathing suit. She had been keeping her eye on me and said she had never seen a man keep an erection for this length of time.

Being ginger haired with very light skin, I had to be careful of too much sun exposure so I suggested that we walk over to a part of the beach where some trees would give us some shade. Once over there Sara removed her towel from her shoulders and asked me if I wanted her to apply some sunscreen on me.

Sure, I said and she started with my back and shoulders then she moved around to the front of me and again with nothing on but a big beautiful smile, made a comment about how long I’ve had my erection and was it painful. I told her that it isn’t painful at all but it does feel really great to have an erection even when it’s not in use.

She said that I should put sunscreen on my penis because, as she put it, we don’t want to get that “guy” sunburned, do we as she started slathering sunscreen on my penis and scrotum. She commented on how smooth I was. That was it. I couldn’t hold back a second more and I ejaculated all over her hands and legs. We burst out laughing and I told her that now the spell was broken.

I said my poor penis is now going to make a disappearing act. She asked what I meant and I told her I’m a grower not a shower meaning that my penis is quite short when it’s limp holding up my two fingers to show her the length that it will be real soon. She laughed and said I don’t believe you.

A few minutes later, she believed me. We both started laughing and she said I need more sunscreen down there. I agreed and said I can’t have too much sunscreen down there the way I burn. She proceeded to rub the lotion all over my penis, scrotum, perineum area and buttocks. She again made a comment about my very light almost nonexistent body hair even though I only shaved my groin area.

She told me being so smooth like that is a real turn on. Sara had never seen an uncircumsised penis before and was just in awe at how the foreskin could move over the glans and back so smoothly and easily. My flaccid penis shrunk back but if you pulled at the foreskin, it would stretch out 3 to 4 inches past the glans. Even with a full erection I showed Sara that my foreskin could still be pulled over the glans but would roll back once I let go of it. Sara marveled at this ability.

We did a little kissing and softly touching each other but Sara was not interested in starting a new relationship as she was engaged in a committed relationship with a planned wedding the following May.
It seems as if we talked about everything in the world and a few hours latter it was time to head home. It had been a great day. We said our goodbyes and hugs. Parting with words like we should do this again and see you real soon.

I never heard back from Sara. Her cousin told me that she did get married the following May and has a young daughter now. She also said that Sara asks about you and remembers the great day we had together and that she felt so safe and comfortable with me while totally nude.

Fast forward several years. I married a great woman; Kathy and we have a beautiful daughter Lisa. Lisa was a very calm baby.

As a family we were very open about nudity. We did a lot of camping always looking for those clothing optional beaches. We joined a nudist resort club and for several years that was where we spent our summers. I did have to be careful of my spontaneous erections. Just like most nudist clubs ours had a very strict rules about blatant male erections. You had to leave the area or cover your erection with a towel.

Times were changing and the nudist clubs and resorts started losing members and closing down.
As Lisa started into puberty, she slowly stopped being nude around the house except for going from her room to the bathroom. She didn’t keep her bedroom or bathroom doors closed but she no longer wanted to go to our nudist resort or go to clothing optional beaches. We understood that and respected her privacy. She told us that she was very comfortable with our nudity around the house or in our swimming pool frequently joined us on the patio or pool in her bathing suit.

Lisa soon went off to college. When she came home for the Thanksgiving weekend, we noticed that she had really matured and had a very self-confident manner about her. She was really enjoying her first away from home experience.

One evening while I was showering, she came into the bathroom, sat down on the chair and asked me if we could talk.

“Sure,” I said. “What’s on your mind?”

She giggled nervously and asked if she could talk to me about my penis. I was surprised by the question and replied, “Sure Lisa. What would you like to know?”

I quickly rinsed off and came out of the shower and while I was standing right in front of her while toweling off my hair, she said that she has a friend, not really a serious boyfriend but we sort of play around. Don’t worry dad, safe sex only. I’m sure she saw the relief on my face.

Then Lisa said that his penis looks so different than yours, saying I know it’s because he’s circumcised and his foreskin was removed at birth.

“Why weren’t you circumcised?” she asked.

