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Dry Ejaculations and Continuous Orgasm

The Short Version

(Much More About This and Other Techniques Throughout

I’ve been teaching the techniques I’ve learned for continuous orgasms and dry ejaculations to a number of men locally, both individually and in groups.

I often start by jerking off in front of them, then going into dry orgasms, while they take turns holding their fingers on the base of my penis, below my scrotum and above my anus, so that they can feel the contractions.

I haven’t done much in the way of kegel exercises, in which you tighten the lower abdominal muscles, as if trying not to pee with a full bladder or holding your anal sphincter as tight as you can. Instead, what I do, and what I teach, is an easier way, and can sometimes work for a guy the first time he tries it, although practice is usually required.

So here you go:

1. Start by edging – bringing yourself close to orgasm, then stopping until the feeling subsides.

2. Here’s the magic, right here: When you’re close to orgasm, only stop for a second or two, then resume light stimulation right away. In other words, don’t let the orgasmic feeling entirely fade away.

3. Every time you are close to orgasm, reduce the stimulation, perhaps not stopping entirely, and resume in only one or maybe two seconds.

4. Pretty soon, you’ll find that you can stay on the light side of orgasm for a long time. You have the tingles, and feel great all over.

5. After that, you can go into heavier orgasm, yet you still won’t ejaculate. Or, maybe you will just a little. One drop of semen may escape, but you’ll stay hard and can keep going.

6. Have lots of patience. Many guys will need to practice for a year or more. But, it’s all fun, right? No worries, if you don’t have your dry ejaculations or multiple or continuous orgasms right away.

Here’s the unexpected bonus: Your body seems to understand what you want and cooperates with you. After you’ve done this a couple of times, you can achieve the state, and stay in the state for long periods without straining or even focusing particularly hard.

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  1. I haven’t had any that last that long, but I have had multiple shorter ones in rapid succession. Since I learned this technique, my dry orgasms do last a lot longer than when I ejaculate. When I first wake up, but before I get out of bed, I combine kegels and flexing all of the muscles below my belly button. Having decent core muscles helps, as does doing kegels regularly, since kegels build the PC muscles. I also do external prostate massage while doing the methods above.

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