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Coronavirus Show in San Francisco

Coronavirus show in San Francisco

My wife and I are sick of the isolation, aren’t you? We decided to at least make it entertaining for ourselves and others, and at the same time be good examples. Both of us, who have been married for 40 years now, are rebels – sort of. We think things through. We try to do what’s right. We try to be good examples. But, we are also bold and we’ll do what we think is right, even if it can be worrisome at times.

So, we put on our face masks, but took everything else off, and I mean everything. She and I both have hairless crotch areas. To me that seems much more naked. How do you feel about that?

We went out on our deck. We’re on the second floor of a house on a busy street, with a lot of people walking down below. You may know the area. It’s Haight Street, famous for the summer of love in 1967. You may know it as “Haight-Ashbury.” I was at university in Cleveland, Ohio that year, but she was there in San Francisco, so you know we are not spring chickens! She has gray hair now, and her breasts aren’t as well-rounded as they once were, but to me, she’s the beauty she’s always been. We’re closer, more in love now than ever. Something you may not realize about getting old is that old people become appealing to you.

The neighborhood is pretty run down now, yet the rents are ridiculously expensive. We love it for its historical value.

So, we went fully naked, except for our face masks, in front of everyone walking and driving below. It was scary, but we both felt we had to do it.

Then, standing the proscribed 6 feet apart, to be good examples, you know, we started masturbating. It took me a little while to get hard, which was embarrassing. Part of the embarrassment was that at my age, being unable to get hard is expected. I didn’t want to disappoint the people down below, or be like the cliche old guy who they think can’t get hard. I’ve been exercising, avoiding sugar, and trying to live a calm life. It has paid off, and I became erect. By now, about 20 people had stopped walking below us, and were looking up, and cheering us on.

She came first, writhing in the pure joy of a self-inflicted, standing up orgasm. That sent me over the edge. As I started cumming, I walked right to the edge, and let my cum fall down to the street below, where it splashed on the sidewalk within a foot of a man standing there, looking up, and smiling big time. In fact, he opened his mouth, pretending to try to catch some of my cum.

My wife and I went back inside, glad we did what we had to do.

5 thoughts on “Coronavirus Show in San Francisco

  1. adorable!! what a gift to the passersby, and to each other–and us, just reading about it! thanks!!

  2. I think you should open your house to the public for a party and public masturbation. Invite people in off the street. I’ll come over and get naked. I’m coming to the city today- Sunday for Carnival. I know some people, like Lloyd get partially naked but am not sure where on Haight to get fully naked. You tell me. I prefer Asian girls so if you can get soma of those I’ll put the show on myself.

  3. Sunday Hole you n the Wall and Powerhouse are naked friendly.

  4. What’s the address or cross street we’ll go!

  5. Hole in the Wall on Folsom/10th

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