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Coconut Oil

“What’s that you’re putting on your face?”

“It’s pure, organic coconut oil.”

“I thought so. I can smell it. Nice. But why?”

“My mom told me it will keep my skin young.”

“You are young.”

“Well, I’m not going to be twenty-four forever.”

“Can I help?”


He comes close to her, and ever so gently helps spread the oil on her cheeks, her forehead, her eyelids, the sides of her nose.

“That’s nice,” she purrs.

“Your neck, too?”

“Sure, that’s nice.”

“And your back?”

“Yup, gotta keep that young looking too.”

“Come on over to the massage table.”


In silence, he works the oil into her back with a very nice, warm, sensual massage.

“My butt has to stay young, too.”

“Of course.”

He massages her glutes for a while.

“I’m not sure if the asscrack can age.”

“We’d better make sure that it too will last well into your nineties.”

“That feels surprisingly nice, especially when you rub up from just above my anus to my lower back. Almost orgasmic.”

“I’m honored to help. How is coconut oil inside your body? Is it OK?”

“Very OK, I would think. It may even have health benefits. Why do you ask?”

“As if you didn’t know!”

They both laugh. Then they fall silent as he starts swirling his oiled fingertip around the darker colored skin a centimeter away from her actual anus.


He continues, eventually working a fingertip into the opening. Before long, his finger is buried deep in her nether hole, with his knuckles pressed tight against her inner buttocks.

“Oh, oh, oh, I’m going to orgasm…” she practically yells.

He stops, and slowly pulls his finger out, kiddingly saying, “We can’t have that.”

Then he asks, “If coconut oil is good for your back, do you supposed it’s good for your front, too?”

“Let’s find out.”

As she rolls over on the massage table, he wipes his hands on a towel, goes into the bathroom, ignoring his rock hard erection waving in front of him, washes his hands, then comes back into the bedroom adding a fresh coating of oil on his warm hands.

He starts gingerly working the oil all over her ample breasts.

“Yummy,” she mutters. Then she adds, “Don’t forget my nipples.”

He knows exactly what she wants, and with the most extreme lightest of touches, runs his fingertips over her nipples. She enters heaven for the long duration of his loving attention.

After a good long time, he abandons her nipples, remembering that his job is to rub oil over her entire body. He works down her stomach, her hips, then down the fronts of her legs, eventually making it to her toes, stopping there to give her a long, wonderful, oily foot massage.

“I think there’s one more thing…”

“Yes, absolutely,” she responds right away.

Adding yet more oil to his hands, he works down the creases between her inner upper legs and vagina, several times. Then, her outer labia get a good workout. He’s pinching them slightly, and causing them to slip out of his fingertips, like wet bars of soap, over and over. Not being entirely satisfied with that, he then does the same to her somewhat hard-to-grasp inner labia.

“I’ve always loved how your inner labia look and feel. It makes me so horny!”

“Yeah, I see,” she says, pointedly glancing at his still super-solid erection.

More silence as he continues with her inner labia, and then ever so slowly, almost hesitantly, penetrates a finger into her birth canal.

“To think our son came out of there, and yet it’s such a tiny opening,” he muses.

She is so blissed out, she can’t even say anything beyond ‘Ummmm!”

“You want me to add a second finger?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” She doesn’t quite laugh, but she does smile. She can’t laugh because she’s almost in another world of joy at the moment.

He knows exactly what to do. After getting his two fingers all the way in, he takes a step along the massage table to get a better position, then curls the fingers forward, so he can rub her G-spot. He starts gently, but as she bucks and starts moaning, knowing exactly what she wants, he starts rubbing more firmly, over and over again.

She lets out a scream. She arches her back while he can feel her inner contractions. It lasts longer than usual. As she starts calming down, he holds his fingers absolutely still. A minute later, he retracts them fully. She curls up on her side, looking more satisfied that words can describe.

He’s a strong man, and she’s a small woman, so he has no trouble scooping her up, setting her in their bed, covering her with blankets, and crawling in next to her for a good night’s sleep. He didn’t even notice that he never orgasmed. He had a great time and is now ready to fall asleep next to his lovely wife.

On that night, they never fucked. They’d have to wait for another day to rub their coconut oil-covered bodies together, place his slippery hard penis into her slippery canal, and go to work giving themselves mutual orgasms.

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