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Create Your Own Story

Hi Folks! Jeremy and I would love to hear your stories. Please write a story in the comment area below, or you can send direct to me using

You do not need to identify yourself but you can if you wish. Your story can be a true memoir, how-to information, fiction, or whatever you want. It would be great if you could let us know whether it’s true or fiction, however. It can be from any perspective.

The length can be anything from a sentence to a complete ebook.

If you’d like to include video or pictures, that would be great. Email them to us.

Please don’t send any copyrighted material unless you are the owner. Don’t send pictures of anyone without their full permission, and the knowledge that their pictures may be copied throughout the Internet. Once a picture is posted on a website, it can be impossible to get rid of it.

Let us know whether it is OK or not to edit your story.

We can’t pay anything for your submissions, and do not guarantee to publish every one, but we’ll do our best to publish anything that’s of reasonable quality.

2 thoughts on “Create Your Own Story

  1. I grew up in a very open and liberal home… nudity was the norm and sex was not a taboo subject. I have a LOT of memories written down about my very unusual youth. HOWEVER, there’s the ‘youth’ issue. I actually have a life time of adventures but most started back when I was small. I don’t mind sharing them with you folks but is that something you can put on your site, even anonymously?

    1. Thanks so much for asking whether stories that happened in your youth can be submitted. For the most part, they can. It’s not like photos or videos, where one must be very careful about showing underage people. However, if your story is not up to the website standards, such as an adult who is trying to get a kid drunk, or rape, then of course it cannot be published. Best bet is go ahead and send anything you’d like published to, and we’ll print it if we can. – Jeremy

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