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CFNM With Wife

CFNM with wife who's hormones shifted

With my wife these past few years, it’s been lots of CFNM, and not much else. Like many women, after menopause, her hormones shifted, so she lost interest in ordinary intercourse. We used to do everything including anal. Now, she seems to enjoy massaging my balls, edging and jerking me off. She can do it for an hour straight sometimes. Sometimes she throws in glans rubbing, which is hard to take, but I love it.

At first I didn’t know what she gets out of just ‘doing’ me, but I’ve learned that she simply enjoys the conversation. The best conversations seem to happen when she’s working on me like that.

Additionally, I’ll often just edge for long periods of time on the sofa while she’s doing projects, or in bed with her next to me. She isn’t particularly turned on by it, but she puts up with it just fine.

For the first few years of our marriage, I was always too shy to masturbate around her. Then one night she suggested that we each masturbate side by side while watching each other. That really broke the ice. After that, I had no problem wanking around her at all.

As you probably know, when I’m edging, it’s not just edging. I have learned to have continuous, dry orgasms, which is super-enjoyable.

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