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College Roommate Wanking

My fucking roommate! Oh, Carl is a nice enough guy. But the thing is, he’s a masturbation freak, and it has affected my reputation.

I was attracted to him on the first day of university. Oh, not in a sexual way. I just mean he has a winning smile, an athletic look, and is a quiet-spoken but humorous conversationist.

On that very first night, I asked whether he’d like to watch something on Netflix with me. He answered by suggesting we masturbate instead. Imagine that! He just came right out and said it!

I had no idea which way to spin my wheels. I mean, secretly, I had been wondering whether I’d have any opportunities to jerk off on campus. At home, I was able to wank every day. So, up until that moment, I just didn’t realize, well, that it would be possible. But to jerk off with another guy? Like, how weird is that?

That first night, I have to admit I was like, shy. He went ahead and jerked off, right there sitting on the edge of the bed, while watching Designated Survivor on Netflix with me.

It took three horny, frustrating nights before I gave in, and jerked off sitting on the edge of my bed along with him. I mean, he was facing me, and I was facing him, but we didn’t touch each other or anything. Frankly, I think I would have been like alright with it if he wanted to wank me or get wanked. Maybe even a blowjob? Well, I don’t know, but maybe…

Then, I came back from a lab a week or so later, and there he was wanking sitting on the edge of his bed again. But the door was open! Fifty people walking down the hallway had to see him. He didn’t seem to care in the slightest.

This went on several more times. I was starting to make friends at college, but they kept asking, “Hey, aren’t you the roommate of the wanker?” I was so embarrassed!

Maybe a month in, I came back to the room, and he and another guy were sprawled on his bed, and they were doing 69. Well, not quite that. They weren’t blowing each other. They were jerking each other off in the head to feet position. The other guy jumped a bit as I came in, but then went right back at it. Carl asked me if I wanted to join them. I politely declined, even though a big part of me like really wanted to.

Times have changed. Now, I masturbate with the door open or closed – whatever. It doesn’t matter. Sometimes Carl and I give each other handjobs. Sometimes other people join us. A couple of girls have even come by lately. That’s super wonderful for me.

Oh, we don’t do anything. Or, like, let me explain. It’s all handjobs. Even with the girls. I rub them, they rub me, but no oral, no fucking, nothing of any sort. Carl made it a rule that no one is to penetrate any one in any way. Somehow, in his charismatic sort of way, he was able to enforce that without saying anything more. I guess it’s like because he’s pre-med and very concerned about health. Funny thing is, I think I like it better than I’d like fucking or anything more like that. It’s so easy. So like, well, natural. It’s all terribly exciting, really.

Now, I have to admit, I’m still a virgin. I haven’t fucked anyone, but I don’t think I’m really in a hurry. Maybe thanks to Carl’s whole deal, I’ve cooled off about that. My previous ‘gotta-get-fucked-soon-at-any-cost’ attitude has settled way down.

For a while, I was super-worried about being busted with this whole open masturbation thing. But it hasn’t happened. Carl and I talked about it. He says as long as we stick to what we’re doing, it’s OK. We’re not breaking any laws. We’re not doing anything immoral. We’ve come to the conclusion that any official type people just wouldn’t bother. The case would be too complicated, and probably too embarrassing for them to deal with. They know what’s going on, and they just look the other way. I’ll bet they secretly champion us, and wish they could join us.

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