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Happy Holidays to you as well! I hope you have a wonderful new year.

[My bisexual friend sent me to a link showing some guys cumming while being buttfucked.]

Nice video!

I was trying to remember a time I’ve been buttfucked, and to my amazement , I realized I never have. I guess it’s my aversion to any sort of ‘gay’ activities beyond handjobs, testicle massage, etc. On the other hand, I have done a lot of buttfucking. My wife used to love it, and would orgasm right away with no pussy stimulation at all. However, of late, she doesn’t like sex. Fortunately, she likes giving me handjobs, which I enjoy as much or more than fucking. She says she enjoys the conversation while we’re doing that, so it’s fine with me!

I have buttfucked a handful of women, and perhaps three guys. The guys, it was because they seemed to want it.

Whereas there’s almost no difference in anatomy or the way it feels, I’m totally attracted to women’s assholes, but not so much the mens.’

There was this one time when a guy put a finger in my ass, and it felt so good, I asked for two fingers, then three, and finally four. I can’t imagine how anyone could get a fist in there, but having fisted some guys, and most recently the guy I often play with, I know it’s quite possible.

This guy really wants it deep. We have done it several times, and every time, I go in about ten inches, and hit a restriction. He assures me it can be stretched and I can get past that point, but we haven’t yet. I’m afraid something in there will burst, but he doesn’t have that concern, assuring me it will stretch. I’ve tried to get an anatomy lesson out of the deal. I feel around as much as I can, hoping to identify his bladder, his kidneys, maybe his intestines, but I can’t really feel any specific shapes except for his spine. Looking at videos of deep fisting, I don’t know whether the guys bend their arms once they are in past their elbows, or whether they push up against the diaphragm. Maybe they’re an inch or less away from the heart. Can they feel it beating? How weird is that?

I have on two separate occasions pushed a 36-inch long flexible dildo into my friend. I’m sure it curves around his large intestine and practically reaches his appendix. He really enjoys that. Go figure, right? I supposed when it comes time for a colonoscopy, he’ll have absolutely no trouble with that.

BTW, I just came across a statistic that 8% of men get erections during medical exams.

My friend wants to try deep fisting again sometime this week. We’ll see if perhaps this time, I can get in more than 10 inches. I’m interested to see what happens. We’ll also work on our usual stuff – extended, on-going dry orgasms, post-ejaculation stimulation, and so on.

I was also recently contacted by a guy who lives right in my area, and seems quite like-minded about not kissing, anal or oral, but he cannot host. My regular friend says he’d like a three-way eventually, but not next week.

I’m sure I told you about the Eskimo woman who was a psychologist. We were playing with cucumbers one evening. She had one that was somewhat bigger in diameter than a large penis. Having put it in her pussy and ass which delighted her tremendously, we switched positions, and she started trying to jam it in my ass.

It didn’t feel good. In fact, it kind of hurt. I almost asked her to pull it out, but then something changed. Suddenly, it didn’t hurt at all, and I wanted more. I wanted to be stretched so wide, and was disappointed that the cucumber was only so fat. Oh well:)

Cheers! – George

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