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Corona Technique

Answer to Shelter In Place

“Corona” is sometimes used to refer to the widest part of the glans, the rim, just above where it attaches to the shaft. However, in this case, we’re talking about a wonderful technique in response to covid-19.

Let’s say you’re stuck at home with nothing to do. Well, guess what? You have something! The problem is when you masturbate and cum too soon, it’s all over, and you’ll be bored again.

Therefore, I recommend a very advanced masturbation technique that can keep you happy for hours. It’s a little difficult to learn, but you can enjoy practicing several times a day until you get it. Every now and then I’ll come across a guy who can master the technique on the first try. Maybe it’s not as advanced as I claim:)

I learned this over the years, sometimes playing by myself, but also with male and female friends. I picked up a piece here, and a piece there. I went off on sidetracks more than once.

Like the time I was with a very skinny girl who claimed she didn’t have anoxia. Months later, she was hospitalized for, you guessed it, anorexia. And the funny thing is her name was Ann.

She and I started working on getting her little finger into my peehole. Finally, after several sessions, it suddenly popped in past the first knuckle. As soon as I realized what had happened, I came immediately. The cum was blocked inside. That was super intense. Not at all painful, but amazing. My ejaculatory contractions lasted twice as long as usual.

Being worried, after I settled down she pulled her finger out. She didn’t twist and pull it out slowly, like the way she had put it in. Instead, she just quickly jerked it out. Man, did that hurt! All in all, it was a great afternoon however.

Another time, a guy was jerking me off quite vigorously. It was wonderful. When I came, I came hard. Some of the cum squirted into my eye. Don’t let that happen. It hurts and makes both eyes water for several minutes.

But, I’m getting off track. So here’s how you can have a spectacularly long masturbation session:

You might start by teasing your cock. Just touch the frenulum, the little bit of skin on the underside just below the head as absolutely lightly as you can. This ought to be kind of a quick electric tickle that makes your cock jump an inch. Do it over and over, until your rod is rock hard. You might try tickle-light touches on your scrotum too. If you have hair on your scrotum, just ever so lightly brush against the hairs and notice the feeling. Some guys like very light touching around their assholes. Not directly on it at first, but a half-inch away.

Moving on, you can start edging. This is the practice of bringing yourself close to orgasm, but stopping in time, so you don’t cum. Once you settle down, you can do it again. And again. This in itself, might entertain you all afternoon, but some guys want more. They want orgasms.

So, have orgasms. Many orgasms! You may think this is impossible, but I can certainly assure you it is quite possible. I tried to video it with a friend at Didn’t get it quite right due to a phone ringing at just the wrong time, but you’ll get the idea.

What you do is just like edging, but when you get that pre-orgasmic feeling you stop as usual, but then begin again right away. Within a second. Bring yourself close to orgasm, stop, but only for a second. You might even try just reducing the stimulation, not stopping entirely.

With practice, here’s what you get: You get either dry ejaculations, or mini-ejaculations. That’s right, you get into an orgasmic state, but nothing, or very little, comes out. This is complete with contractions.

Not to brag, but I’ve become so good at it, I don’t always bring anything to clean up a session, because I know I won’t release any semen, yet I’ll have multiple orgasms.

Taking it a bit further with my friend that you saw in the video, we discovered what we call ‘low orgasm’ and ‘high orgasm.’ Again, with enough practice, you can get to a state where you just stay in orgasm for a while. So far, I believe he has been able to hold me there for five whole minutes. He, too, is mastering the technique, and has been in low orgasm for perhaps 5 minutes. For low orgasm, you don’t stop stimulation when you’re close to ejaculating. You just reduce it, paying careful attention to the balance. You can hover in orgasm. For real!

High orgasm is the same as low orgasm, but you get the contractions. Your urethra starts rhythmically contracting just like when you’re ejaculating, but nothing comes out.

Or, if you don’t get it quite right, you can have mini-ejaculations. You release only a drop or two each time, but you stay hard and can cum over and over again. My friend managed four in a row the other day. Some men prefer mini-ejaculations over dry orgasms. The choice is yours, of course.

Although I’ve practiced this many times with friends, most of the time I do it alone. The fact is, it actually works better as an alone practice, because unless you have a friend who can really watch your physiology, or one with whom you can communicate well, it’s hard to maintain the balance. So, feel free to do this as an alone activity.

Have fun!

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