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Curve to the Left

doctor examined erect penis for curve to the left

“Can you get it hard for me?” he asked.

I was not surprised by the question. I knew it was coming, but the whole situation was more than a little embarrassing. I wouldn’t have even been here if my parents hadn’t made me.

I had already removed my pants and underwear and was sitting on the doctor’s exam table. I was thinking the curtains around the cubicle were awfully flimsy. Anyone passing by could probably see me through the gaps.

I knew it had to be erect, so I started masturbating myself. It wasn’t getting hard. I was too nervous. The doctor continued to stare, which was not making it any easier.

I think he knew, so he said, “Hmm. I’ll be back in a minute…” and walked out through the flimsy curtains.

Now, the idea of someone peaking through a crack in the curtains was far worse. What they’d see is a boy sitting here by himself, masturbating. Not good!

And not happening. I couldn’t get my penis erect. After a minute, the doctor stepped back in. Son, if you can’t get it hard, I have a little something called Caverject. I can inject it in your penis, then you’ll get an erection.

An injection? In my penis? Oh, great, just what I needed, to mix more fear into this already awful situation. I was already slightly trembling. And now, the doctor was back next to the table staring at me again.

I started to think about getting an erection from an injection. I imagined a big needle being stuck in my dick, not realizing that Caverject is a little, short needle. I was wondering in what part of my dick it would be stuck into. It was just so weird. And a little sexual, too. Imagine, being forced to have an erection by a chemical! My mind was starting to wander, and lo and behold, my penis was starting to swell up.

The doctor didn’t say a word. Just continued to stare. Finally, my penis was fully erect. He reached in with one hand, grabbing the tip of my penis, holding it this way and that. Then, he started feeling up my balls with the thumbs and fingertips of both of his hands, I guess looking for lumps. It felt rather nice. My penis stayed hard.

“Ok, son, you can put your pants back on. You can tell your parents that there is indeed some curvature to the left, but it’s slight, and absolutely will not require medical attention.”

Whereas I was so embarrassed and scared at the time that I was literally shivering, and it wasn’t cold in the room, every time I think back on it, it makes me so horny I have to jerk off right away.

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  1. Oh my gawd!

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