I started to explain that when I was born my parents could make that choice of circumcision of not. I then stated I’m really grateful that my parents left me intact telling her that there are hundreds of very sensitive nerve endings in the foreskin. Keeping it clean is a very important daily routine. I started to tug at my loose penile skin and stretched it out. Lisa just stared and looked mesmerized by how long it would stretch over my glans. Having just finished a warm shower, it measured out at around four inches past the glans. I said that your mom always calls it the hood.

I could feel myself getting aroused and had a flashback memory of those many years ago while skinny dipping with Sara. The blood pumped into my penis and in a matter of seconds I had a very firm erection. Lisa is just starring at my penis and exclaimed that she had seen me nude many times with an erection but didn’t realize that it was that big. My foreskin had retracted quickly behind the corona and my penile papules were showing quite prominently. I explained to Lisa that I have a very loose foreskin and that some men require a little help to roll it back when they get an erection and that even with my erection, I was able to manually pull my foreskin completely over my glans.

Lisa asked me about the bumps on the back edge of my corona and I explained, as I rubbed them that some men don’t have papules but they are very sensitive and add to the man’s pleasure. I mentioned that I believe that they were leftover from when men were evolving. She said her friend didn’t have papules and his glans was very smooth.

As I finished drying myself Lisa didn’t take her eyes off of my penis which was still maintaining an erection. I positioned myself to give her the best view being the exhibitionist that I am.

The bathroom door was open and a voice asked if this was a private meeting. My wife Kathy, Lisa’s mom was standing in the door way.

“Come on in Mom,” Lisa said. “I was just asking dad about his penis.”

We all burst out laughing. Now Lisa and my wife are looking at my penis. I thought I was going to explode when my wife grabbed my erect penis firmly and started to stroke it slowly. A few drops of precum formed on my meatus. Lisa was giggling and starring just waiting for me to explode. Mom said Okay guys it’s my turn in the shower and with that she quickly let go of my penis and said you are on your own.

I went to our bedroom to get dressed and Lisa followed me in there and asked me if I was going to masturbate as my erection was still firm and the precum was starting to drip. She said that she would like to watch me if I was. I said sure why not. I was a little nervous about this and as always when I get anxious, I try to use humor. Okay I said but no video. We both laughed. I laid down on our bed and folded the towel next to me. Lisa moved right to the side of our bed and watched earnestly as I slowly stroked my engorged penis and lightly rubbed my very firm scrotum. I could feel the ripples and wrinkles on my scrotum and I starred at Lisa’s face enjoying her watching me.

I was right at the point of no return when mom walks into the bedroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around her head and asked with a laugh, am I too late for the lesson. Mom stood right beside Lisa as I spurted the largest load of ejaculate in my life. I could feel my orgasm pulse though my body and it seemed to go on for several minutes. I had never felt an orgasm so intensely.

Lisa said, “Mom, did you see dad’s eyes?”

Kathy started laughing and picked up my towel to clean up my ejaculate that had spurted everywhere including on Lisa’s arm.

Lisa said, “I’m okay Mom. I’ll take care of it.” I could see Lisa holding her arm so as not to let the ejaculate run off as she left our bedroom.

Kathy then closed the bedroom door and asked, do you have anything left for me? I said yes baby lets do it. It was great sex with Kathy. I just love going down on her especially if she is completely hairless and freshly showered which she normally is. I can help her have several orgasms by oral stimulation and by then I have a very firm erection ready to come again.

Sunday afternoon Lisa was packing up to return back to college. At lunch with us Lisa said thanks so much for being the best parents ever. She mentioned that her college friends find their parents boring and controlling.

We said our good byes as one of her friends pulled into the driveway for the journey back to school.
Latter that evening Kathy and I were talking about when Lisa was a little care free girl. Now a grown woman. During our reminiscing I told Kathy about my college days and my encounter with Sara. Kathy said she was jealous because her collage days, in her words were quite boring. You found excitement because you were a little exhibitionist and with that statement, we both started laughing.

Kathy suggested that we go to bed and show off your exhibitionism.

While I do say that I’m an exhibitionist, I only do that where the people around me don’t mind or care that I’m nude. I’m not the type to shock or threaten people with my nudity.

Here are more of my pictures on Wikimedia Commons: CalusUse’ (Dallas) Pictures

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