If you haven't seen Chaturbate, you're in for a treat, and it's free, no sign-up required!


The Early Days – Male point of view

Eastern European Jacking Chair – Male point of view.

East-West Breasts (boobs, tits): Breasts in which rather than both nipples facing forward, they face somewhat away from each other.


Edging – Video

Edging Wife Edging – A short, unusual handjob situation

Ejaculate as a noun, the material that is expelled during ejaculation

Ejaculation, Can’t – Short Memoir


Ejaculating, Better Than?

Ejaculation Distance Contest – Male point of view story, heterosexual

Ejaculations, Dry – Short Version

Ejaculation Memory Game – Tile Game

Eighty-Eight – Elderly: Memoir of a Still-Active 88-Year-Old

Eleven Times – Male point of view

Email With a Penpal – Male memoir of anal play and more

Electrostimulation – Also known as ‘estim’

Emporium, The Masturbation Emporium – A mixed-gender venue

Emulating Mom’s Massage

Encyclopedia of the Penis


Enema – the cleaning or medicating of the rectum by flushing with fluid

Enema – When Your Mom is a Nurse, Male point of view
Enema, when your mom is a nurse

Epididimis – Info

Erectile Dysfunction

Eretion Expansion

Erectile Dysfunction Drug

Erection – Facts

Erection Problem

Erection Expansion

Erections – Female point of view story

Erections, Nocturnal – Facts

Erotica, Worst BDSM Erotica Ever

Erotic Photo Shoots – Female point of view story

Estim – Also known as ‘electrostimulation’

Exaggeration – Male point of view

Exam, 18-Year-Old’s Erotic Medical Exam – Male point of view

Excruciating – Requested experience

Experiment – Famous Basketball Coach’s Experiment

Exercise – Fascinating new technique for both men and women.

Exercise – Two fun exercises

Experiments, Laurie’s Latest – Female POV

Experiments: Laurie The Scientist – Male POV

Experiment: My Wife’s Experiment

Exercise, Pubococcygeus (PC) Muscle – Info

Extreme Intensity
Ordinary Guys with Extraordinary Talent

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If you haven't seen Chaturbate, you're in for a treat, and it's free, no sign-up required!