Dad – Trading Massage Techniques with Father

Darkroom Timer

Dance, Naked Shuffle Dance Girl

DD-Free – A short form used in personal ads to mean “drug and disease free,” or “drama and disease free.”

Decline – Sensory Decline


Depilation – Hair removal

Dermatologist Mother

Description – Something quite unusual

Dick-fart: The release of air or gas from the meatus (peehole). This is quite rare. You’ll find details on the Q   page.

Different, Give This a Try – For Women or Men

Digital Rectal Exam

Dildo, 36-Inch Flexible

Diphallia – a male congenital condition

Discovered by Co-Worker – Male masturbation tale

Distance: Ejaculation Distance Contest – Male point of view story, heterosexual

Distance Contest – Another distance contest

Doctor: I Work For A Doctor – Ebook, Heterosexual

Doctor – Male/female exam erection story

Doggy At The Creek – Memoir of being caught

Dojo – Like Shaolins

Domination – Info

Donald Ducking – wearing a T-shirt but nothing else.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Military Erotica, male point of view, bisexual

Dorm Living, Naked – Bisexual story, male point of view

Double Massage

Double Fisting – Info

Double Penetration

Downside – What can be wrong with masturbation?

The Drip Society – Male point of view

Drugs: Poppers

Drummer, My Girlfriend the Drummer

Dry Orgasm – Also known as ‘dry ejaculation’

Dry Ejaculations and Continuous Orgasms – Short Version

Dye – The Ultimate Dye Job – A heterosexual story

Dysmorphia, Male

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