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A surgical procedure called degloving seems rather gruesome, but tends to work out well. In order to expose the inner workings of the penis, such as in repairing a fracture, the skin must be temporarily moved away. This is done by slitting the skin all around the underside of the glans (the head of the penis). Then it is entirely pulled down, and the connections between the skin and the layers below are carefully carved, so the skin can be pulled down to the base of the penis, like pushing a sock down one’s ankle toward the toes. After completion of the repair, the skin is brought back up, and reattached just behind the head of the penis. Evidently, the connections between the skin and the layers underneath reestablish themselves. Stitches are removed a week later.

Your author has not spoken to anyone who has had this done, and wonders if sensation returns fully back to normal.

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