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Doggy At The Creek

This is an email I sent to a pen pal that I thought you might enjoy. First, I get philosophical about breast size, then I launch into a fun little true story about getting caught in the middle of doggy-style fucking.

There’s nothing wrong with small breasts. Our society has gone crazy, almost demanding large breasts. Large breasts are not only no more attractive (at least to me), but they hamper the women. Many women cannot become athletes, at least top athletes in various fields, because they have too much pendulous weight up top.

As to fucking in public, I don’t recall having done that although there may be a time when it happened that I don’t remember. I may have told you about the time my wife and I were going at it in our yard. At the time, we had a place on several acres. There was a large lawn of about an acre between the house and the creek. We were near the creek, which obscured other sounds. It was a warm, sunny day, We were totally naked. She was on her knees, and I was fucking her doggie style. We never heard the UPS truck pull up. The guy came right up to us with a package that required a signature. I didn’t see him until he was right there because we were facing the creek, not the house. I was embarrassed, but I think I hid my embarrassment well as I pulled out of her, and signed his electronic pad. It didn’t even occur to me until later that I was probably still hard as I was signing that thing. The guy acted like it was all business as usual, and perhaps it was for him.

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  1. we had a postal carrier that was a female and I think she timed it to catch me and my wife having sex.

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