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Circumcision Polls

Jeremy ran a couple of polls on Twitter asking people about circumcision.

The first poll inquired whether men who were circumcised were satisfied.

These are the results:

56 percent regretted being circumcised, 44% were OK with it. So more men are unhappy with their circumcisions than are satisfied.

On the other hand, of those who were circumcised as an adult, 33% more are satisfied than dissatisfied.

I believe that’s because it was done with their consent, not against their will, as was done to babies. Jeremy agrees.

It seems times are changing, as evidenced by the next poll, in which 139 people responded. Most, both male and female, are against having their babies cut.

I have a theory that men who are more grouchy than others might be that way in part because from their first days on earth, they were subjected to cruelty. Did you know that until the 1960s, many doctors believed that babies didn’t feel pain. I guess the babies cried just to get attention or something.

As if the momentary torture of cutting a baby wasn’t enough, the pain doesn’t stop right away. Men circumcised as adults report literally weeks required to recover fully, and many days and sometimes weeks to be rid of the pain. You can read a hundred personal accounts at

As you can see, the overwhelming majority of both men and women agree that circumcision is not the right choice. If your child has a rare case of phimosis, he can always elect to deal with it later.

3 thoughts on “Circumcision Polls

  1. I was circumcised as a baby and proud of the fact

  2. Whats there to be proud of? You didn’t actually do anything.

  3. Not circumcised love the feel of my foreskin riding up and down over the tip of m penis my daughter loves it she had never known anyone that wasn’t circumcised until her and I made love, she told me that it felt different going in her so much smoother and easy.

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