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Cum Blocking Friend

blocked cum or ejaculation
A man blocking his own cum, not too different than the buddy play below

I went to see my buddy. We have experimented together many times. Mostly, he comes up with good ideas, and I enjoy being his guinea pig. We meet at his place typically once or twice a month.

When I got there, we stripped without fanfare, as we have done many times before. He invited me to go first onto the sheet covered mattress he had put on the floor.

He told me that this time, he was going to make me cum, and when I came, he would squeeze the tip of my penis closed, blocking the ejaculation. In the days before our meeting, I had become terribly aroused just thinking about it. And a bit frightened too, I was assuming it was OK. It wasn’t going to kill me. I mean, if it was a bad idea, there’d be dead guys all over the world, because I’m sure guys have experimented with this sort of thing before. Still, it scared me, and I do believe that was a major part of my horniness.

So, he started with a gentle handjob, slowly working me toward orgasm. Then I couldn’t hold off, and I started contracting, and true to his word, he squeezed the tip of my penis closed with his thumb and the side of his first finger.

I was so scared I begged him to let go. But he ignored me, holding my penis closed during the entire orgasm. Interestingly, the contractions lasted twice as long as normal. My body tried really hard to force the cum out, but it wasn’t happening. It hurt a little bit, but not very much at all, really.

I immediately knew this wouldn’t be the last time I’d like to play with this new experience.

As my orgasm finally subsided and my dick started to soften, he continued to hold my penis pinched closed. He asked whether I’d like the cum forced back and into my bladder. Oh my god, just the thought of it caused my penis to harden up again. And this was right after an orgasm! And, I was also scared again. Would something in me burst? I guessed if it hadn’t already, I’d be alright. I said ‘Yes’, but with a little reluctance.

The cum trapped in my urethra was starting to itch a bit, something else I had never experienced. I’m guessing it is a bit alkaline, to neutralize the acidic urine so sperm won’t suffer, but that the urethra doesn’t want long-term exposure to it. Still holding the tip, he started pushing his finger tips into the underside of my cock, squeezing my urethra, working slowly to the base of my dick. He was pushing a little hard for my taste, but it also felt very interesting. As he worked farther down, he removed his fingers from the squeezed tip of my penis. Nothing came out. Now, he used both hands working down toward the base. Finally, he was pushing on the area between my balls and my anus, when suddenly I felt a sort of ‘blurb, blurb’ as the cum started flowing backward through my sphincters into my bladder. I couldn’t wait to pee to see what would happen.

Now, it was his turn, and I gave him a nice, long handjob, focusing on that continuing orgasm thing you’ve been preaching (see Continuous Orgasms). We’ve been able to accomplish it on occasion. With him, on this evening, I was able to bring him to several dry orgasms, complete with contractions, but I wouldn’t say we got to genuine continuous orgasm. Anyway, after a while, he fully ejaculated. After staying with him a minute while he recovered, I excused myself to go pee. He followed me into his bathroom, wanting to watch, which in itself made me want to have another orgasm. There’s something about being watched while naked and doing something sort of vulnerable…

Anyway, about 3/4 of the way through urinating, I suddenly felt a sort of ‘chunk, chunk, chunk’ feeling as globs of cum flew out with my urine. Very cool!

I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

4 thoughts on “Cum Blocking Friend

  1. Last night I got so horny with the story that I did my first blockage by squeezing the glans penis and after a few minutes the urethra started to sting and when I urinated it continued. I would like to know how often you can do this technique again and if for the time Practicing a lot would decrease the amount of semen when ejaculating (it’s exciting)

  2. I’ve played with it at least twenty times. On one or two, it did sting, and I was worried about hurting my urethra in some way. However, beyond that slight sting, all was OK. All the other times were entirely painless, and totally pleasurable. That’s not to say it would be for you. Urethras are very sensitive things. I don’t think it reduces the size of future ejaculations or anything like that.

  3. Can you make a video of total cum blocking inside dick by shutting down your pee hole with super glue by your girlfriend and upload the video on pornhub?

    1. That sounds like a fun project. My wife probably wouldn’t want to participate. She’s an all-organic person so she would find the glue objectionable. She also usually doesn’t experiment on that level. I mean, she’s more into ordinary fucking, licking, fingering, and things of that sort. I suppose if I can get my sister or one of my male friends to help out, I’ll post that video right here on ProWank. Thanks for the suggestion!

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