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Discovered by Co-Worker

It was about 5:30. Because it was winter, it was already dark outside. Just about everyone had left the plant. I had been feeling horny all day, and knew this was one of those days where I’d have to jerk off in the press room before going home to the wife and kids. I’d done it a few times before. It’s not that my wife and I aren’t sexual. I can’t explain it, but sometimes a guy just has to do himself, you know?

So, I walked into the press room, leaving the lights off. I knew no one would be there, so decided to strip off everything, not just pull down my pants. That’s just not elegant. At least I always thought that if you’re going to get all sexual, have an orgasm and everything, you want to be fully naked. Anything less, is like an adolescent child hiding in the bushes or something.

So, there I was sitting on one of those metal stools, naked as the day I was born, working up a good erection, and just at that point where you start to feel the orgasm coming on, when I heard a little noise about 20 feet away. Probably the factory cat, I assumed.

Then I heard a little, “Huh.” Definitely human.

“Busted” I thought desperately and with more fear than I had felt since I almost set my parents’ garage on fire when I was fourteen. I had to quickly put my pants and everything back on, but they were on the other side of where the noise was coming from. Whoever it was would have to see me, and that was a huge problem. I thought of hiding behind a folding machine, but that was no good. If I were discovered, it would only be worse.

“Hey, is someone here?” I froze in absolute terror. But I also recognized the voice. It was Carter. One of my favorite coworkers. What was he doing in here with the lights off? Looking for the cat perhaps? But why would he be looking for the cat? Or maybe something else, like a lost clipboard or something. But with the lights off? It didn’t make any sense. But what really didn’t make sense was how would I explain my naked condition? And to Carter of all people! Tall, thin, with curly dark hair and an ever-present 5 o’clock shadow, he was a super-conservative guy. Always going to church. Pictures of his wife and kids on his desk. Republican party. Generally dressed a bit better than anyone else. The guy who always knows what to say, how to behave in any situation. Well, maybe he’d at least be discrete after discovering me and not tell the other coworkers. Maybe. I could only hope.

I was starting to decide that I might as well come out of hiding, let him see me naked with my rapidly wilting erection. There was nothing I could do. It was inevitable.

“I see you do it too,” he said quietly and calmly.

I stood up and looked in the direction where I heard his voice. My eyes had been adapting to the darkness the whole time, so I could start to see things a bit better. And there, just next to some shelves full of five-gallon buckets, was Carter. To my utter surprise, I saw the last thing in the world I’d ever expect to see. There was conservative, straight-laced Carter sitting on a barrel, as naked as I was. And, I could barely make it out, his erection was sticking straight up.

It took my mind a good minute to process what has happening. He had said, “Pull up a barrel and join me.” I think it took me well over a minute to understand the words and react.

“Don’t be afraid Donnie, we’re just guys jerking off in the press room. Nothing wrong with that, right?”

It took me a while to process that, too. Of course there was something wrong with it. But what exactly? Well, maybe there wasn’t something wrong with it? It was a moral dilemma that would probably take me a year to figure out.

Without really understanding the situation I was in, I followed Carter’s instruction, and did roll a barrel over near him. As I did so, he resumed stroking his cock. It was a rather nice-looking cock too, I have to admit. And, when it comes to admitting things, since I’m telling you this whole story, I might as well let you know that when I look at porn – oh yes, I’ve done that a good few times – I secretly hope to see guys with erections. Now, I like the girls. Don’t get me wrong. But when I see a guy with an erection, it just has a kind of nice effect on me, like ‘Hey, I want some of that too.’ Maybe a sort of solidarity.

So there was Carter, stroking his rather long, super-erect penis. And, it dawned on me, as my eyes became ever more acclimated to the dark, that he had no hair down there. Shaved – or something.

While in Rome… So, I sat on the barrel and started rubbing my cock. At first, I stayed soft, almost to the point of deciding I wouldn’t be able to cum so why bother.

In the meantime, Carter had been talking, and again, I was so full of processing my own thoughts, I could barely hear his words.

“Don, this is great! You have a nice cock. We’ll have to do this more often.”

Something slowly shifted in me. I was starting to feel not only comfortable around Carter in my naked condition, I was starting to feel a deeper friendship blossoming. And something else started blossoming. I became aware that my penis was expanding in my hand. Soon, I was squirting all over the floor. A moment later, Carter stood up off his barrel also, and joined me in ejaculation.

We have repeated this about six times. So far, neither of us has touched the other, but I’m thinking the day will come when we jerk each other off. The thought both scares me, and delights me.

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